Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Intent 10-10-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Intent 10-10-13 By Kathy Vik

We wish to discuss with you the concept of getting what you want.

This is, is it not, what much of the various abundance teachers discuss, some very well, some not so clearly, but all are pushing upon, some opening the door to discovering what getting is.


When one “gets” something, what is being described, we ask of you now.

Can one “get”something, in the classic sense, if one is in supply of it? Not strictly speaking, for they would then just be “getting more” of what they have.

The idea is in the getting, the getting is the issue at hand for today.

“I am going to get __________”
“I never get _________”
“One fine day I will finally get ___________”

This creates a see saw of energy, can you see this?

One day I will get means that today you are not in possession of that which one day will satisfy, please, ease or soothe you, yes? Is it love, is it fame, is it joy or abundance, freedom from worry, good health? What is it that you are looking forward to getting?

It is right and true to say, in one respect, when your hands are empty of that which you admire or desire, to say, “I do not have that and I want it. I want to get it.”

This is nothing to hold fear or shame around. Seeing that which you prefer and then feeling desire for that which you prefer, this is constructive and beautiful. It is encouraged and celebrated, it is normal and the way of things.

However, there is a truth within that empty palm of yours.

The truth is that you recognized something that is not in your physical field of experience, something you desire, whether it be true love or an excellent meal, there are things, many many things, which you internally vote upon, as being a pleasant or unpleasant experience. That which is better and that which is worse, though, we tell you.

The fault comes not in the wanting. The fault, perhaps, comes in the thinking that you lack that which you desire.

It is a paradox, one for the ages, that you can only resonate with that which you recognize.

This may be of no assistance to the person who is struggling to make ends meet, but we tell you now that the struggle, the hardship comes not from going without, but damning what is in front of you, in its place.

This is a misjudgment of energy, and of your power, dear ones.

We wish for you to inhabit deep dreams of things which bring you everlasting peace, and then, we wish for you to open your eyes and understand that there is a lag, yes? There is a lag in this feedback system that you have in place.

This can set up the insanity of loving that which has yet to visit you and not feeling troubled over that which you have.

This is a state which we wish to remind you allows desires, many, to be realized.

However, we wish to ask that you use care in your references to self.

Is it true that you could feel, see and taste, twenty years ago, that which you are aware now? In a true sense, the answer is yes, absolutely, but there are many things to consider when looking at reality construction.

If you are troubled by lack, we ask that you see instead that this lack is raw desire. Potent, it is, combustible and powerful, desire is.

More powerful still, lying there for you to master, is intent.

We leave by asking you, the last time you said, “I have no intention of ________,” and, conversely, “I have every intention of ___________”what was your feeling state, what was your mood, and to what were you referring? Were you holding righteous indignation for another as you used this phrase? Were you holding near your heart, within it, your most cherished dream?

We tell you now, there is a unity band within intent that is missing from desire. Desire is of polarity, of duality, and has within its heart, its counterpart, its absence, and the longing this absence creates.

“I want to be happy.”

“I get to be happy.”

“I intend to be happy.”

Do you see the stair steps, and can you see the pitfalls of each plateau?

Desire, wanting, getting, these create eddies within the personality structure, for their absence sets off little warning bells, and the messages received are often all about lack, insufficiency, and struggle. Attainment. Getting. This is a fair road, one many walk, but we tell you, there is a superstructure in place, ready for your moccasins.

We ask that when next confronted with a desire, as true and right as desire is, as humbling and empowering as a choice is, we ask that, when you are seeking and searching, we ask you consider where your intent is.

You may desire a new chapter in your life, you may want it, and you may know that you are going to get it, but how many, we ask, have set their intent upon knowing the reality of the desire?

Intend, we ask. Think on your power and be honest with yourselves, when in quiet contemplation. We suggest that what you will find, upon honest reflection, is that although circumstance may have appeared, or currently does appear, as lacking basic dignities or the joy which makes all hearts leap, we tell you that this reflection may yield you answers to puzzles you believed you could not solve. You may wish for great wealth, health, love, and you know of its absence, there in prayer, and so, think then on the intention. Your willingness. Your will. Your intent.

Can anything truly stop the soul whose heart is set on an intention which has been sealed in love?

We pray you consider the true meaning of what is in front of you in your daily life, all the details, but, more, the tableau. Look at this lifetime you inhabit as a story and see how far your storylines go. And then, like a writer of an epic movie, like the author of the best story you have ever read, how will this set of INTENTIONS lead to another life for this character? What intentions would have to change for this character to move past their current situation into another one, one it feels is more pleasing.

We leave by telling you again that having desire is the best place to start. It is a noticing, is it not, of that which is lacking, that which you deem pleasing. So many, too many, feel only the lack. They do not feel their intention as what it is, the very clay from which realities spring.

WE leave you to consider these words, and apply them as you see fit.

We encourage any and all reality creation. We wish for your realities to be what you intend, and tell you now that that is exactly what they are. Exactly what they are.

Rest, reflect, consider your desires as flowers, blooming in the rich garden of your soul, sweet blossoms which may fade, and may change in their appearance, even their color, even their odor. The bloom is desire. The plant and its bed, the earth, the seed and the farmer, this is intent.

What has been said about judging people by their fruit were indeed loaded words.

See to it that your fruit is juicy and pleasing to yourself. See to it that you share your fruit, giving freely to anyone who is hungry, in wisdom knowing that all who pass through your garden may not be hungry at all, and may never even see what it is they walk through. Allow them to pass.

Give and enjoy and be full and satisfied with what your intentions, all of them, have come to create. What is behind you, they are sets of old intentions, and no one need judge old dreams, old desires, old intentions. This is a moving line, a moving creation. Your intentions create your experience, you abilities stretch that which you can and do intend, and your intentions change with empowerment.

Allow your desires to change, dear ones. Hold fast to the dreamer, and allow the dreams to change, to mutate, to be the life they wish to be, for you, and do not allow these images to fill you with emptiness and sadness.

See that your love is desire personified, and that which you desire is your song of self, at this moment, at this moment only.

It is easy to become discouraged with reality construction. We are here to assist in your endeavors. We love you and we honor your wisdom. Wiser than you know, more benevolent to self than you can possibly imagine, you are tended to, cared for, and loved. See to it that your desires incite not longing, but celebration, not lack but anticipation, not anxiety but confidence.

Love your desires as you love your reality, the culmination of desire, the proof of intent, the song of songs.

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