Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Wind 9-25-13 By Kathy Vik


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Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Wind 9-25-13 By Kathy Vik

We greet you and say welcome to you, welcome to your new year, your new body, in some respects.

We wish to discuss the recent changes which some are understanding, some cannot escape, and are indeed drawn further into to our light, the light, as we go forward.

Many have felt their societal anxieties, that of mission and income, become disconnected from their countenance, and we say this has just occurred to you as a collective.

May we first state that this is how mass consciousness works: The All is available. Some are willingly more attuned to less noise, less of the overlays which confound the masses.

The humans whose lessons are different than most, those whose urgings and needs are not definable, but these are driven by the undefinable, driven by the undefinability of what they are aware, it is these who are your translators.

Can you see the magnificence, the group effort, and the cooperation? Those whose willingness is to disengage, and yet they are knowing their actions will be judged, harshly and unremittingly, by those who are engaged. These are the people who make up what has been called the first wave. The anointed ones, the return, many names, many names, and this is solely due to the mystification, the shrouding, of the truth that you have all been engaged in during the experiment.

The truth is you are all generators of multidimensional realities, and feeling disempowered, feeling like you are a victim to circumstance, oh they are beautiful metaphors, rich and deep, but, dear ones, metaphors only.

See now the unimaginable light you are, constantly fed from source, constantly new, and constantly aware of all things, all times, all awareness. This is your nature. This is who you are. How can our light be anything but loving? How can we be anything but loving? By means of duality, by means of choice, by means of lesson.

Be now aware that many of you are seeing that your activities may be less about what you individually want or need, and more about what your fellow traveler needs to have done, said, acted out, offered.

Do not think that your time is idly spent when tossed and turned by events you feel you do not recognize as your own. We tell you, if you scan, if you search your fields, you will come to know, come to sense, that which is in your awareness primarily as a set up to assist another, and those things which are actually primarily for and from you.

Please understand that your assistance of others, this is your willingness, your delight, actually, and you have come to see that assisting others, to the degree you are called to only, this is indeed a function you have now.

What we are saying is that it is far past time for some of you to just stop, please, imagining that what someone gives to you energetically is you, is yours. We wish to say that at the highest level, at the levels of understanding in your body that everyone you interact with is family, yes, we encourage this, because it helps some of you to come to see your roles, we tell you now.

Can you stop personalizing the activities which perhaps seem to crash into your awareness, you realities, ones which place you in positions of giving kind words, helping someone else, making a call to an old friend, thinking on someone long gone from your day to day life and thinking loving, healing, kind, peaceful, forgiving thoughts about them and your creations together, this is a form of channeling, dear ones, an ancient and sacred and necessary form, and you are all engaging in it.

What a pity, when a lightworker misinterprets a situation in terms of how they have perhaps failed as a person, or they have not understood something key, when, in reality, your interaction with said individual might have been exactly what they had requested you say or do.

Can you not see, dear ones, that there is coming a time when you will have nothing but self-assurance, because you will know you are a living representation, a living expression, of your soul?

And once the overlays, the karma, the misinterpretations have been resolved, can you not see that what you do, where you go, how you behave, what words you say, these can be trusted. There can be peace within you, and the removal of self-doubt can indeed come into your hearts, stilling the raging rivers many of you have long become experts at serving.

Specifically, we wish to tell you that as your filters become clearer, as the overlays are finally removed and the energy again runs strong and clear and true through your structures, you will come to see that it has never been source which has been lacking, weak, unloving or manipulative.

Source has allowed you to place upon your awarenesses overlays of energy, patterns of communication and expectation, and as the overlays, as the engrams lift, what remains is what all of you know, have become acquainted with: home. Source. The All.

To see one’s physical expression as such, as an expression, and not as the definition, so to speak, this is a wise practice. Seeing lovingly, indulgently, wisely, that what is experienced, the day to day hour to hour minutiae which hypnotizes so effectively, is indeed an expression. One expression. One expression out of thousands. Out of innumerable expressions.

