Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Forest Floor 10-3-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Forest Floor 10-3-13 By Kathy Vik

We find this moment a pleasing one in which to love you completely, in your entirety, and to share with those who read the profound love we have opened within you using simple logic.

We now tell those with hearts to hear that this is a right and true realization, and we will describe the mechanics of it, so to speak.

For clarity we will now change pronouns, so that all may enjoy what is a universal truth of personal divinity, if one wishes to describe this as such.

The channel enjoys seeing herself in the forest, prior to our arrival. She sheds her physical countenance at the base of a tree, considers the shell as if it is an overcoat, something easily shed, leading to a sense of nonencumbrance. We say to all that this is the case, although it was well past time to enhance this vision, we say now.

The sense of one’s body lying on a forest floor, inundated by the musky smell of mother earth, this may seem too dismissive, the body deserving more care and thought, and it is, we say to you now. We wished for the channel to understand that although this technique of shedding her skin like a scratchy overcoat, letting it fall to the ground, it is far more descriptive of things than not; however, it lacks empathy, it lacks compassion, and it lacks a certain dignity, you see?

And so it was that a great knowing was given, and received, this very day.

We tell you now, you, we are aware of your struggles, dear one, dear reader, we know of the troubles and the burdens that all carry all here do so carry burdens, but we tell you, they are lightened by this gift we give to you with great joy today.

We ask you now to do this, find your body, while in meditation, anywhere you desire, a forest, a cliff overlooking the ocean, in a cloud, in the Himalayas so many of you know so very well, see your physical body there, and see now that it is ministered to.

Your body now is surrounded by your most holy mothers, those who delivered you again and again through acts of motherly, sainted compassion, intimate and true, these are your nurses, these are the ones to soothe the body while at rest, while in meditation.

They love you, as does the all, as do you, your own self, and we now give you more, even more honor, even more comfort, and even more sacred wisdom.

See now that this body, see it, please, and see it in a detailed way, very clearly, see how your vision clears as you look upon this physical form.

And now we you to understand, to the best of your willingness, just what it is that is actually seeing you.
Do you understand, this split is real. This body you are now gazing upon, lovingly or not, probably not, if you are honest, yes?, see this body and understand this is a physical vehicle that has been created from our great love, our great great love, for The All, for Earth, for each and every human walking and crying and laughing upon her, this love, this peace which cannot be languaged and can only be truly expressed within your eyes, see to it that you know, the creation you see before you was chosen.

Do you understand, can you fathom the truth of this, the depth of this. Every scar. Every doubt, Every pimple. Every disease. Every joy and every triumph, every defeat and every moment of extremity. You are created, emanate, are chosen, made, for this moment. For this moment.

You, we chose you. We chose your expression. Do you think it an accident that your teeth, foot, hands, whatever body part, that this part hurts, or seems to be in dysregulation? Do you understand that it is an emanation, it is also purposeful, as are what you consider your greatest challenges, your most unsolvable issues, the things that you feel tie you to a reality which at times is uncomfortable.

We chose this expression, what is considered “you”, and your name, your birthdate, your anniversary dates, all meaningful. All calculated, all meaningful, and the meaning sits there, beautifully shining, just like a crop circle, waiting for illumined hearts to hear it speak true and profound words of absolute love.

You have been chosen as the most perfect expression of us, for this time, in this shift, doing this work. You chose yourself. You chose it all, your parents, the setups, the problems, the challenges, and this is nothing but honesty. Do you think it reasonable to assume that, when planning these things, that things are left in imbalance, in a state of unsolvability?

You know the way things work, and that balance is a trait of The All. Balance is the name of the game, dear one, balance and benevolence, grace, mercy, solution, closed books, attentive eyes and open hearts, arms flung open to the cosmos, mind and body saying ?

”I am that I am that I am that I am that I am,” this infinite ribbon of reality, expressing here as mountain, there as human, over there as another expression, just as creative, just as consuming, just as beautiful.

Here is your body, lying tenderly on the moss, or the sand, or your bed. This body, the one which has caused you much fear, much anger, much confusion and yes, embarrassment, yes, this very being, this piece of utter divinity, this is how you, we, decided it was best to express here, now, in this shift, within this puzzle, within the test.

We ask that you now go beyond the shocked mind that can result from thinking such thoughts, and end her, we now, with this truth. We, this means you and the vast you which is all that is all, we chose your expression, here, now. To say that we love you seems ridiculously puny, does it not?

WE, who are the oversoul for the ones who attend to your inert body, the oversoul for the planet, aware of the grand all within the all, this voice tells you that you are beautiful, on purpose, perfect and so loved. More love, more love, more love than you can conceive, but here, with us, gazing upon your resting form, can you not feel it, do you not recognize, down deep, between the cells in your very bones, can you not begin to sense the truth of this? We love your hair. We created it. We love your bad habits, and your struggles to free yourselves from them. We created it, you and we, all, and with every problem came, built in, the solution.

There is no such thing as an imbalance in perpetuity, and there is no truth in the words that you will never know the answer to this problem of yours.

