Deeply Awake — Celebrating We, The Lightworkers! 7-5-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake — Celebrating We, The Lightworkers! 7-5-13 By Kathy Vik

You know, I wrote a really, just brutally long piece yesterday, and it was mostly channeled, because I can’t remember anything about it, but I did that great thing, and spent all that time away from Sam, feeling the writing imperative, which he honors, and then, when I was done, I just shrugged, snapped the netbook closed and said, “I think we need to go for a walk.”

I didn’t know why but it wasn’t to be posted, and that is totally cool by me anymore. Some things aren’t ready, or it just doesn’t feel right. I can no longer see this kind of thing as a failure, just a little time capsule I write, or a boil that needed lancing, or some such.

But now I know that the reason was that some stuff had to be delivered to me yet. I wasn’t ready, and the work had a dirgy quality to it that is now stripped out of this writing, because now I learned what I had yet to learn yesterday.

You see, I was still mourning not “being gotten”, not being understood, and I really do apologize for going on and on about it, but I think when everything settles down, the ones among us who have had this sort of dissonance will come to see that it was purposeful, benevolent and necessary, an elective, let’s say, and one which, if not taken, certain things cannot be understood or achieved.

I have had a lovely breakthrough, thanks to my dear angel Kryon, and my own solar angelic nature, my willingness to go really really deep, really deep, and here I am. I want to tell you about it.

But first, I really do want to tell you that the reason I am taking time out from some quite pleasurable pursuits I will very soon be indulging in, well, it is because I am feeling SUCH LOVE FOR LIGHTWORKERS!

Oh my God.

It’s like streaming through me and I feel like I am on fire.

A couple days ago I had a real cool meditation, really beautiful, and it enabled me to very easily channel, get real clear, and the thing is, that image really has not left me. It has intensified. And with it comes feelings, lots and lots of feelings. Please let me tell you about it.

The image was of the sun, but then the sun started to look like sort of a swollen sunflower without any seeds in the middle. And the thing just kept blooming. And it sent out this beautiful cascade of light, of energy, of love, it was really astonishing, because it had as its core truth, the core truth of that image is that it is forever blooming, forever, giving, forever giving forever giving. Inexhaustible, joyous in its blooming.

And this feeling has been coming over me, really a lot, ever since.

My son and I both experience waves of profound love from time to time, and it is not unusual for one of us to interrupt what we are doing to go to the other and just hug. Just kiss his cheek, just make sure you touch him and give him this love. And sometimes, it’s him doing it for me.

It is nice, these waves of love, these waves of divine love, and to tell you that I am in charge of them, that I had some sort of procedure to bring them on, well, I would be lying to you, and probably trying to get you to give me money to spill secrets. The only secret is openness, willingness, fearlessness, I think.

The only secret is the elephant in the room, that we all are made of this blossoming, fragrant, solar love, and each of us, no matter who, no matter where, no matter the circumstance, no matter the dwelling or apparel or language, this love is what is creating our very experience.

Do you get that? We are creating from the very essence of love.

Do you wish to go back to my older blogs, to see the degree of blackness that covered my emotions at times, that lidded my perspective? You can if you want, and what you will find, what I always find, is that no matter the bleakness of the topic, no matter what sort of poison is being exposed, expressed, transmuted and given over to a greater understanding, through it all runs the truth of it, that this is all quite special and sainted and purposeful. A mission of love, of awakening, of enlightenment, of lightening up.

We are here together because we love each other so very very much. That is the truth of it, for me, for this life.

Of course, thinking such a thought can lead to feelings of joy, of gratitude, of worth and excitement and openness to The Next Thing, The Next Treat you are gonna give yourself!

What Kryon did, he gave us all a parable from this new time. The parable of Wo and the Box of Belief. I really do encourage you to just hear that, if you never listen to anything else that Kryon does. I think it is a powerful message that can affect a person on many, many levels.

What I took from it is this:

We, each of us, every single one of us on earth, we each of us have a piece of God within us, we are here on a heavenly purpose, and we are here in love and it is for us to either see it, remember it, or not, but it really does not matter, it matters not one whit, if you ever do remember.

It just does not matter.

What Kryon and Wo gave me today I want to sing it from the rooftops, and this is because I am inspired by such overwhelming love and goodwill toward all!!!

I saw myself within this parable. I have been puzzled by all the near-death thingies I have had. Some have been just so close, sort of scary, looking back on it all, but really, there have been quite a few, and the first really big one happened on the day I felt sure might actually be the day of my ascension. I look back on that day, on that event, and think that I really was not that far off from the truth of that day.

Wo has an NDE, a big, long, good one, much more visual than any of mine. And he sees and this story relates what I have come home with each time, what has been cemented into my consciousness, into my daily reality, every day, ever since: we, each of us, every single one of us, is a part of God.

I have gotten stuck on the micro for so, so, long.

I have good feelings, a feeling of stability and resilience, when I think on the gift I received, the explanation given to me that I have been acting as a transmuter, as an energetic clearinghouse of sorts, that many of us have had this as our walk, and now that the energy is sweeter, it is suddenly not painful to be around those who used to really hurt to be around before.

Now, I know that might seem highly dramatic, but I will tell you, I have spent my whole life with a very very clear boundary between me and Them, because They, most of Them, simply do not understand, and They tend to get really weird about stuff when I decloak around Them. You know what I mean, and if you don’t just know that among you walk those who feel more than most, know more than most, feel more than most, and giving love to those who are sensitive is a gift of such incredible value to somebody like me, like us. You know what I mean, right?

But I am finding that it just doesn’t hurt to be around people that much anymore.

It has been coming on, but the Wo parable really helped to anchor it.

