Deeply Awake with CHANNEL — Meld 8-16-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake with CHANNEL — Meld 8-16-13 By Kathy Vik

Anyone who has been reading along knows that I have had big, big, sopping, awful issues with self-esteem, self-worth, an overpowering belief in the validity and appropriateness of self-doubt and self-deprecation.

Yeah, that was the long and short of it, and I have worked through those issues here.

I want to tell you of my day today, to explain that this first downer of a paragraph is a statement of old energetic fact, a purposeful device which served many functions and allowed me much in the way of what has been lovingly called “spiritual weightlifting.”

The energy has been glorious here lately, and this morning was no exception. I woke up before Sam, so I had the house to myself. I went into the front room, and I thought about a couple things.

And then I decided to read my last deeply awake. I read a couple paragraphs, and I was off.

Where I have been since then cannot be adequately described with these words I love so much, love how it feels as these thoughts glide form me, turning this way and that, sometimes showing off, always so gut-wrenchingly earnest, it knocks me over, every time I read my old stuff.

So I did that. I just sat there and read the ones which I had long been avoiding re-reading, during the solstice and into the winter. I sat there remembering the trials, the worries, the excitement, the burgeoning sense of mastery.

This morning, before my trip down memory lane, I had a talk with Kryon.

I wish now to tell you of miracles and melds, of worlds unseen and touching our skin, our hearts, with a light so magnificent, so blindingly loving, it just has taken my breath away, to be honest with you.

See, I have been waiting with baited breath for Kryon’s newest channel. I have been unable to attend a Kryon fest, yet. But I recognize his energy as my own, as a great teacher-friend-guru of mine, and we have, in the past, had a lot of fun playing cat and mouse, and playing teacher/student. But this last thing? It’s getting weird, not spooky weird, good weird, but weird all the same.

See, I got home from work a little miffed, because the full site had the Kryon channel from Minnesota, his latest, but my phone site didn’t have it available. Weird. This is the stuff that I have long ago abandoned being truly angry at or feel victimized by. I just wasn’t supposed to listen to it on the ride home, see? That was the deal.

So, I got home, and I downloaded the mini-channel and the main channel, and went to sleep listening to the mini channel. And I will tell you, I was just blown away. It was worth the wait. There, in all the splendor of all I know to be true in my true heart of hearts, there it was, in my ears, reminding me, reminding me, confirming to me, confirming to me the deepest, most tightly held knowings I have.

And then I woke up, and before listening to the full channel, I wrote my last entry.

This morning, I was struck, just dumbfounded, with how prescient that Deeply Awake was, how it echoes that which was then heard by me through Lee Carroll’s channeling of Kryon , done over the weekend, new and fresh and real to me only now.

And so, this morning, sitting there truly getting the fact that this stuff, and my life, by extension, is channeled, is holy, is in some sort of odd synchronicity I now feel pressing upon me all the time, I asked, just asked in that place which only knows divine fulfillment and deep and abiding respect for timing, I said that today, this day, August 15, 2013, I ask for Kryon to visit me here. Now. Today. Send me a sign, send me a sign.

So then, I read more stuff, and finally Sam woke up, and my physical sensations sort of peaked, and I felt like crap, I really did, so listless, so aware I have stuff to do and so unwilling to leave this place of transition, because I knew I was brewing a big one.

So Sam went to his room and did his thing, as is his wont, thank god, and I sat here, wondering what to do next, feeling gross, energetically, just very clunky and spiky and gross.

And then, one last time, I read the opening part of my last essay. I don’t know why, but it was the only thing that felt good to do.

And as I read, I began to feel something brand new, something overwhelmingly loving and beautiful and strong and real and new. I could feel Kryon. I saw copper iridescence, I felt such a spin, and I knew I was feeling something brand new and beautiful.

There are things that happened that I do not wish to discuss, some things need not be borne witness. But there are some things here that need to be hashed out.

As this presence became more and more overwhelming, inter-whelming, actually, I just had to close my eyes and put my head back. I saw just a pinprick of white light up, in the middle of my field of vision, inner vision, but it was high, centered, and tiny, very bright. And I followed it up, as it moved, and it came to be bigger as it came directly over me.

I could still see it, but I felt connected to it. And it began to rain down this beautiful star dust. By then, the dictation was bellowingly loud, and beautiful, and sooooo not my own voice, and sooooo not my own thoughts. I was told that this stardust is what makes us all, and the trouble comes when I forget that it is not air I am breathing in and out, circulating within and without, it is this stardust. It is this stardust.

I then understood some things, and then I tried to open my eyes but it was too much. Then I came back down, and was more settled.

The whole thing began with so much love, such a wave of love, that I just sat there and wept.

Now, I tell you all of this so that you can see that a dumpy looking 52 year old nurse from Denver with a snaggle tooth and a twelve-year-old can have these amazing adventures in consciousness, not to toot my own horn and tell you how specially blessed I am. Nope, every single human can experience this. Every single human being.

It is all just a matter of willingness, of an inner calling, an inner calling, this is all that it takes.

I don’t even think, for me it is anything but just finally giving up resistance to that which has been my constant companion, all this time. That’s all it is, just letting this be real, finally dropping this need, this knowledge, that if I don’t fit in I will die. This is an old engram, an ancient one, a purposeful and powerful one, for a different time, in a different energy, to learn a whole different set of energetic lessons.

That was the spiritual weight-lifting, you see? The doubt, the lack of anything resembling self-worth, self-trust.

And I can let that go now.

And so, I leave you with this.

