Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Trash Pickers 9-4-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Trash Pickers 9-4-13 By Kathy Vik

We seek to elevate the discourse by reminding you of the great love that natural wonders create within. Consider a mighty sequoia, its age and height, majesty and impenetrability. Think on your love for this great tree, or, now, think on a natural wonder which brings you peace. Is it a rainbow, an eagle soaring, the Grand Canyon, what is it, that when you think on it, you feel elevated, more whole and you feel good?

We wish to ask you now to think on things which are true and real. The tree, the canyon, even the spider, the pet you love or the whale whose songs you listen to, each of these are made of the same chemicals, the same elements, as you. Each naturally occur on the Earth, as do you. Each are independently breathtaking, each proof of great creativity. You are on this list, dear one, a natural wonder, no less than the wonders which make this earth such a paradise.

It is time for you to truly elevate, within you, your status. It is good and well to project your consciousness within a mountain or a tree or a cloud, in meditation and in prayer, it is fine and helpful, but we would like to tell you that reflecting this to your own body, loving it, seeing it as a miraculous event, something that is singularly beautiful, without comparison or explanation, shows deep wisdom, for that is you.

No more miraculous than hanging gardens, azure sea and white sands, snow-capped mountains, is you. You are a feat of divine creation, and we wish you to dwell on the enormous love which is evident by your sitting there, just all the love, all the right turns, all the good choices, there, there is the evidence, clothed in blue jeans or shorts, with long hair or none at all, each of you evidence, proof, of tremendous love. Love from and of your own divine self, we tell you now.

We understand that it is easy to get carried away in emotion, in the pursuit of finding out what it all means, and we think it is a pleasant pursuit to burn the candle down, puzzling things out. This one sure has. Oh the work. And now, we suggest that there are quite a few of you who, like the channel, have become disinterested, quieted, still, in a way which is perhaps wholly unfamiliar.

We wish to offer congratulations, if things have gotten boring, a bit. Read on.

We congratulate those who are now in a state of wishing to be, rather than to do. This is something many have thoughts on, and we wish to add our two cents.

We wish to give you an image. Consider that there is an ocean, and as the tides come in, you are able to see, there in the waves, visibly, trash. And so, it becomes your mission to go where water meets land, and to fight the surf, and within the maelstrom of wave crashing to land, somewhere in all that drama and mist and raw power, you have gotten very very good at picking the trash out of the ocean, out of the waves.

Most simply do not understand what could possess you to don a wetsuit and go meet wave after wave, and to be so devoted to this that you see yourself mainly as a wave trash-picker. Some pick up trash on the beach, and some walk on by. Some toss in their garbage as they watch you there, yelling in triumph, picking yet another piece of trash out of a particularly gnarly wave.

And those, over the centuries, who have chuckled and those who have, from time to time, gathered up all the crazy wave trash-pickers and tried to talk sense into them, they have just not seen any sense to your work.

And maybe you did not see the sense in it either. But you did it, felt drawn to it, like you couldn’t feel right unless you were involved in this strange endeavor. You know of other trash pickers, you know that there are many like you, all over the world, but not as many as those who think you few are nuts.

And now, now things are changing. You, there on the beach, watching the waves, ready to sprint out and gather more trash, have you noticed? It is getting so much easier to see it, there in the waves.

And now, funny thing is, now, when you gaze at the waves coming in, resting there on the sand, have you noticed that sometimes, when you see a chunk of trash in a wave, you look again, and it wasn’t trash, it was actually a creature? It’s fine.

Have you noticed you are plucking less trash out of the sea?

You should, because that is what is happening. The act of looking at it, seeing it, is actually changing what it is.

You have been doing it a long time, and you know that your eyes do not play tricks on you. How can it be that what used to be an obvious hunk of garbage, something to fix, something to remove, make right, how is it that as you look on those hunks, suspended in the water, they are seeming to “turn into” something else, something natural and benign and even helpful?

Just what is going on here?

It is a weird analogy but helpful for our purposes.

