Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Well Equipped 9-13-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Well Equipped 9-13-13 By Kathy Vik

We wish to discuss your awareness, what you are aware of, and this also deals with perspective, you see. We tell you, how you are experiencing that which you are aware of has more to do with where, how, you are committing your awareness, how you are focusing your awareness, than any solid thing.

This can be seen as an exercise in focus, and we ask you consider using the perspective of SCALE to understand it.

What you consider vast, unknowable, and that which perhaps sets your heart to breaking because you feel you cannot really know it, and this we are referring to the stars, but also, to the infant in your arms, or an impossibly huge tree you wish you could know from its topmost branch, these, we tell you, are perspective problems, not problems of impossible proportions.

We remind you that your ability to be aware, as well as any longing for knowing and loving that which you have not yet, they are connected, and therein is the answer to the riddle. If you have within you a desire, this is a clue for you, a sign telling you that which you wish to consciously encompass or come to know.

Your desires are a portal, in other words, and as such, are messages that the larger “you” sends, emitting a trail to completion, discovery and joy.

But how does this help you, if you are having a problem, or puzzling something out? Wishing to know the answer is your clue that you indeed do know the answer.

If something is important for your journey in the now moment, you will have tendrils of it extending within your current awareness long before an event or culmination of events comes to you.

This tells you of the interconnected nature of all things, and points to a truth which some easily accept, and rightly so we say, because it is the way of truth: you know all things.

This is a statement which seems like folly, or perhaps psychosis, but we tell you it is a true statement. It is just the definition of that one little word, “know” which determines if this is a concept which you will use readily or not.

All is known, and most is predictable, to a certain extent, because there are some potentials which are so strong that nothing, nothing but a human changing heart, can knock off the path. We are discussing the contrast between littlewill and bigwill, let us say. In the larger scope of things, all is known. What you yourself are aware of, well, that is the mystery, is it not?

What makes one student an avid, lifelong botanist, and most walk away with varying marks of completion? What lifts a meek student of art to later heights as an art historian? What is it that has made you who and what you are?

It is a confluence of desire, focus, interest. What separates the one who stands out in any given field of endeavor is their great love of and need for more of their discovered bliss.

This love, this need, it can be translated to any human endeavor. We wish for you to observe how some are so taken with a sport, knowing all the moving parts, so to speak, inside and out, and some, who love it a lot, even make their money from predicting which group of men will conquer a different group of men on the field.

This avid love, it can be applied to any endeavor. And we say that no application of such great love is ever lost. It soothes, it nurtures, and it makes sense of things which, without its presence within a consciousness, might be difficult to interpret.

Can you see that it is that which you love that helps you translate your reality, it is a filter, shall we say, a filter and there are many filters within each person.

Can you see the misinterpretation, when one who is in love with an endeavor, any endeavor, then looks up and tells his fellow travelers that they should also look into this endeavor, because it will give peace to anyone?

Can you see the folly in a football enthusiast feeling that others, who do not enjoy sports, are somehow wrong, not doing their lives right, because they also do not devote themselves to football? The football fan might grieve for his brethren, that they do not have the peace, the fun, the structure he has.

You can apply this to religion, new age philosophy, mating. It is prevalent currently.

Love, loving an endeavor, a pastime, a god, these are acts which lift up, clarify and steady. Can it be enough for you, today, to be pleased and intrigued by that which you have chosen as your loves, and to allow others their own path of discovery of their great loves?

It is in that which you love which gives you a clue to where things are for you and where they might be going. Love is not predictive. It is a state which clarifies and focuses, sanctifies and settles. It is the balm, it is the key, and it is very much fun to explore.

Considering that which you hate, dislike, think is futile or awful, those are signposts as well, but is it not more enjoyable to play in the clear waters of that which you love than to be dwelling, always, in that which you do not love?

We tell you, it is the easiest thing in the world, or has been, to be consumed with that which one fears, hates or envies. That which is not loving, perhaps, that which does not love.

These tendrils pull you into another realm, a cavernous one, the one of contrasts and comparisons, and this is a valid and interesting place to dwell, but it is important for you now to see that it is just another way of getting home, getting back to what is true and straight and eternal within you.

It is far easier on your biology to focus on the things which you love, and to gaze upon that which you do not love with the eyes of someone who understands that feeling anything at all, anything at all, about an object, a social condition or a person, it is your clue about where you are vibrationally. Focusing on that which needs to be fixed is valid, but it is a focus upon incompletion and misalignment, and that can take its toll on the biology.

Instead, we ask that you experiment with holding within your consciousness everything you are aware, with metaphoric arms of love. That which absorbs your attention may be what someone else has thrown away as an interest, abandoned for other things.

Each have chosen, in other words, their own distress and their own release.

So look at the terrain within your psyche and be aware of the areas which you feel are difficult, uncertain, disappointing, unresolved, and we ask you see these things differently. Nothing is within your awareness that you have not called to it, and that includes any distress, any calamity you believe is being visited upon you.

