Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Circus Tents 9-9-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Circus Tents 9-9-13 By Kathy Vik

We wish to discuss with you today the idea that all things are connected. This is a concept simple enough, it seems, to place on a little sticker, or within a photograph or painting, this concept of interconnectedness.  It eases stress. And though we wish to induce peace within your fields, we wish to amplify the idea of interconnectedness.

This is an esoteric discussion on the stuff of life, what each are made of, and how each cannot be anything but part of the whole, and the only way to be a part of the whole is to be individualized pieces of consciousness.

It is all well and good to have such big thoughts, but we ask you, when next confronted by the very worst in human behavior, and you, my child, will encounter it all, what will you do? Can your actions demonstrate that you HAVE this knowledge, that you own this understanding: that each are individuated pieces of the whole?

Is this not the central theme of many established religions, how to get along with those who do not understand you, and may, in their fog of misunderstanding, harm or violate others, either physically, emotionally, financially?

But as we repeat, it is so, that as above, so below, as within, so without. By this we mean that your interactions with your fellow travelers bears a direct and distinct signature, a clear signal to those around you.

They know you love them, and some must explore this love, some try to exhaust it, and we tell you, do not hold disappointment in your self, in your growth, when others go into this love you hold for them, and smash things up a bit. Some do not believe that love is indestructible. They believe anger and self-hate are real, and that good feelings are liars. Yes, please, remember, and know, this is so.

And so, it is expected, the question, “How do I protect myself?”

And we tell you that this question alone has started more wars than any other.

On the microcosm, if you, say, work for someone who makes your day just awful, who goes out of their way to be harmful, whether knowingly or not, is this not a contemporary conundrum? Perhaps you wish to expand it to a sense of cultural malaise and unhappiness, seeing “the government” as a monolith out to make things tough, we tell you, it is the perspective and not the seeming source which is causing troubles.

This is so. It is the thoughts you hold, not the behavior of your colleague, boss or government official which is troubling.

If you could freely state, without repercussion, exactly what it is that you do and do not like, within a given situation, and did not think, there in your head, about the repercussions… if you knew, just knew, that yours is not to harm, that you are, in fact, incapable of harming another, and then you just spoke your mind, in a state of trust and goodwill, stating your preferences, how do you think it would go?

Is it not so, that speaking one’s truth is a wondrous and essential part of creaturehood, of physical, linear existence, because without words and actions, there is no movement forward, then we tell you that perhaps it is the thought of repercussion, and the crouched, guarded stance you take with those you consider somehow more powerful, within the situation you find yourself, that is the place to look for relief.

We tell you now that to love your neighbor is one of the highest acts of clarity you can do, and it is not for the passive. Love is active, love is creative, and love is redemptive. If your conversations and your interactions reflect this state, be aware that you can do no harm, not really.

We know that many of you travel with concerns about the well being of others, and often do not rock the boat or make a fuss when things do not go your way. We know many of you happily place yourselves in the back of the line, and have gotten used to getting served last, and this is because you have understood that the others have more ravenous needs than you. You know your needs are met, you know competition is unpleasant, and so, dear ones, you have become quite used to being silent.

And have you found, now, that you have recently been placed in situations where you must use your voice, you must speak up? And some of you have not been doing so, which has led to internal disappointment, and, in some, a sensation that is akin to physical pain, in fact.

If you have been having this experience, might we suggest that your reality is inviting you to play? What would happen, a little voice is asking you, unseen, and until recently, unheard, the little voice is asking, “What would happen if I just spoke my mind?”

Many have been doing this for months, but we tell you now, we are getting in close, and it is where you live. Decisions about your worth are being made, and you all are coming to the conclusion that your worth is not even something that is up for discussion. It is part of you, it is you.

Is it not convenient and pleasant to face small and large scenarios which invite you to see just that?

Many will tell you that to abandon the camps of outrage, to abandon thinking upon issues of social justice, that this is a sign of someone who is not in touch, who is somehow irresponsible and intellectually lazy. We can assure you, dear ones, that you are far more plugged into the grid which unites and connects your brothers and sisters worldwide than any internet news page or newspaper could make you. You already know the news, in others words, dear ones. You already know the outcome to social injustices.

The outcome is brotherhood. The outcome is mutual respect and encouragement. The outcome is peace on this earth. Peace in daily interactions. Peace when in community, and peace when alone.

Can you, in your daily lives, dealing with the grown-up bullies and unthinking folk you must, inevitably, bump up against in a day’s travels, can you simply smile at the nonsense and see through it? Can you see the bad behavior for just what it is: the dark, there to say hello, there to ask if you would like to dance, to come in and start believing that someone, anyone, can harm you, hurt you, diminish you or alter your course?

We invite you to start seeing these things for what they are. They are repeating patterns, endless loops of energy which your compatriots are playing with. You do not have to join into every energetic match that is offered you, you know.

We tell you now that your sense of compassion and connectedness, your innate love of your Self and of The Other, whether you feel it or not, is the answer. Knowledge and Brotherhood and Mercy and Light, in and from your core, carried right out through your eyes, your hands, your words, your decisions, this is a balm.

What others DO with this balm is their business.

And now we address you as you are standing at the end of the line, meekly waiting, knowing it just really doesn’t matter one way or the other, we tell you that although this is true metaphysically, this approach to your reality is an old one, one which could bear with less use, and ultimate retirement.

