Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Rise From Your Bed 7-3-13 By Kathy Vik

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We wish now to speak to you, our solar angels, the very embodiment of The All in the most sainted of forms, that of the physical.

We have had a difficult time working with Kathy in that she has not wanted to vacate as she had before.

You see, she sees herself as a part during these episodes.

She sees her body as a scrupled suit on the ground, beside the mighty sequoia, an irrelevance, suspended, and it helps her to separate…

Today we guided her to the tree, and that she is, and she is in the tree, her awareness in the sap and bark and the leaves, that is a serviceable state. She then saw a group, our group, around her computer, there on the forest floor, far away, but she could zoom in easily.

She saw that one elects to speak but the speaking is for the whole, and there is no separation of purpose or identity in this state, that this is such a cooperative clan that all is in divine benevolent order no matter who wishes to communicate, no matter which one speaks, because, you see, councils and hierarchies and such, these are truly metaphors for a vastness of Self which goes beyond current explanation.

You have in this culture a touch of madness in that greatness, and by this we are talking of mass, of density of spirit, that this is somehow a bad thing, and the emptier one becomes the better off they are.

We are here to tell you that you are all quite full of many things which will be surprising you with very little delay. You are simply shielded from all that you are, but this process is one of meld, and it is one which speaks of an entanglement, a state of entanglement, which you do not currently appreciate, and so we are here to help you with this because once you see it, you will be forever bigger, changed, blown open we might say, and so it is never for the feint of heart, it is for the warriors that the drapes are first moved aside, you see.

We all, we all, have always and forever and a day, seen to it that there are certain things which are given and this is never anything but a willingness, never such thing as deserving, How can you not deserve yourself? What a preposterous notion.

Neither can you harm yourselves with knowledge, although we do caution against pushing anyone else.

You see, you may get frightened when a construct blows up, because until the dust settles, it is unclear tot he linear mind that one structure gives way to the superstructure. Truth cannot be destroyed, it stands pure and strong and clear, and so if something is in a state of destruction, just know, it is not a permanent structure, then. It was not, perhaps, constructed, with the choicest of materials.

Why grieve the tearing down of a building which is prone to accidents, injury and loss? Why do you grieve this, we ask. It really makes very little sense, in a heart way, are we not correct in lightening your mood a bit and showing you that any form of destruction you may be experiencing, and by this we also mean the “lack” of a primary sexual relationship, if this is something you are not currently enjoying.

You see, there are many things we are hearing from the collective, from the lot of you, the lots of us, our representatives, our physical companion, and we wish to ease you fevered mind,, cool your brow, whisper in your ear, matted with hair long made wet from the sweat you have been producing on your bed of nails,

Please look down upon your bed now, in your mind’s eye.

Do you see that there are no nails?

You have been laying on a bamboo mat for several, many days, and many of you have been without a needle bed for over a year, and yet the grief and gnashing of teeth continues, and these are reverberations only. It is off how these energetics work in this construct, because when we use the word “Echo” you may be thinking of a sound which repeats, but loses its voice, fades into silence, but in energetics, it is quite opposite.

There are great patterns at play and much being worked out, many things coming together for the collective, and as such, many are still aware of the pain that the game has produced, and this pain is quite real, biologically, and can lead to physical illness, in fact.

This energy is a reverberation, it is an echo, a ghost, and as such, it is perfectly appropriate to simply ignore it.

You see, echoes of this nature do not like being ignored. And this is an energy which does tend to send up dust ruffles when it is ignored, it is a prancy, sneaky type of energy, and it takes on many forms. This energy. It is what tricks you, scares you, sends you into thinking scarcity thoughts, you see. Ti is your gift to yourself, and as such, as the sender of the gift, is there any harm in sending it back unopened.

In this echo chamber, unopened packages begin to recede. That is how to make the energy fade into silence, you see.

You ignore it.

You see it for what it is and you love it and then you go about the business of being in a joyful state.

