Deeply Awake — Miracle Road 10-8-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake — Miracle Road 10-8-13 By Kathy Vik

I’ve been riding a weird train lately. Most of the time I am having a blast, regardless, really, of what I am doing. I just feel a little giddy, much of the time, and have no worries. When I do get a big old blast of fear, I do not let it get above my gut. I talk to it, thank it, ask it what it has for me, and then I tell it to get behind me, little girl that she is, so willing to don a scary costume and strike a pose, just to get my attention. I sometimes imagine putting the messenger to bed, a little girl, tired from a day’s scaring.

But then, there are these dips. Sometimes into pain, and I can’t really even tell you what brings it on. Just popping feeling bubbles, I guess. Whatever presents itself to me emotionally always is appropriate to the setting. If I feel the need to blubber about something, it doesn’t come upon me as I am passing pills at work. It is organic, usually, to a meditation and, if allowed to just pass through, quickly disperses, once complete, and then, it’s on to other things, wondering, vaguely, just what it is I was upset about.

I’m passing through some pretty close to the bone stuff, and it’s all good, it’s all important, because, at this point, the stuff that seems to be left is sort of, not primal, but, big, I guess you could call it. Big.

One thing that has been coming through more and more strongly over the last month or so is the concept that all the miracles and magic and synchronicity and connection, all the good stuff, the benevolence and patience and timelessness, all of that is always here. We are made of it. And it’s just how much I can tap into, that determines my experience, and either increases or decreases what I wish to receive.

It’s all wound up in our DNA. The more you get fired up, the more fired up you get. It’s a snowball effect.

And that is the miracle within the miracle, I think. The Merkaba, I always envisioned it to be some sort of external/internal thing, a vehicle, a thing that I stepped into or that moved. The Merkaba, I always envisioned it to be some sort of external/internal thing, a vehicle, a thing that I stepped into or that moved.

With The Teachers, they talked a lot about the Merkaba, actually. They introduced me to the concept of spin. They said that the Merkaba is made up of concurrently spinning energy fields. They talked about the effect of spin, and discussed how the DNA was related to the layers of spin. None of it made sense at the time. Today, revisitng the concept of the Merkaba sounds fun.

I tried, and was able to feel, the spin, just once. I have felt it since, during my NDE’s and when in meditation, but there was something about that first time. I was working with The teachers at the time. They said you sit in meditation and you call on it. Call on the spin, they said.

The spin is dizzying. It is consuming. You sort of become the spin. I felt carried away. And I reached the edge of something, and then snapped back. Oh, God, how I loved that spin, and will, forever more. Oh! To feel it again. What bliss.

There is a lot of stuff out there that is way scientific that we just don’t have names or equipment for, the imagination for. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It just means we haven’t gotten clever enough to figure it out quite yet. The field which surrounds us, a quantum field of energy, that’ll be mind-blowing, to see that energy around planets, around the human.

But to think that all of it is couched in benevolence. I like going there. I was feeling weird, sort of judgmental and anxious, this morning, just feeling crappy. Sleepy but unwilling to lay down. Famished, and unwilling to eat. Bad place to be.

So I rode it, and I wrote three, four essays, but they all sort of were dark and sucked, so I canned them. Tried to channel… got a backache. Drank some more coffee, tried again.

I know this stuff is not for everyone. But I think for those who have spent a lifetime puzzling it together, to see it all fall into place deserves some celebration. Crikey. I went 52, 53 years understanding so very very little, crouched over, always expecting the worst, and finding, just like clockwork, that the worst was often delivered.

Nobody goes through life wanting to be miserable, and yet, there it was. And the piece that Pam Kribbe just did channeling Jeshua, it was so profound, so uplifting, I think this is where we should head this, after we finish talking about the Merkaba.

The light body, it was always called by my teachers. The light body. This is what we are activating, this is what will one day become pure light, pure light, pure light, burning off everything else, propelled, then, to a dimension which does not perceive in a linear fashion, where unconditional love is the lowest of the octaves, believe it or not.

The light body is activated with the DNA, The Teachers said, and still, it did not sink in. Still, it made no physical sense, until one day, sort of in a flash, while sitting on my bed, it came to me. I had been reading Solara, and she had suggested breathing in and circulating rotating, crystalline little Stars of Davids, little star tetrahedrons, little merkabas.

As I did that, I could see my field light up, and I could sense my immenseness. I understood that it was my cells, my physical emanation which houses the Merkaba. Within this very body. Not something I have to go to or create. Something I inhabit. Something I am.

No small feat, and no random act. The Merkaba rides within us, it is us, and yet we are but an expression of it.

So, somehow, all the tumblers clicked one fine day, and it finally dawned on me. Just like hearing any phrase or bit of truth, one day, your heart hears it, your soul hears it, and the meanings unlock, the depth is revealed, and you understand we speak in code to each other, profound and mysterious code, and how we communicate is so very much more than what is uttered.

So, Pam Kribbe, she has hooked into my old friend, in my humble opinion. So clear, that voice, so benevolent and patient, the words, so kind, so kind.

It was a piece about Darkness, labeled Numbers One and Two.

Darkness One is the sort which we have all endured, difficulty, loss, pain, suffering, the dark stuff that is part of the human experience, to whatever degree. Anyhow, when in the grips of Darkness One, it is possible to reach someone, because they are flowering in emotion, they are reachable, touchable, consolable.

And then, there is Darkness Two, which is more internal, as it is our reaction to Darkness Number One.