You have seen yourself, perhaps, as a bit set apart, somehow, from others. Perhaps it is your pursuits, and perhaps it is your countenance, but set apart you are. And you have been set apart because you have gifts which have required preparation and diligence, in getting to know them and become one with them. You don’t talk about what you do, what you think, who and how you are, all that much, so how are any of you to know what is truly going on?

Having a pursuit and a purpose which most giggle at, that has been your path, has it not?

And there has been precious little for you to do about the disinterest, until now.

We wish to tell you that your lifelong pursuit of something others find no value in, or even openly criticize, this has changed, and we want to bring that to your attention.

Your pursuits have allowed you, required you, to live a solitary life, and even if in partnership, we tell you that many of you have had a wall up around some of this, some of yourself, until very recently. We applaud those who have coupled with partners who are loving and kind. We applaud those who have remained alone. We applaud all of you.

You have something within you that makes you do things which make you feel whole, and if you do not pursue them, you know you feel sick. And regardless of what others around you have said, you have often done that which makes you feel whole.

If it’s picking trash out of ocean waves, so be it, this is a pursuit others would call folly, and perhaps you saw no value in either, but we are here to tell you that there is a whole group of you, unknown to the others among you, such a family and so very well hidden!, all waking up now, all of you, with the same skills, with the same interests and proclivities, and with the same passions!

To revisit the analogy, we wish to say two things. The ocean is carrying different gifts for you now.

The ocean has something for you that only the faithful wave riders, only the most accomplished trash pickers, can get at.

As impossible as it might seem to you, after all that you, each of you, have been through, we are here to tell you that what is riding in the swells of sea water you love to intercept, so many good things will you now be catching in your wet, slippery hands.

And we do not wish for you to worry. We understand that at first, you are bound to reach out and grab hold of the valuable things in the ocean, and you might gather the first ones you encounter and get real attached to them, but we tell you this is only because you are used to only seeing trash in the ocean. Of course you would want to hang on to anything valuable, pretty and satisfying that your wave-crashing pursuits yield. Wave crashing is fun but tiring, and it is nice to have a reward now and then.

We tell you now, these gifts, that is all you will be seeing in the ocean, very soon.

Much of it has to do with focus, but we will tell you that the make up of the ocean itself has changed. It is more sweet, shall we say, holds gifts, shall we say, and we tell you, there are enough gifts for every man woman and child to feel fully satisfied and pampered. There is no end to the gifts.

Do you know how that is?

Did you catch it?

Looking at the waves, resting there on the beach, you were looking at the waves, and you saw trash, and saw it turn into creatures.

We are telling you that you yourselves are seeing things differently, and as a result, the whole environment is getting “cleaned up,” so to speak.

The alchemy of it all, our work, your work, the very elements, all of it, is changing matter, sweetening the mix, and making things better.

And now, in this new scenario, who do you think is going to be best positioned, have the most expertise in climbing those waves, riding them, and plucking out gems from them? Is it the ones who always chuckled at you, indulgently, and then walked away?

Is it those who left your side because they just couldn’t take the demands of your “hobby?”


It will be you, in love with the surf, in love with the crashing waves, and able to discern trash from monster from jewel, second nature to you. Second nature to you.

Do you see? Everything is in motion, and there are many more changes to come, but we are here to tell you that by your very nature, you are unimaginably well positioned for the changes that are indeed upon you.

Many are just now waking to their power, and some never will, within their chosen bodies this go around, but you, we are thinking about you, not anyone but you right now.

We wish to tell you that if you are despairing because you are not doing what you think you should, or do not seem to know just what it is you should be doing, please please we ask that you understand that it is written into the coding of your cells just what it is that you are. And you have, all around you, poignant evidence of not only how much you love your life, your pursuits, and your fellow travelers, but how much you yourself are loved and respected.

What we wish to say is that it will be increasingly obvious to you that you are well positioned for this next bit. You will look around, in the future, and chuckle, you yourselves, at your past pursuits, your past obsessions, and with an indulgent and light heart, you will come to use the skills you earned, in a more difficult time, and these skills will put you ahead of the game, so to speak.