There is not a bed of nails. There is nothing here that is making you suffer except shoddy thinking and forgetting about, or refusing to learn about, your beauty and intact-ness and worth.

We see you as something much brighter, bigger and more stunning than you are able to comprehend.

Think on this sentence, dear ones. Because it is meant in a literal sense. You may be the most clever, most highly advanced soul on this planet, obviously, you are, many of you, understanding this fact.

However, you and not biologically equipped to inhabit the enormity of what you long for and know to be the truth.

Be advised, loved ones all, that as awakened angles, as masters all, whatever moniker you all choose for this state, our friend likes the term “ascensionist”, it really does not matter, the languaging of the thing.

What you emit is as powerful as the radiation of the sun. IT is true that you are each becoming ever flowing lotuses of divinity, and your mastery, dear masters all, your miracles, your walk, it has only begun.

Do you understand what is to come, and we know the answer is no and we want so much to tell you but suffice it to say that there must now be an open channel when it comes to energetics, when it comes to running energy and playing with matter.

This is only one of many of the gifts you are turning onto, and there is much to tell you as to the proper ways to do this. Obviously, we are in each of your heads, and this is how we instruct, but to have an open channel, many of them, is going to become quite necessary, and will come from a mutual need, just as natural as when all of you found you were having trouble with your diets, with sleep, and with relationships.

You remember now, this is much of what the blogosphere was about in the beginning, and validation, this continues and must, and must, and must This is necessary, elders, because you are holding pieces of knowledge that not all have, and you must have an easy, simple, uncomplicated, non-hierarchacal, non-competitive places, many places, to exchange esoterica. You must know about certain things, it will make the shock of what you are now capable of a lot softer.

You will begin surprising yourselves. And we wish never to implant one fear thought, so do not worry about how these things will develop. Are you in any doubt that you are well taken care of? Do you think you are given these keys by amateurs, and do you really, at this point, consider yourself an amateur in any way? No. You are not. You are ready.

Bending matter, things coming together so benevolently that you will weep, you will weep with recognition and joy and joy and abundance of humor and grace and thanks. These are what are coming to you, masters.

Do you really think this is the time of tears? Look beneath you, again, we say, and see that this bamboo mat is now soft, and full of goodness, light, peace, comfort, and it is as wide as the earth.

This is your home.

This is your time, dear ones, and the miracles, as you have been enjoying calling these events, well, they are just about to begin. They will start slowly, and you are well managed, well regulated, you will give yourself lovely, just very lovely gifts.

If you jar yourselves, laugh at it, and pat yourself on the back for being bold. Play! Create! Enjoy! Do you think for one little minute that yours is a path of constriction, limitation, “if only’s” and “ifs? Really?

No bed of nails. No suffering. No grief. No pain. Yours is the happy way, the balanced way. Can you weep at the beauty of a sunset, do your eyes turn dark when you consider certain atrocities, does the cloud lift and you see the bigger purpose, all the love, all the love, all the love? Can you do this?

We are your friends, we are your selves, and we are no more above you than you are. You are a master, walking this earth, claiming the mantle that our most esteemed Logos took on to show you the way.

We urge you to read his words, just his words, and see. Read what he said, and pretend as you scour this book for his exact quotes, imagine, please, that he is sitting across from you at a diner saying it. Please do this. Take your Bible to a diner and do this we pray.

See that he was talking to you, because he was. He was talking to himself. It is one of his habits.

We laugh, all of us, because we know that most of you also have this habit.

We leave you in deep joy, unending rapture, pure gratitude, the central sun is yours, it is in you, you are it.

You are God’s, and God is yours.
You are God, and God is you.

You are as magnificent and as earthbound as that.

How can you, from this point forward, ever see one minute of your earth time as less than divine, dear master? Do you knot understand that it is you yourself who is sanctifying the ground you walk on? Do you not understand that you are loved, and love beyond measure?

We leave you now in love.

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