Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Stilts And Fires 7-8-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Stilts And Fires 7-8-13 By Kathy Vik

It is a blessed relief to be here now with you and giving you what has now come to be a need ready for its fulfillment.

We ask you to make your way among men with a few things in your bag of tricks, because although we are assisting you in the use and amplification of certain abilities and proclivities, this is a training ground which each designs things individually.

The lessons, all the lessons, do have a bit of a universal bent, do they not? And as we assist you in culling this experience, learning from all of them, helping you to see what is at play, and that what is at play was never a reaction to some event, some 3 d event, all of this, the whole tableau is before you as a lesson in love.

It is perhaps a bit disappointing, have you found, that the realizations contained within your minds are then expressed, and when you express them, they sound like a hallmark card, but you MEANT them differently, but the only words available, that seem appropriate, now strike you as oddly generic, unable to contain what you know?

Mistakes can be made at this juncture, and have been, in the past, and so we are here to help you to speak words of truth regarding this reality.

You will have your own language, or visuals, for this, but each of you with the ability and willingness will become more and more acutely aware of what a person is capable of understanding. You will know.

And when you are given this knowledge, we ask that you are thankful, and act accordingly.

There is a test in this, is there not? Confronted with a child who is beside himself in anger and grief because his special toy was broken through an accident, how do you behave?

Do you begin to keen as well, and recount all the lovely things that you cherished with your heart that are now gone?

Do you tell him that his toy does not matter, that it was made of an idea, and now a better one can come along?


You reach out and you hold that child, and you don’t even hear his words, do you, as you encircle his tender body and he comes to see that what was large is now small, what seemed a disaster is really just another day in paradise, and that supper’s almost ready?

Do you see now, or are you beginning to see, that many of you have gone on, and know that the toy was a trinket, because you grew up.

We wish to impart no shame, none at all, and we do insert here that the guide, the writer, has been repeating with abandon, “what is the point” or words to that effect, for all that she can see around her is vast fields of children angry and crying over their broken toys. She has no one in her consciousness who is not upset about something which seems absolutely enormous.

We understand that many of you are beginning to see this, and we wish to ease your minds, because what is the hardest about this phase is that, you, with your hearts as open as they are, you are in a perfect position to soothe, to ease, to nurture and heal those who are in extremity, but what you have begun to find out is that many do not wish this intervention.

You must come to some peace, our brothers, our sisters, all. You must come to see that your willingness is all you are responsible for, and see how far it has taken you! It is all you have ever needed.

We are being asked for practical help, and so we oblige. We love to surprise the host.

Seek we pray three things.

First, we ask that you seek to know, in your body, the sensations of unworth, when they are being layed upon the energetic table, and when you are asked then to put them on, told that these are what you are to wear as they are the only things that indeed, in truth, fit you.

Where does this hit you, when someone you love or have just met turns from you, or discounts your real and flashing love with words of hate, or with grievous misunderstanding and rejection?

We would suggest of course that this is something that is happening, shall we say, below the belt. It is a gut feeling you are knowing and usually it hits you in the gut. You can feel a burning, or a tearing, or a deep ache. But you’ll feel it. Something isn’t right. The energy is not well matched.

Then, we ask that you scan the environment, and by this we mean your own body, your own room if you are on the phone, your environment, And if there are others, scan the whole place, scan it all. Just take a moment out and feel your way into your physical reality. If you have to excuse yourself, so be it. That is why placing someone on hold, or going to the bathroom, can become a very helpful tool for you.

Now. Sense, the degree of openness, just scan for openness, or whatever word is your trigger. This is as much to get you unhooked from the orange as anything.

And then we ask you do one more thing.

We ask that you remind yourself of what you are doing. Just that. Just notice that you are doing what you are doing. You feel your stomach, or wherever this energy comes to your awareness in your body. You then put out your “feelers,” and then, you become aware of what you have done.

Try this the next time someone is inviting you into their arena of fear, of rejection, of being harshly judged.

Understand this can be done, all of it, in a blinking of one of your eyes. Do you understand that?

We are here to tell you that this is as much of a trick of the body as it is of the mind, this sense of separation, of being apart and alone and not fitting in!

Graduates, you will not fit in!