I feel physically better now, like I can cope with what is in front of me happily, joyfully. Before this meditation, everything was feeling so dense. I was feeling squeezed, icky, and now I don’t.

None of this means that I don’t still have stuff happen in my life. I mean, that’s sort of the point, yeah? It is sort of the point. But, see, I think that a lot of the time, creating issues, problems which then beg for solution, for application of truths, that weightfliting, in order to get the goodies, this is the message that has been coming through for months.

If I am willing to give myself nothing but tenderness, mercy, kindness, allowance, permission, encouragement, if I am giving myself these in all ways as much as I can at any given moment, then will I really need to set up all these energetic equations which will somehow, miraculously, equate to loving solutions, or can I just HAVE the loving solutions?

Better still, what if I choose to just go ahead and BE the loving solution?

How about that?

Then, from there, are there really problems, or are they just energetic set-ups? Are they really conundrums, or are they instead the metaphoric, poetic, divine expression of self, in all its splendor and humor and grace, right there, to enjoy and love, or to curse and struggle against, as I see fit?

So it has always been about allowing that which is naturally free-flowing to just flow freely.

Seeing and allowing and loving back into alignment that which has been, for whatever reason, whatever reason at all, that which has been out of alignment?

What is “has been” but a statement of that which is no longer applicable, unless I decide to carry it over, into this now?

So, I made my declarations, my intentions, in that heightened state, and they were big, expanded, good and true and beautiful declarations and intentions, I must say, and when I did them, twice, each time, as some sort of disconnected, or surprising, energy, it responded with a casual, “And so it is,” three times.

Two sets of declarations, two sets of three “and so it is’s”. They chided me for having repeated myself, and, looking back on it, that could have been expected. It’s how the Teachers operated. My friends, ever close now.

And so, since that time, since that mediation, I have gone to the blogosphere a couple more times, and all I have been clicking on is about us in the first wave. Call us what you will, the old souls, the elders, the ancients, the wayshowers, the light portals, I have seen so many ways of defining us.

I like what I know, and that is this: We do this. It’s our gig. We wake up, right where we’ve been planted. Don’t think for one minute (oh my god you guys heart palpitations…..) don’t think for one minute any of this was not planned. Down to the last bill, down to the last debt, down to the last hair on your head. Planned. Divine. Perfect. Perfect in thought and execution.


Be now aware of your role and your function. Yes, it is now your time, and we tell you that each of you will come to know your role, your place, and this divine knowledge will blossom within you like an over blossoming lotus flower.

You are the fragrant blossoms of this earth. The lotus is yours, the lotus is a symbol which serves you well, and which many find relief when gazing upon, seeing in front of them, sensing with their bodies, the truth, that there is an ever blooming lotus flower here, and it is you, and you come from the earth but are so much more, dear ones. So much more.

Let peace be upon you, and rest with you all the remainder of your days. See to it that you honor your walk, and those you share your walk with. Let honor and wisdom visit your relations, your countenance, and all that you see, do, think, feel, and experience with the marvelous senses which are there for your enjoyment, your enhancement, a never ending testament to your creativity, your strength, and your divinity.

Let those who come to you be granted peace, and be known as the love they are. See through our eyes, the eyes of love, of acceptance, of tolerance, and of a higher energetic truth, that which allows all to feel their divinity, and for some this will only occur in your presence, and so look for this we tell you, look for the most surprising of synchronicities, and also for those who you might not expect come to you again and again, like bees around a flower, dear ones, dear ones all.

Allow and know that you are a blessing to humanity, and you are doing specific things, you are, some of you, still in the energetic set up, but we well you, nightly, the frames which have been holding the structures up, they are crumbling, and that which is not supported by awareness of your goodness, these things, these institutions, these relationships, these habits will one by one falter and fall, happily and sometimes noisily but fall they will, they must, and be glad for this.

We have repeatedly said that there is no shame in destruction, and if you are experiencing change and upset and surprises, this is good, this means that these less sturdy constructions are falling. Delight in deconstruction!

See the passing away of that which is not in alignment with core truths, of compassionate action, of the actions borne of integrity, these will endure, the virtues of honesty, self-awareness, and self-love. These are virtues which can neither be destroyed nor hindered, not now, not here, not now.

Loved ones, we tell you that this is a grand time, and one which you will always remember, and always be remembered for. You have greatly accelerated a plan which you have designed, and we ask for your forbearance, we tell you that this chomping at the bit, it is normal, natural, to be ahead of yourselves, but you can relax, you must know this by now, please, we tell you to unclench, to ease up, to settle back, and to let us hold you, guide you, envelope you, breathe you.

Let us be with you, as you make your coffee, start your car, pay your bills, and we will be there as you smile, seeing that even those tasks you have been avoiding for so very long, each of these last tasks, they are actually doorways to fruitful and abundant, joyful moments, one by one, like a string of pearls, we are there to assist you in making every now moment, now, a pearl, which you can string and place upon the very lattice of your energetic being, into the earth and into the grids, and we are in awe, in deep and profound love, for each of you doing just this.

And we end by telling you that, dissonance or not, disbelief or not, fear or not, you old ones, you ones who are being tickled, this is the path for each of you, as you wish. Your peace, your ease, your serenity, is upon you. We are here beside, within and through you. We are one.


OK, so there it is for the day. Now I am hungry and I want to go to the hot tub with my kid, and then, from there, who knows. I understand that things are cool, and that’s all I need to understand right now. I will seek out things which delight me, and delight in that which I find in front of me.

And so it is.

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