And so we give you a wonderful analogy.

Yours is perhaps not the way of the carnival barker, and so we ask you not don an affectation that is not in alignment with your truth. You are the attraction, and what we are suggesting is that the barker can be let go, the tent walls can come down now, and you can sit there, in your beauty and unique perfection, and just be seen. If you like, you can kick over the stool you’ve been sitting on for all this time, and you can go join the crowds, walk the boardwalk, play some festival games, and eat some delightful food.

Many have been in such a tent, and their barker has never been very good, so they have not gotten a whole lot of traffic. Many of you have rich and social lives, but do not allow entrance into the inner tent, for fear, we must say, that what is seen will be seen as too unusual, too odd. Others, you have concluded, might consider you freakish.

Do you see, dear ones, that as the tent walls come down around that which you have held most dear, your tender, kind, expanded, enthusiastic hearts, do you not see the tender joy in all the walls coming down, and realizing that what you contain, that which you have hidden and perhaps let no one see, is actually the definition of beauty, the core definition of grace and goodwill?

Is it not glorious to see the others, all of you, revealed, finally,, oh! The joy in seeing that what you worried might be ugly is shining in every one of their faces too?

That which has had you take the back of the line, and not self-promote, and stay small, we ask you now, in all honesty, is it not true that the reason you have stayed small is that when you have let down a bit of your tent walls, in the past, others have asked you to put it back up?

Or is it instead, dear one, that when you find you have been revealed, when you speak out and say what you think, what you prefer, what you want, that your own power is surprising, a bit overwhelming, and it is you and you alone who has decided that for everyone’s sake, you better put the tent wall back up and stay small?

We ask that you begin to toy with, in small ways, experimenting with speaking up, speaking from your core, from that place which is deep and wholly loving, but more, we ask that you use this as a way to reorient you, if you encounter a force, a person enamored with making all the wrong choices, we ask you to consider thinking something before engaging, before the play begins.

We ask for you to take a breath, or do something which reminds you of your physicality, and then, smile. Quiet.

We have said it before, the darkness you encounter in duality is a test, and nothing more. You can feel it come upon you, it slows things down, gives off some feel physical sensations, and you can be quite sure you are tangled up in a situation with the dark.

The next time you are in a difficult social or interpersonal situation, laden with feelings such as being taken advantage of or being put down, we ask for you to see this as an invitation to have a little dance with the dark, with duality, with linearity. No one is evil, no one is lost, and no one is out to get you. You are encountering one of the six laws of physics, dear one, and that is all.

Some find great despair in not living in a utopia, where everyone treats everyone with kindness and goodness. Is it not true that the distress you feel when reading the news is due to you knowing that this is no way for human beings to treat each other? Is this not most of your discomfort, because you know that this sort of behavior cannot stand?

And this leads to a sense of outrage, and of panic, at times, for some of you. These sensations can be ignited by a conversation, interaction, as well.

We ask you to reconsider things, and to understand that this template you are tapping into is as real as anything else, but it is an overlay, a future overlay. It is what has gotten you through some dark days, and this is only because it is true. The goal. The plan. Peace on earth.

But for now, here we are. And you find yourselves among those who do not understand their power, and their responsibility. Is that not what disturbs you, child? Seeing those in authority neglecting the sacredness of having power?

We remind you that the most repressive groups, and the most mischievous ones, separate, and cloak, and divide, one from the other. We like the metaphor of a circus, many circus tents, many individuals in their tents, tents they have made nice, made to feel like home, these tents are cozy and familiar.

Within the tent, you know you are there for a reason, and perhaps you have decided that this reason is because you cannot be among the general population, and you may not know why this is, but this is your truth, because you remember the few times when you have been free, before the walls went up. Some were great, but most were difficult to understand and relativity unpleasant.

And now, the walls start to come down, and the coziness is replaced with fresh air. You no longer just sense movement, other people, now you can see it and engage in it, if you wish.

See, now, as you gaze on the circus acreage, can you not see that there are old abandoned tents everywhere? Some still sit on their chairs, stock still, deep in thought, imagining the walls are still up. Some let their isolation warp their thinking, making their think they are freaks, unworthy, unacceptable.

This is not the case.

You are special, each of you, and you can now plainly see that there is not a freak in the bunch. And is it not wonderful to know that the reason for the isolation, the nesting, the coziness, is perhaps still not known, but no longer seems to matter?

And to begin to consider a happier story, a more merciful story behind those tents, that way of life?

Despair not when you meet with a situation or person who brings things up for you. Know that your relationships with others are changing quite drastically, and know that those you are in communion with now are well aware of your project. Those who are working with you now are happy to help, and you have, by now, found that those who are pleasantly helping far outnumber the learning-by-conflict folk that you used to know, yes?

So, we leave by reminding you that this darkness, this force which can cloud minds and freeze up hearts, it will not leave you, but it will abate, it is abating, and seeing it for what it is is the key. See to it that you label no one bad, wrong, lost, horrible, and instead see those who make trouble and mischief are doing a profound dance with the dark. They do not need a third dancer. That’s just awkward. Perhaps what would be best would be new music?

This requires that you choose to see that which was once quite activating, perhaps even threatening, really, as something you can not only handle, but transmute.

Are you up for this? We know you are, or this thought group would not have come knocking.

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