Do you understand that? You will not be fitting in, and this not fitting in, it will only intensify, so we ask for those who are having trouble with this to gather and let us explain, dear ones, dear ones all, so worried you are, so worried you are failing some test or really harming the other by “not being loving.” Oh dear hearts, we must soothe you now and what is the most soothing is the truth. Always,. The truth.

Ask yourselves some very basic questions when someone is giving you a particularly hard time, yes?

Ask yourself, look or think on this person and ask yourself,
Does this person fear their reality?
Does this person fear me?
Does this person demonstrate joy?

Listen to what they say. Are they telling you of the many many ways that their life is out of their control? How little of it they understand? Do they tell you of all the people in their life who are against them, making things tricky?

And, with this person, are you now more fully understanding that to expect a mutual conversation about the wonders of God, the wonders of your own Selves, to expect such is really misreading, mismanaging things.

It makes everyone upset and everyone disappointed in themselves, do you see?

And who is in charge of this?

Do you think the worried one, the anxious one carried away in their doubts and fears, are they going to be the bigger one, the one with more valor, or is it the one who perhaps is a bit more studious, a bit more introspective, who can put an end to the panic, perhaps not for the both of you, but you, you can at least do this for yourselves, and this alone will help immeasurably!

We now give you the picture of a very beautiful, darkened old time theater,and in it is playing your most favorite movie. You are very well pleased, to find yourself on this evening, in this theater, watching this movie. A bunch of happy coincidences had to happen, or something very much like it, to find you here this evening. You smile, eat your snack, and enjoy.

And then, one by one, your fellow movie goers, one by one, begin to leap out of their chairs, and spontaneously, loudly, and with no real physical counterpart proving their reality, one by one they jump up and holler “Fire!” One by one they begin to run around the theater, unaware of what is on the screen, the whole idea of movie going suddenly, to these patrons, a silly and superfluous and meaningless thing! Movies! Ha! This fire, this is real, the movie is not.

And there you sit, cool, comfortable, wanting to watch the movie.

Consider this is what is now happening for some of you.

And can you imagine what it would be like to be one who is feeling consumed with flames, to look over, and through your scorched eyes you see someone who seems to be ignoring you? Still watching the screen, eating popcorn, as you are burning alive!

How would you feel?

Angry, we would say, angry and resentful and scared!

Because the ones sitting, cool and happy, eating and watching, they are also alight, but they seem ok with it!

We want you to have this image, and to use it when in relation with those who are convinced they are on fire, they are dying, that they are in an emergency.

Our loves, it is, for them, just as it was for you.

Do you not remember?

Have you so soon forgotten?

We know you remember the confusion and the pain which comes with breaking through that which is false. We know you have not forgotten, and many of you, you are walking through your days with your hearts bleeding for those who “haven’t gotten it” or “don’t understand.”

Who are you to say this about another?

Who are you to know what is in another’s heart, what their path is, what their timing is?

Who are you to tell another how to do their life?

If someone, and we do mean anyone, attempts to bring you into their panic, you are well within your rights to do so, and to panic with them. It is part of the process, and you must do it a few times to see the nonsense of fearing that which is feeding you, creating you, breathing you, this fire. The fire we speak of does not consume. It illuminates.

And that is why there are old ones lining the theater, and you can consider them fire marshals, we like that image, but the old ones are in the back, and they have seen this show a thousand times, and they have since found that there are certain subtleties, certain moments in this film, where the film effects the patrons, the patrons respond, and then something brand new is created.

Can we ask that you create a tidy and cool portion of movie house? Can we ask that you be fine with being consumed by this fire as you watch your show, and to not get too excited when the ones you came with, the ones who always swore they were tough, tricked out pyros, as one by one this fire touches them, they will act in any number of ways, and the score, the film images, the theatre accommodations, everything adds up to an interesting show. But it is all rather ghoulish, is it not? The whole idiom, it is clunky and it seems unnecessary, the idea of flames and conflagration, as you silently and happily make good efforts to engage in your movie.

We ask you eat your popcorn and not get to worried when someone comes to you angry that you are not also up, hopping, frightened out of your mind.

You have been through it, and you have had your eyes on the old ones in the back since you entered the movie house. You like how they act, you like that they can hold peace when even you could not.

We are here to help you to remember that every single patron, every single movie goer, PAID ADMISSION. This is a voluntary thing. And anyone who lays hate at your feet for acting as you do in this bizarre set of circumstances, they are they ones who are in need of help, not you.

And what is this help?