Of course, there is no finish line and there is no competition, but you old ones are particularly competitive with your own consciousnesses. We say to you now that there will soon come a time when you will find a great need to drop this trait. You will come to find that there is less fight around you and within you.

You may, indeed, choose to just walk the beach, but you will walk it knowing that anything within it is YOURS, with very little effort, and with great joy and exhilaration.

You will perhaps be a little less compelled to do things in the old way, and we ask for your indulgence in this endeavor. You may find new ways to commune with those waves, to garner the ocean’s gifts.

You will no doubt find that there are many, now, who will begin to come to you, wishing for you to pull from the waves they cannot manage, the gifts which will bring them peace and joy.

And you know the value of these feeling states, you know the quiet confidence of someone who is built for a job, suited for a task, who finds pleasure and meaning in a pursuit, and, many will come to you asking for your expertise now. You are unafraid of Source, and this will become far more obvious as time goes forward.

It is very fine to allow yourselves some breathing room, some time to absorb what it is you are becoming.

There have lately been grand adjustments and changes, and we tell you to become used to these upgrades, and to be wise in relation to them.

Understand that looking deeply into a mirror is a highly unnerving exercise for most. And yet, we know that many of you are now doing more mirror work than ever before, and having very positive, loving results from it.

Consider the ocean analogy. Looking into your eyes, deeply and calmly and lovingly, did you, at one time, did you only see garbage floating there? And did you not pull out that garbage, piece by piece, hunk by hunk?

The ocean can help you now. It is transmuting certain items which would be cumbersome and unpleasant and messy. This ocean is now wanting only to deliver gifts to you. Its trash was once its gift. Now there are other things in there, other things which you can more easily identify as “gift.”

You will come to know that these bits, floating in the cosmic soup of “physical life” are all good, all purposeful, all worthy emanations from source, but this is a lesson in relative duality, and seeing things in a more fluid, a more plastic, way.

There is nothing wrong with wanting for things to be easier, for wanting a reward, for wanting peace and comfort and joy. Nothing at all. There is nothing to be ashamed of, wanting gifts from this ocean. It is not a bad thing to not want to touch any more trash. Surely, by now, you have had enough of it. Funny, how internal matches external, external meets internal.

Look deeply, into the waves, into your eyes, and know, what is being delivered to you is making sense. It is part of your emanation, and it is beautiful. You, our beloved, are beautiful. You have become a courageous warrior, you can stand tall and proud, our beloved, because you can do what most cannot, and this is because you are built to make doing these things necessary to your vitality.

No longer is it time to grieve, to focus on loss, or to damn the garbage.

It is now time to quietly accept that the ocean, its gifts, and you, have changed. All together, and as separate entities, you have all changed, and the changes change everything. The physical set up, the emotional payoffs, and the work at hand.

Therefore, we can tell you with all honesty, sincerity and humor, that it is time to allow you to redefine yourselves, and to allow new definitions to come up, let them apply or not, but know, what and who you are is dependent not upon your pursuits, not upon your natural proclivities, but by your very being.

This lesson is one which is designed to help you know that now is the time to stop assuming that what you have always gotten, day in and day out, for eternity, it seems, from the ocean you love, is softening, sweetening, morphing. Look at your hands, see what they hold now, compared to just ten years ago.

Consider your mind, your heart, your body, and see that there are fundamental shifts which have indeed already occurred, but they have been gradual, they have been tested by time and adversity and danger in the surf, and what is now in your hand, whether it be more peace, increased tolerance, indelible hope, these are indeed your proof of change. Linger not on the first gifts you get, the first yields of synchronicity, and despair not if they are slow in coming at first.

You will begin to see that we are accurate and true in our summation. You are not used to, but are fully prepared for what is coming next, and so we ask for you to use your innate limberness, your love of what it is you love, and to allow the changes to occur.

Glorious, these changes are, and happy you will be when you have observable proof of this message’s truth.


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