See now that the stuff that your expression comes from, is made out of, is the same stuff, the exact same stuff, and interwoven, interconnected at that! with all you see and know and are aware of, each emanations, each beautiful and unique. Connected, you are, and each beautiful, each valid, each having a right to its expression, its experience.

Can you see now that you are to dwell here, above the emanations, above the expressions, and to see to it that your understanding of the validity of expression and experience is upheld, in your minds and hearts?

There is no need to discipline or shame your neighbor for their behavior, their choices. You will ask, what if they come at me with a knife?! Then are they such a blessed emanation?! And we tell you, such an event would only be cooperative, dear one, and our message to you this day is that, with karma gone, with contracts suspended, if you find yourself in front of a blade, you will know immediately who needs this experience and why, and you will deal with, cope with and heal whatever perceived trauma there is.

As such, can you not see that you will, by the very nature of the work, be creating less and less blades, as time moves forward? Being attacked, this holds grand lessons for both parties, grand lessons, but dear ones, we tell you, many of you now walk outside of lesson, outside of the need to perpetuate drama, outside of the need to test yourselves through fear.

We tell you that many of you hold no fear now, and know what to do with it when it comes knocking You know how to handle that construct. You are released from its lesson, and so , we tell you, if placed in what appears to be a fearful situation, please hear us tell you in all love, if you are in trauma, perhaps now you are there to mitigate the trauma for another. To help them finally resolve something.

Many on the path must first learn through calamity. Surely your own lives are testaments to this.

We have been asked to comment on the new energy that many of you are currently becoming very aware of.

We delight in your confusion, dear ones, when you encounter a humanity who are unaware of the fundamentally altering energy now flooding your fields. Rejoice in each and everyone’s interpretation, we pray. We ask you to see now the great variety and beauty inherent in the variety here on earth for your partaking.

We show the channel now the grand six pointed star which recently visited your earth through our constellations. She sees and feels a great wind associated with this matrix, and we tell her she is accurate.

When a great wind blows over land, some encounter it without shelter, without clothing, and some encounter it not, for they are in shelter.

Few leave their shelter, feeling the wind long before it makes landfall. Few remove their clothing and walk to the nearby hill, to face the great wind, naked and on their own terms, armed only with the understanding that the wind is the only thing that is appropriate to encounter for this moment here.

And when the wind comes, there are those who huddle and pray and cry, seeking out shelter, wanting only an end to their dark storm. Some, gathered in community, or all alone, may hear the wind blowing as they nestle in their beds, thinking on the next day’s activities, smiling, happy.

And there you are, our loved ones. Standing alone, on the hill near your home perhaps, but all alone, naked, arms out, legs firmly planted, with bliss on your faces, as the winds rage.

We would say that this is the way of it, and for those who are knowing of these changes, we have the following to say about them.

First, you all know by now that as individual expressions, having lived multitudinous lives, many of them highly enlightened, you have within you the knowledge of the ages, our dear earthly friends.

As such, each will come to know of these energies through their own historical countenance. That is to say, this wind, this light, this change, it sweeps through your DNA, and it enlivens that which you ride around in, illuminates your fields, and allows you to sense, feel, perhaps even see, those who ride around with you.

You will interpret the changes individually, that is what we wish to say. However, there are qualities to these changes which will effect the group of you, and that is what we wish to address now, in closing.

With the lights turned on in a house, with floodlights in every room, how possible is it to be unaware of that which you own? Can we further enhance this metaphor, dear ones, with the reminder that you have spent, many of you, a great deal of your energy on unpacking every last box you have moved with, lifetime after lifetime you have moved identities, moved countenances, moved expressions, much like moving houses, yes?

And there you have it. Many of you have all of it clearly visible, and absolutely available for re-living, re-experiencing, and your lights are on, and you are now seeing it all, the entire picture, as you move from daily bread to daily bread.

This has been a grand process, and we commend the brave ones who have done this.

The wind that has been blowing since that celestial time, it has gained speed, you see, and now, loved ones, we tell you that the events of the 19th forward, these have been times of increased airspeed velocity, so to speak.