There are more than a few who have asked this question with regularity the last few days, and we hear the question: How can I help the ones who are scared, and especially those who refuse help? Being calm seems to anger them. Dousing the flames don’t work, because folks just re-ignite. What to do, what to do?

You did not come this far in your process, dear reader, to walk away from those in need, did you? Of course not. You walked this razor’s edge to get a real good feel for how it works, so that it can be dulled for anyone else who wanders across it. How can you then fit in with all this pain and fear you see displayed?

Quite a pickle.

And we surprise the host once again with this:

The difference between those who enjoy their popcorn while being consumed by their fire, what makes them different from those who are convinced they are going to die, that their flesh will bubble and char and fall off, what is the difference?

First. The ones who sit, happily, quietly, you, these are the ones who have already had their time jumping up and down, hallucinating burned flesh and disaster. They may not look it, but the ones just minding their own business, YOU, dear ones, they were the biggest babies in the world. The worst. But they did it a long time ago. They are just old, not as old as the marshals, but old.

So they know a thing or two about what is going on.

Here it is: The flame is not stopping, and everyone really is on fire.

How is that?!

If someone comes to you with a knife sticking out of their throat, and they come up to you in tears because they have a sort throat, and you tell them, well, that is because you have a spear coming out of your neck, and they get mad at you, and call you names and tell you that you are crazy, who is the crazy one? You have just had an encounter with someone, dear one, who really wants to have a messed up neck. Let them.

You see, this is about PERMISSION. It is about ALLOWANCE. It is about BEING WILLING.

If all around you, everyone is now beginning to experience the revelations you have come to see as commonplace, and they come to you upset because their world is unpredictable and hostile and hard, what is the proper response?

First, is your life unpredictable, hostile and/or hard?

If so, you have an ally, someone here knows your road. So compare notes, that is ok.

But if you are in a place, for the day or the hour or the year, when you see that life really is a gift you are giving yourself, and everything that is coming to pass is sainted, then when someone comes to you telling you of horror, of their unpredictable and hostile and hard life, then, is it really necessary to dig deep and go there with them? Does this help?

Does it help the patrons aflame in the theater?

Acknowledging the greater truth and leaving to one side the beliefs of weakness, of this particular problem being bigger than the person who dreamed it up, this is how to proceed.

We know you wish to erase for others their pain, make it easier for them, and your wish is to ease, remove, unbind, the heaviness so many have brought through to this day.

This is a good and right urge, one we ask you not shame internally. It is fine to want to take away another’s pain, that is very nice.

But we ask you, had someone given you a parcel with all the answers you have been given through the years, and through these astounding last months, and there, in that box, was every single answer to every conundrum which has brought you to the very brink of madness sometimes, we ask you, would you be able to just assimilate it all, in an afternoon, or in the space of a phone conversation?

We are asking you something which is quite literal, in fact. Many of you receive huge boxes of information, and you are using this information daily, and we are so proud of each of you for going free form, being abstract, letting us, letting yourselves guide you. You simply do not comprehend, sometimes, how much courage this takes, and how few hold this in their consciousness as an ideal!

Oh it is a good a true practice, one which leads to peace.

Acknowledging the fire, acknowledging the disaster, acknowledging the broken toy, this is first.

This is a good way to start. Yes, your toy is broken. Yes, you are on fire. Yes, the sky has indeed fallen, yes the bottom has dropped out.

Yes and yes and yes.

And then you wait. Dear ones, it will be hard for so many of you, so hard, and we ask for your forbearance.

You must wait.

Sit there and eat your popcorn. Conjure your favorite beverage, your favorite treat. It may be awhile.

Our host has asked repeatedly this last week: WHAT IS THE POINT?

To come this far and find that so many are still in no way open, in no way willing, shut off, shut down, and indeed quite hostile to the fact that everything is just fine.

What is so difficult with seeing that someone is unhappy and very, or even uncommonly, committed to their unhappiness, and just seeing it. Just seeing it and loving it and knowing that you were once there?

Where does that fit into it? And how can it fit in at all, when the suffering are busily asking for help while biting the hand with which it is offered?

How do you make your way in this world, masters, when the world is not quite sure what to do with a master?

Why come this far if no one is coming along, if there are not conscious centers, available nerve centers of light in every city? How will you survive this next part, if you are the only one in your movie theater munching on popcorn, pleased with how this flame you inhabit is illuminating your mind, your heart, and making the movie even better than you remembered?