See these problems as we do, puzzles you present yourself to place yourself in places you might not normally go, puzzles which challenge your reality, and ask for you to see things bigger, nicer, happier, more lovingly, more forgivingly.

How can you take a stance toward your own creation that is at all hostile? Can you not see the foolishness and profound lack of wisdom when someone hates themselves, or anything about themselves?

It is a clear lack of understanding, and that is all. No one who understands that they are actively creating this body, this reality, this set of situations in this now moment can sink to these lower vibrational signatures. And if you choose to do so, we tell you, the discomfort will only intensify.

The channel noticed that we started first with honesty, with self, first, and showed her over a number of years that being dishonest with self would begin feeling bad, and would, one day, be painful enough to be something she lost interest in.

WE then moved on to her throat chakra, and she/we placed the entity in a number of trying situations which became increasingly more painful. She began to have physical pain if she did not speak her mind.

This, also, was a year-and-years project, as she had to become shockingly clear as to personal energetic signature. So the vise, so the pushing through a needle’s eye when it came to thoughts about consciousness. Cleaned and clear, she began to see that the opening of the throat chakra is indeed scary, for it tests one’s wings, but it is also a study in compassionate action. Multi-leveled, we say.

And now, the last one, the one which is perhaps for fine and less cumbersome, something, again that has been cooking for a lifetime, and this is the love for self.

The taboos around this behavior, this stance toward self, are phenomenal, and so we praise each of those who are now in this last in a series of openings. The great I am, we could say.

But to see oneself as pure, justified, present, with a right and a joy in being exactly who and where and what YOU are in this now moment, and this one, and you will soon find that as you look back, you will only be seeing an angel, walking through his, her, days, a little angel, in a number of challenging situations, here to remember that you are a little angle, a big angel, part of the all, here to help humanity, by simply being that which you are, and loving it in its totality.

We tell you these things because we wish for your peace of mind, but ask you to know that this peace comes from accepting your magnificence, and being able to apply all humility, appropriately, in every situation.

This is a humble, meek love, one which is unspoken, and which truly yells from each and every one of your cells. You need not say a word, you know. We love expression, and there is great goodness in expression of this sort of joy, for it is the healing kind, the kind that vibrates at a pitch which is soothing to all, soothing to all, soothing to all.

Drop the need to convert, to educate, even, unless you love to do so and then by all means, don this garb of a teacher, and do it with gusto, with enthusiasm, we say, and with a certain level of pride.

You have been told, dear ones, in your holy books, that pride is sinful.

We submit that this is a highly clever way to keep an individual in soulic doubt,and as such, it really is not very nice.

We ask for you to know the love which cannot be exhausted, the wisdom which only knows peace and resolution and revelation, the body which is poised to translate codings of galaxies a breath away from your awareness, and we ask you be proud of your choices.

This body, this is a choice. These physical ailments, interpersonal afflictions, financial imbalance, whatever each is experiencing, we tell you these are choices. We call to you, ask you to sit with us, and to gaze lovingly on your very own creation.

Your reality can be one of blissful beauty and profound peace, knowing these things, we say to you now. This is an awareness that cannot be dimmed, and it makes any roughing up you may receive, something that is understood, loved into self. But see now that this way smooths, can you see this now, and with this we close.

There on your bed, forest floor, beach, mountain cabin, lying there, being so tenderly loved by your ancient and recent grandmothers and grandfathers, can you please now expand your field of vision, and see that which your body now rests? See the cottage, the beach, the forest floor, in a greater context. Zoom out and see what you are lying on, we pray.

See that this being who is loved so profoundly is lying within a zip code, within a country, within a cultural milieu, translated perfectly and deliberately by the one being tended to.

Your receiver-ness, your willingness, is the only thing setting the pace, in many respects. And this beautiful expression of consciousness in lying on a globe, a watery, blue, magnificent, breathtaking globe of purpose.

The potentials are indeed astounding, and we, you and we, we know of the timing, the greater purposes, the geometry and symmetry of it all. This is our gift to you, and we give you what you can handle, and we know you well. We are you, we made you, and you are we.

WE know that this is much to process, but we leave you by reminding, at the writer’s exposure, that the truth of this is, when you allow this to sink in , at a cellular, at a real, at a true and unencumbered level, you will be lit on fire with love for self. As this occurred for our scribe, she wept. She felt it. She had asked for this, and we obliged, in deep love and humility, we obliged, and this is a truth for her now, something which no situation or challenge can ever reduce.

We tell you, just as these feelings of discomfort guide you toward choices which feel better and, indeed, they relieve the pain, you will find that the love which we profess and celebrate this day will become something which you will seek out, and soon enough, seeking out anything but these awarenesses will not make sense.

Just as now, it really just does not make sense to you, perhaps, not to be honest, not to speak your truth compassionately. Seeking out the truth of it, that you are loved, you are chosen, this expression is a chosen one, and this is a magnificent experiment in consciousness, this will be your place of peace, your place from which you will speak, act and love.

And so it is.

We are proud of each of you this day, as it always was, is and always shall be. We use the word Seylah to tell you of our understanding of time, of the blessing which is timeless, eternal, integral and holy, and this, this is you, before, now and always.


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