Imagine that this metaphoric house in which you live, the one with floodlights now glaring in every room, where every single awareness and through you have ever known or inhabited are all lying out, scattered in your home. And this six pointed star configuration, what it did to all of you is thin the walls of your home.

Now comes the events of the end of September, and we tell you simply this: The walls are non-existent now, and the wind has picked up speed. What happens to belongings left out, in the elements, and a great wind comes up?

We are telling you that the attachments you have once had to the people you have loved being, the patterns you have most cherished, whether they served a greater purpose or not, these are being blown away. Wind, it picks up the little things first, the things of little consequence, and yet, this wind is so strong in some of you that it is even picking up the refrigerator and the bathtubs in your houses!

A human may look at a house picked clean by wind and lament, because they understand that part of themselves has been diminished by the removal of symbols of who they fancy themselves to be.

Many of you, long ago, had the bottom fall out. Many of you have already done the removal of attachment, very successfully, but we tell you, what you encountering is like nothing you have experienced, and so we ask that there be NO SMUGNESS in this room. No one has encountered this, what is occurring, on this planet, no one, not in corporeal form, shall we say.

So for those who believe themselves clean and pure, we give them nothing but encouragement and love and they have our pride, because it is true, it is true, masters walk this earth, and some are unencumbered. They couldn’t act smug if they wanted to, though, and this is the difference. This is a crux of knowledge that allows you to see, with the new eyes of a discernment far past the human akash, who is who and what is what.

Can we remind you of the wind’s aftermath?

Take a look at your home, the one with weirdly thinning and then disappearing walls, the one whose planks you have been pacing on sleepless, abstracted nights, many of you for over a year.

Can you see how everything shines now, as it if has been polished?

See, now, that the treasures you have always loved, they are now so serenely, so miraculously set, throughout your dwelling, but we tell you, what you will come to see is that the shadows in your structure have abated.

As the wind quiets and the veil, the walls, thicken just enough to give shelter, but never enough to obstruct your view, not ever again, you will come to see that what remains in your house is purposeful, beautiful, and, dare we say it, blessed.

You can move, room to room, and see reminders of the places and people and things you love, but, now that everything has been blessed by this sacred wind, you understand that these trinkets and photos are your wish, your creation, and they are as solid or as ethereal as you wish. You may experience them in the corporeal, or walk on by them, knowing that they are strangely not entirely physical.

You will begin to play with decided that which you prefer to project into wholeness, into experience, and what you wish to not experience will not be presenting itself quite so much, for you choice, for contrast. Instead, you will now fill your days with projection of consciousness, solidification of will and this will, now, it is the essence, the heart of love, of gratitude and of homecoming.

This is what has happened, and we wish we could be more linear, but we cannot explain in linear terms, only in metaphoric ones, that winch has occurred to you.

And so, going forward, we know that you will have a tolerance and indulgence for yourselves and others which will surprise, and in truth, delight you. A peace. A knowing.

This is your home now, one which has had a great wind blow through it and this wind has removed the detritus, the old stuff you never could seem to get rid of, and you faced this wind smiling, willing, courageous, each and every one.

You home, you can see through the walls now, and you know what is going on. Those who enter your home, you will be able to sense them more clearly, for the old interference, the old explanations you had for yourselves and for your realities, they have blown away. Gone is the anger, the self-doubt and the fear which had clung to you, prior to this last wind storm.

We wish to close with the thought of you brave ones, on a windy night, walking out of your warm homes, against the pleading and warnings of those around you, to then strip and present yourselves to the All.

Greet those who know of this greater truth as your dear dear allies. These, you will come to know them now, we tell you. Not only can you see all now, you can feel, hear, know all now, and you can recognize the clear ones so readily now, can’t you tell?

The discernment which is sparked by this great wind will delight and surprise you, and we leave this hopeful note with that promise. You will know, now. You will see, now. You will hear, now. Friends of the wind, of the Great Central Sun, of your mighty hearts, we salute you.

We are that wind.

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