How about try laughing, we ask?

Right out loud.

You can see the ridiculousness of it, and you can see the silliness of it all, and when you laugh, do you see how fetters are broken, just popped right off? There is an elevation in thinking, and in mood, with laughter.

We ask you to see the absurd, and admire it, right there, in the middle of your difficult conversation or your lonely walk.

We tell you now that mainly, the trouble you will find is located in where you have come to find yourselves.

It is many times like when you are waking from a dream, and for a moment are not entirely sure you are anywhere at all.

In such a state, can anything perturb or shake you? No. You are unconnected.


And so, here it is.

You have been deposited on a shore of which you have only heard. And the thing is, all of the things around you, they look just as they did, yesterday, the day before. There is a static-ness to it all which you should actually pride yourselves on, rather than curse yourselves for.

But, do you think it might be wise, if your vision keeps getting obstructed by movie patrons on fire, to maybe consider just leaving that one particular movie house?

We do not wish to bring you upset, dear loves, and so we wish for you to just think on this , for now.

And if you believe that there is nothing more to life than the theatre you have found yourself in, then perhaps what is lacking is not ambition, and it is not maturity and it is not creativity, not really. What is taking place is you are just now getting an idea that what you have always taken for granted, that “movies” must be “watched” with “others” in “the dark” and there is no other thing to do, not really….

It is this thinking which is being challenged.

If you find you are the only calm one in your reality, then perhaps it is time to reorder your reality.

If you are the only one who seems to have a handle on certain ways to live, and these ways have brought you much peace and love and happiness, what is so wrong with being pleased with the gift of the movie, the movie house, the whole experience, blessing the whole ball of wax, and then getting up and walking out?

Do you think that when your eyes adjust, that there will be nothing? Nothing to explore or see or experience?


Many of you have indeed walked away from careers, spouses, many situations which were not conducive to your truth.

May we please ask you do it one more time?

You have lightened your loads, many of you, and a few come into this last theatre with nothing except a desire to see a show, all their possessions, all their worldy possessions, long gone, long gone.

If you are so unencumbered, and you are not enjoying your experience, we ask that you get up and go outside.

Metaphorically, perhaps, but the trees, the earth, the sky, the sun, they are all waiting to guide you home, all of them, so going physically outside, not a bad idea, but we mean here to allow you the thought, that giving yourself permission to walk away from that, AND FROM THOSE you no longer can find any modicum of satisfaction within, it is ok to walk.

Many have lamented this process as one which strips from the personality all that is not in alignment with the higher self. We wish to concur, and to say that all destruction is a blessing, and there is no such thing as mistake, or even a tragedy, but it requires you live on stilts, and many do not wish to go there.

We leave you with something which has re-surfaced, in a comment made by the writer, on facebook. We wish to give it to all of you, because it is time for this knowledge, and for its amplification.

We said to the channel many years ago that when experiencing a birth or a death, you are placed on what can be called energetic stilts.

These stilts are something you do not put on consciously, and they are very very obvious to everyone, just everyone, you come into contact with. A part of the other always knows if you are in a state of such expansion.

You see, when there is a physical death or a birth, your akash is begin expanded. You are adding energy to the soup it is that you ride around in. You are being re-worked, and these are ancient, and beautiful, passages. Deeply mystical.

You have noticed, have you not, that some deaths, some births, affect you, and some do not, when being honest. All change you, but some effect you on levels for which you were not prepared, you tell yourselves.

The one ahead of you and the one behind you in line at the grocery store, they do not particularly want to know what your view is from your stilts. Being on stilts makes you see things more clearly.

You see a broader perspective, and you, in your eyes, are holding keys to life and to death, in those weeks and months before, during and after transition.

Understand, our dearest allies, that as those who have chosen ascension status, dear one, you are on stilts now and forever more.

Some do not wish for you to describe the view.

Many do not want to be reminded that they too could be doing stilt time. The view is nicer, and the heart goes all calm on stilts. But many do not want it, and will turn from those who are on stilts.

This is what we did not tell the channel all those years ago.

Being here, being with us, and living your life as a poem, as a metaphor, seeing all that occurs in your life as an intimate message of love from yourself as creator, oh, this is a state which many say they long for, but few have been courageous enough to go.

You, dear reader, have made this trek.

You have come this far.

