Rare ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’ is Coming at End of January

This event is something I’m getting a lot of personal intel on. I understand from Sandra Walters and others that this event is tied to the August eclipse. That event, of course, was complement to the February eclipses. 

On and on it goes, these celestial events, these potent triggers. It’s up to each of us to reflect on the importance and meaning of these events. 

I think of celestial events as I crop circles. They are geometries suspended in time. They’re space-time markers. They are things to celebrate, and study, to feel grateful for, and to have fun with. 

We are, after all, simply realizing significance and meaning where once there was simply a science report. 

There’s a lot on the web now, about this upcoming event, and I encourage each their own studies. 

I’ll record on the Intel once, for me, it becomes less personal and more universal. 


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