What is said is so true, so deep. That it is by saying no, it is in resisting, and thinking that what is in front of you SHOULD NOT BE, this is hell on earth, taken to its extreme, the sort of soul loneliness so many of us in this first wave have known, for some reason.

That sort of despair, I think, was full blown and still is in some of us, sort of a dramatic soul longing, and it is very sad indeed, sort of an exaggeration, though, I am beginning to think, of what most people walk around with every day. There for us to explore and finally explode, a full blown version of the dullness which I see in a lot of folks.

I don’t see too many people on the ragged edge, just barely hanging on. I mean, all of us, from time to time, have rough patches, but I think there are gradations to this Darkness Number Two.

Jeshua says that it is in saying no to our experience that we become hardened, miserable. I know this to be true for me. That is when I am in the dumps, when I am in resistance, when I am angry with what is right in front of me, feeling resentment or foreboding or what have you.

By saying yes to whatever is your experience, by saying yes to that which you have previously found hard to admit or like about yourself, and others, this is a path to peace.

It brings back this idea, that there is this field that we are bathed in, that creates us moment to moment, cooperatively, voluntarily and with much joy and excitement, this field is actually what is real. And it is perhaps only to the degree we allow ourselves to say yes, to the bad stuff, but darn it, also to our good stuff, then that’s when the party can get started. I think that hits the gas to DNA acceleration or activation or whatever.

Accepting that there is balance in all of this, that there is a duality at work, easily sifted through with enough application, enough spiritual maturity, maybe. Enough spiritual common sense, as I call it.

If I can not only accept but cherish the parts of me that I perhaps have had much assistance in labeling bad, dumb, unworthy, blah, blah, blah, if I can see it all with open eyes of permission and acceptance, that this is as it is, and I am that I am, then, that is a grand way to peace.

And to know, in my heart of hearts, that no one would hurl awful labels or behavior around, no one would be dishonest or ungenerous or unkind if they were in their right mind, if they were tapped into their magnificence, this helps me endure the unthinking behavior so often displayed by those around me, and by me, too, from time to time. Everybody gets to interpret their light their own way.

Once you get to a place where something is not seen as Darkness One, when something dark, when pain, it is seen as a messenger, as a friend, and one holds no fear toward one’s self or one’s emotions, then I think there is a breaking through, don’t you?

When there is no resistance, and you just let things be, seeing things as benignly or benevolently as you can? I mean we all have problems, but I am experiencing less of them, for shorter periods of time, with really miraculous things happening, here lately. I think there is a land beyond seeing things as dark, at all. And Jeshua talked of this, of this freedom which comes from saying yes, like a child, the blessed child within, who is open, emotional, free, without fear and shame. It is a good image, a profound one. A fitting one.

And from there, it is harder to hate people. Harder to put up with being treated shabbily, too. I have snapped a lot of noses, very cordially, since I have gained a little self-worth, self-respect. Unwilling to play the roles which I have always played, unwilling to accept old stereotypes, old myths, about the creature now standing before you. That was a lifetime ago. Let it be.

So, I guess I will leave with a question. I have heard often about The New Earth… this mythical place where all is brotherhood and love, right? The New Earth, with Free Energy, an equalized, non-brutalizing economy, all that stuff.

Then the truth of the matter hits me. I mean, it really doesn’t take an intellectual giant to see that most of the world is not thinking in terms which allow for no shame, and no shame behaviors. Shame and fear is still sort of the order of the day, if you care to plug into it. TV is a good way to do that, news another. But any old conversation will do.

Anyway, it is clear that misunderstanding is rampant, and people do not have a clue, most of them, as to how awesome they are, and so, being in that mindset brings on the need to have power over, and on and on it goes. It’s boring.

What is the outcome? We create our own reality, and so, a part of me thinks, dang it, I deserve to just be around folks who treat me normal, no matter how weird some of my experiences are. I mean most do, but only if I am cloaking myself, holding back, not speaking. And that gets real old. But, I swear, even holding a positive outlook on the future, that is controversial, sometimes, at work (and among lightworkers, sadly, sometimes). I know it is out of normal behavior for me, but it feels normal now, and it puzzles me when people are so so so resistive to the idea that everything just might work out!

I’m not saying that all of us need to clump together on one shore, just sort of get together and never disband. It isn’t like that. Our geographics are set for a number of reasons, and grid stabilization is job number one. Move where you are urged to move, as you are urged to move, The Teachers would say. It’s the grid, telling you where you need to be, for the good of all.

So, it just is not wise to imagine that we are going to all live together, all the shamans and mystics of the world, but we have this community. The UK is talking about censoring “spiritual” or “alternative” belief systems, starting in 2014, but there is no stopping this. We are plugged in, many of us, and can see, feel each other, sort of as lights on a grid, is how I see it from time to time. I can see you, and as we gain strength, we just send out these most lovely pulses, all through the grid, and it is very pleasant to watch. I fancy it as silver energy, for some reason. Like mercury, liquidy, really pretty, sort of effervescent, luminescent, I guess.

We are one, all of us, those who say no to their experiences and to their emotional reaction to their experiences, like I was for decades, so lost was I, and those who have found their way to this weirdly cohesive philosophy, which no one has, or can, describe in whole. No possible way. We all have our take on things, each of us, and how we see things determines the quality of the ride, as trite as that sounds. Yet another truism that sits there in wait, for the day it trips off your tongue and into your heart, and you get to explore meanings that were once hidden.

I appreciate Pam Kribbe’s phenomenal work. It helped me to heal something that was just sitting there, waiting for help. I was just limping along this morning, and then ms. Kribbe came along.

Thank you, Pam, and thank you for reading. It is a good day today, I think.

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