And we know of the pain that comes from never being seen, never looking anyone in the eye, since there is this mismatch, you see.

And so we tell you, and the channel, something we were holding back.

You very own master of love, light and sound, your dearest Jesus, how high do you think were his stilts?

Once he had has his transfiguration, he spoke about him Self in the third person, did you notice that?

How high are the master’s stilts from whom you learn? We ask you this in love, dear one.

How high does the Kryon see, what is the perspective of the elders, the ones who were the fire marshals, let’s say? How high are their stilts?

And yet, it was this loving master who took children on his knee, and found peace among his friends. He found those who were willing to walk on stilts, you see.

He went out into that crowd, and he gathered to him the ones, the only ones, who stood above the crowd, and he asked them to follow him, and they did.

Why did they follow? Why did so many leave their homes, their lives and their identities behind?

How nice it was for all of them to have each other.

Why would they have chosen to stay where they were?

They, too, were not being seen, not being heard, not being understood, being turned away from, again and again, dear ones.

That is the feeling you get when you are on stilts. How many faces, full on faces, does one see if they never get off their stilts? Not many.

We tell you that there are many of you now on stilts, but we ask that if you find yourself in the midst of turmoil and sadness and fear, you have simply fallen off your stilts!

The truth of it is that the road is as lonely as you wish it to be, and even the ones who turn from you today are doing so only because they too wish for peace, they too want to be still, they wish for peace with their fire.

You are sitting in pools of flames and you are not consumed. Do you get that? Those around you, they may act badly about this fact now, but there will come a time when your seeming imperviousness to flame will be what draws you ever closer to humanity.

You did not sign up for finding your self in the eyes of another, and this is a fact which, too, flies in the face of what has come to be seen as just a given, just a way of life, the only truly good and proper and whole way to do life, mated.

This speaks only to the human’s urge for completion, for integration, for solidity and unification, as a source of love and power. And that is all.

You know this.

And yet, for many, the road becomes even harder, these last several feet, and YES we said feet, not yards and not miles and not continents. Feet. You are that close, many of you.

We invite you to enter into he Grand Trine. We invite you into the doorway which is indeed already propped open, thanks to the prescient among you.

Master, walking into the sunlight, not feeling those old energetic pulls, seeing yourselves at your correct height, these are proper teachings.

But there is something missing, and we give it to you all now:

Everyone you encounter is on fire with holy love.

Everyone you know is on stilts. They are either crouching down, or they are standing up, but your natural state is a tall one, a big one, with a good, clear, honest view of such magnificence and benevolence, words pale and lose meaning.

There will be many who will tell you that your view is non existent, simply because they cannot see it.

How long will you remain in their prison?

The doors were blasted off a while ago.

What is keeping you small, hurt, in fear, afraid to move on?

These are the facts. There is not just one reality going. There are many. And if you do not like who you are riding along with, for whatever reason, but especially if they put you down, try to make you small, shut you up, well then, you have a decision to make, do you not?

Do you wish to crouch and say you cannot see up ahead, that your view is just like everybody else’s (and it is a god-awful one), or are you willing to just stand up, smile, and take the long view?

Here we say what is last to be said:

Allow others their suffering.

Do not think that it is yours to remove another’s pain, another’s path, another’s way. It is not yours to think thoughts about another’s path. Only to hold their hand, if they will let you.

If no one lets you hold their hand, dear one, hold ours. We are here. We have never left. And you will find that you will come upon others, very soon now, who are also tall, and when you are in company with them, all of you will begin to talk about your stilts, and this funny phenomenon of being too big for those around you, and you will take off your shoes and socks, and roll up your extra long pant legs, and you know, dear ones all, you know what you will find, do you not?

These long legs, these things you always referred to as stilts, these things that seemed to get slapped on you when in the middle of turmoil and unhappiness and change?

They perhaps at one time were stilts, but my goodness, what fun it will be around that first campfire, that first table in the coffee house, that first meeting in a basement, when you all roll up your pant legs and find that there are no stilts to take off, none at all.

You have always been this tall.

You have always had this exalted expression. This is your natural habitus, dear ones. The old stilts, they’d functioned as training wheels, as helpers, as assistance, a remembrance, a physical metaphor to a larger truth, yes.

You were born big. Born vibrant. And born able to assimilate and calm and love what it is you have created.

We wish the tall ones a very lovely evening, and thank you for your service.

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