Life does not have to be a series of problems that you conquer, puzzles you solve, mountains you have climbed. It can be, for you, a walk amongst flowers that you yourself planted. If there are thistles, must you damn the thistle? Must you? Can you instead see it for the creative genius it is, pluck it lovingly from your garden, if you wish, and then simply move on, deeper, into your garden?

This is the thought which heals, and this is the thought with binds that which was loose, stills that which was choppy, clears that which was jammed.

Look lovingly upon that which is in front of you and within you, seeing that there is nothing in front of you or within you that is bad, wrong, bent or disfigured.

There is nothing you are aware of that is not from you, and you are standing there, in your reality, with the light of all that is shining from each and every one of your physical cells. How bad can things be?

We understand that many are in turmoil, and that things are unbelievably upsetting to some at this juncture. There are disruptions, and there are changes occurring, and again, we reiterate, if these calamities are not happening to you personally, then you have many ways in which to proceed.

When a friend or loved one is in deep crisis, when something has happened to them that is unexpected and big, and perhaps they are banging the drum for how awful, unfair or scary life has become, can you be the one to put an arm around them, hold them, and silently, perhaps, express your faith in them and in the loving benevolence of it all? It is not the time to teach. It is not the time to warn. It is the time to give love and compassion and hope, dear ones.

Your love of creator and love for its creations make it ever more uninteresting to judge another, and makes your first response, your ever-stance, be one of joyful loving, of forgiveness and generosity, of hope and patience.

These are times which will perhaps test some, and we tell you to hold no fear, loved ones. If you are not being smacked with a cosmic 2×4, if your reality is stable, we ask you to see that this may just be because you have already had many rounds with that 2×4. It is not because you are somehow above the fray. No. No. No. you have simply completed much of your time in the fray prior to this.

It is hard to wake up when the rest of the world is sleeping. Yes, we give you that. But is it not harder to delay the work, and do it 2×4 style?

Can you hold great gratitude and love for your lessons, your time in the desert, can you love these dark days you have, each one of you, known and come out of, can you not see that your troubles, and their resolutions, were templates you worked, koans you solved, so that when others reach their energetic eddies, when the sea turns dark and menacing for your fellow man, you will know how to proceed, and can gently assist those who feel too confused to manage?

There are advantages to waking up ahead of schedule. It is hard, because when others are thinking things are boring and normal, you all have been going through intense shifts, intense shifts, which no one could measure and which you had trouble even languaging.

The invitation was for every single human being, to use the incoming energies as you did. Do not hold guilt for knowing that which you do. You earned your knowledge, dear one. Let no one convince you that you did not. You earned the peace you know and now so willingly give to others.

Now that your catastrophes of consciousness are abating, you can see that you are the ones who can now hold great light in situations which frighten and overwhelm those who knew themselves to be invincible?

It is easy to feel invincible when the sun shines brightly every day, when the bills are paid and the belly is full. But it is during this very time that many of you had your internal crises, do you see? When others were complacent, thinking things were business as usual, you were literally exploding the old paradigms, being triggered into completion, when those around you thought things were fine.

Now we see the split, the rift, which is beginning to form, and we are here to help you to see that if you are finding yourselves calm in the midst of chaos, let this serve as an energetic clue, a marker, that you have earned the peace you know, and knowing it, you understand that loving, embodying benevolence, demonstrating kindness, this is the way home for all. You had your times of trouble. You know the way out.

We caution you, as we leave, to never use the pain someone else is experiencing as a “training tool” for them. When an individual is actively suffering, that is not the time to teach. It is the time to love. By this we mean, it is not necessary to say a thing.

Someone in extremity, whose hand is miraculously held by someone who is not, is this not the way of it? Is this not, dear ones, what we did with you as you experienced your dark nights of the soul? Did you not get ministered to, when suffering, by a benevolence which actually made things clear and right? Can you not, now, then, extend this warmth to those you see around you, in their own extremity?

We wish for you to think on the light, and to send light, just light, just light, just light to the dark places you hear about in your news, to your friends and family who are having troubles.

Open your doors! Open your windows! Open your hands and your hearts, and give.

Give to those who are scared. Give to those who are finding themselves short. Give to those who see everything through a primary, rudimentary filter of, say, fear, or of anger.

Smile, dear ones, and know, the storms have come and gone within you. What is growing within you is such a renewed sense of Self.

You carry the new earth within your biology, and your kind words and actions, they are seeds for a new forest covering the new earth. Each time to go out of your way to say a nice thing, make peace with others, give them some form of love, you yourselves are propagating this lush new earth. You are the seed bearers, the planters, the master gardeners.

You lived through your storms. As the storms rage around you now, can you recall your darkest moments, and then remember, right there, as you are imagining, there it is, right there, the light you have come to know rides all calamity.

You have, more than most, come to see that disaster is a reset button, calamity is a perhaps inconvenient but awesome tool for growth, that you are eternal, and problems just are not.

We love you and leave you to be the helper, in a slick raincoat, rescuing and helping those who are stuck in flood waters. We ask you to just take a moment to look down at yourselves and see that you are well equipped for this next part.

You have earned your stripes. Be proud, then, for your growth, and fall in love with your being, with your capabilities, and your ever-expanding heart of love for all.

We are honoring you now and forever more.

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