Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Three Points 8-7-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Three Points 8-7-13 By Kathy Vik

Luminous clouds of white-iridescent love billow through you now. You are awash in the mists, the alive and true components of atomic structure, as all structure takes its fundamental cues through and in and by love.

We wish to discuss a number of topics today and admonish the channel from adjusting or requesting. This is time for a bulleting of sorts, and wish to perhaps at the end get to any questions, and we start this way.

We wish you to understand the true mutidimensionality of these energetic changes, and the essences blowing through at this time. It is a curious intersection, is it not when one’s life is perhaps more synchronous than not. And in this sort of state, the more trust and quiet knowledge that you are on purpose, you are on time, that you are magnificent and worthy, this is a time when these thoughts will be momentarily dazzling, shall we say, for many of you.

Although never caught unawares or when unsafe or inconvenient, for you, dear souls, synchronize the timing, of course, you know this by now, and these moments of clarity will assist in the melding in physical form some of the more esoteric teachings which have recently been attractive to many of you.

And so, the first point is, what is happening within your cellular structures, your DNA, it is not done because some legion of angels decided to blast you with energy. This is not the case, and we truly wish for clarity to begin to emerge on this point.

It is the human, on fire for Creator, loving what is happening and wanting more, asking, declaring, loving and moving into more of the All, it is those of you who are awakening to the immovable truth that you are that of the Creator’s Essence, and your keys are those to the kingdom, it is you who is allowing these naturally occurring energetic changes be felt, do you see?

There is still a distortion, that you yourself are not calling these changes to you, and that it is because of your steadfast dedication to your selves, your magnificent, eternal selves, that the very Earth is cooperating with you, releasing love into your every step, making every path smooth, our loves.

The degree with which you can experience this is the degree to which your work has been done, your intent has been struck, and it is appropriate for no one alive to discount the path, expression, choices of another’s soul. It is not yours to criticize, and, dear ones, it is really not so much yours to teach as to demonstrate.

Holding compassion toward your own self, wherever you are, in whatever circumstance, in all circumstance, we say, this is what is called for now, and it is something that is simply an expression of that which the earth holds for you, and an expression of the love which suspends you in material form.

Our second area of exploration is for those who have felt out of sorts with the general population, who have become hermits, or who prefer to be alone. We are calling out to you specifically, because it is time for you to understand that there have been sufficient changes to the grid, to many of your countenances, you have progressed enough to perhaps already be able to intuit that the dissonance which many of you still may experience, that of being weighed down or made heavy by groups of those who are perhaps unaware of anything like a God, and perhaps would think that personal divinity is blasphemous, we tell you that this is now the time to emerge from the necessary cocoons you have been in, many of you your entire lives.

We will say that this will take an act of faith for many of you, and you must approach this with the understanding of a grandfather. Use grandparent energy around this.

If social gatherings have been something you choose not to participate in, for whatever reason at all, we tell you that now is the time to take yourselves by your grandfatherly, grandmotherly hand, and walk right into just a taste of a situation you have always believed would be uncomfortable or even detrimental.

Please do not tell lies. There are many in this light community who do not, will not, “cannot”, associate with some people, or some groups, or some situations, because of a need for protection, or some other excuse.

We say it is time to take our hand, and do that which you have every reason to dislike and perhaps even loathe. Something which you have not permitted yourself to do. Is it talking to a stranger? It is going for a promotion? Is it going to a huge concert event? Whatever you have told yourself you cannot or do now want to do because of “the energy,” it is time to experiment.

Imagine if that which you feel you know very well, energy, and have come to be able to anticipate, change, even, what if this energy itself has changed a wee bit? What if you have also changed a wee bit, and what if, when these changes come together, things which were once impossible will become quite commonplace for you.

We cannot have a group of workers who are afraid of interacting or going anywhere.

How is it that you have come to believe you have so little say over your experience? Do you not recognize how much light, power, energy, surges through you now, those who have given intent and are finding things coming open.

You will find you are supported in ways you cannot imagine now, because your imaginations have some stretching to do. These little forays into the areas you have judgments about, this is a way to unblock some of the more habitual patterning.

So much deep patterning has been amplified and clarified, but habits, in the third dimension, where some of you only reluctantly dwell, please, we are speaking honestly here, please we ask you to stop obeying your fears, and start listening to grandma telling you that everything is fine, she is right here, nothing will happen to you.

We have a third topic of discussion, one the writer knows not of, and this is always the most fun, surprising the one who knows herself to be clever.

We tell you now of a hall of mirrors through which it seems many must pass. This is the place where reflectivity, one of the other, other of the one, this can be a daunting and soulful journey. All will come to understand that that which is seen without is that which within, but that this is an intermediary step which is disguised, quite cleverly, within the illusion of duality.

In your quantum states, yes, you are all entangled, quite happily so, one to the other, as you are entangled with others not of the earth, and selves you do not understand currently. However, it is also true that as physical entities, there are certain energetic and behavioral patterns which are most pleasing, and assist all in unity fulfillment.

We speak now of the freedom to compassionately love, and to act in alignment with this compassionate love, toward everyone you meet, regardless of whatever it is they are doing, saying, demanding, or selling.

In this state, it is true and right to see Creator is one’s brother’s eyes, but there comes, too, a beautiful and haunting clarity, that each, that all, are on their own paths, creators in their own right, and completely free to create whatever they wish.

No longer able to see the sense in telling another being what to say, think, feel or do, you have achieved exit from the hall of mirrors, and have come to see that each individual you have physical, verbal, or mental contact with, all are loved beings, God, each of them, and sovereign, in their own lives. To deny anyone their expression, or condemn expression, in a way which harms or hurts another, this is not skilled.

And yet, in community, there is that which is pleasant and that which is not, to partake in, to witness.

We tell you that this is not the place to place your thoughts. To wonder how to navigate, what to say, when to say it, to rehearse, to set standards.

We tell you, walking through your day, seeing simply through the compassionate eyes of someone in deep honor of their own journey, their own path, their own expression, you will change the very vibration of the spaces you inhabit. You do not need to rehearse what you will say to those who have always given you a hard time, or perhaps discounted or talked over you.

Practice this, see yourself and those around you with the eyes of compassion, with active love, with love that has known defeat and disappointment and self-doubt, and redemption and grace and coming home and integration and divine, abundant, eternal love, these eyes see all whole, and you can simply expect far less difficulty in this vibration.

We are pleased to have been with you once again, and remind you that this great love, this great shift, is as real, as vivid, as alive, as you allow it to be. We are with you, standing with you, loving you, and are gratified when you allow us to hold your hand, speak with you, assist you. The state of allowance is a state of grace.

Blessings to each this day, in all days.

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