To go home, to see and know home, while conscious, and to bring it back with you…

To remember the place, the truth, that there really is, under and through and between and within this reality, such love, such compassion, we are all loved beyond limit, beyond comprehension, there is a central sun blazing with such love for each of us, for itself, for the whole and all its parts, oh my God, this is such a beautiful place to know, and then to know that this is indeed the truth of it, and this truth is the biological truth of humanity, the truth of the clerk who is edgy, the boss who is temperamental, the parent who is boorish, the daughter who is callous…

So what, so what, so what.

Kryon ended his teaching with this admonition.

See, in all, God first, personality second.

I can, and want to, do that.

This is where the knowing smile comes from, the patience, the obedience to something within me that is so core, such a knowing, it cannot be ignored or denied.

And imagine this, here I am, blossoming, and I AM NO LONGER ALONE.

This is a multidimensional, a quantum state. As such, it is an entangled state.

Do you understand, my sweet friend, my loving reader, that you and I are entangled, that entangled heart to heart, merkahbah to merkahbah, with all each other, and with all of humanity?

It has been easy, and necessary, to separate.

It has been very easy to feel sadness for having been apart, but the truth is that there are some pursuits that gave me peace, afforded me wholeness and a true sense of intactness, of worth that can no longer be shaken, for which a purity of vibration was required. This odd, old cocoon was my curse, and my blessing, and there it lies, on my floor, no longer needed. A loved and cherished construct that has come to find that transmutation of it, it itself, is now what is on the docket. The cocoon? What cocoon?

I have emerged, dear friend, and I now flutter these wings for all to see. Why not?

You and I, we have earned this joy, this knowledge, this perspective.

Look back on my blogs if you don’t believe it.

Who, if not but the weirdos, the ones who have always lived somehow apart, somehow there has always been a partition, keeping me from you, keeping me from knowing and letting you know me, who but us can really really rejoice in no longer feeling separation, we who have been so acutely aware of its prerogative, its necessity, its song and cadence and odor?

And this wall of separation, this sheath of separation, me to you, us to them, it’s coming down.

I think that veil really had less to do with our abilities and more to do with energetics. I feel like there has been a clearing of a window, and I just can see better. And without the egoic overlay that made relating to others difficult.

Without fear, and without guilt, and with hope and pride and security, I really do believe I can walk into this next part equipped to do some seriously awesome stuff.

It’s really not about moving mountains at this point. I can look back on my life and high five myself with all sorts accomplishments. So what. Hill of beans. What matters, what really matters now, is connection.


I am connected to you, you to me.

I do want to speak about this us and them phenom, and I intend to write a whole lot more about the first wave, and I’ll do it right here, under deeply awake. No more new titles, no more of that. I am deeply awake, and I have some stuff to say, and I want to talk a a lot more about energetics, and about the first wave, but I think I will close this love song thusly:

You know, of course, that there is a myth that there are certain artifacts hidden throughout the Earth that will awaken, be brought together, and will then release some really profound and earth-shattering information, right? Time capsules, they are called. Like what they say about what is under the Sphinx’s feet, right? And then there is Mount Shasta and the remains of good old Atlantis and Egypt and all the rest of the crystal skulls and stuff, right?

Well, I think that we old ones, we also are time capsules.

I think we all agreed to incarnate to awaken en masse at this time.

We agreed to do it, and we have done it, birthed a new age. We did it, we of the first wave, the offbeat ones, the young ones, the ones who grind against the grain, all of us, but we are not alone, we are together now somehow, entangled, never alone from the other again. We are connected, all of us, all who are doing this work. Oh the beauty of this. I no longer walk alone! Neither do you!

We have representatives in all age groups. There are the older ones, the older ones having their own group signature. There are the middle ones, the young ones who are just now old enough to find themselves in positions of increasing authority, increasing power, thank God, and then we have all the children, who are brought in with less and less in the way of overlays, with every single day that passes on this beautiful globe.

We are the first wave, you see?

Some of us are completely unaware of the esoterica, and so be it. Some of us are advanced experts on esoterica OF THE OLD WAYS, and you guys are going to have to show a great degree of humility and flexibility, because, honey, all bets are off. This energy is so easy to work with, so responsive, so many of our old ways can just be shortcutted. It’s amazing!

So, the first wave, it wakes up, more or less as one. I think we can expect great things come the end of this month. I think we all need to start preparing a little bit, because I can sense that there is going to be some sort of universal, all-humanity, sort of shift, and it may upset the uninitiated, but it’s gonna make us switch on in ways we haven’t even dreamed of, and every single day, guys, is going to wind up being like living in a garden of delight.

Sure, there will still be things that will need attention in 3d land, here we are, that is what is about, but there is a way of doing it that is completely based in non-linearity, in expansion, from the heart of God, from a mind of divine compassion and humor.

We are a hopeful people. Many felt the solstice in December was a real dud, but once the disappointment wore off, which was absolutely necessary, look how we have adjusted! We go from one eclipse, one grand trine, to another celestial, another political event proving in no uncertain terms that we are now in Other Time, Now Time, Real Time. We are somewhere sainted now, things are coming together.

Can’t you feel it?

And this is the truth of it: you and I, we are connected. You are no longer alone, elder, and neither am I. We have fought hard to breathe easy, and many still do not, and I think it will be time, once we pass into August, for us to do a lot more for those who suffer than we are even doing now. I think everyone is going to get a glimpse of their beauty. That would so help, wouldn’t it?

If every single person on earth got a conscious look at what Wo saw, what I have seen, what you have seen, that God is at the core of it all, that God is within us, and as such we are eternal, we are divine, we are here to give and be and know compassion, benevolence, patience, grace, abundance, goodwill, humor, joy, peace.

That is our mission. I love that we, as a group, have this as our banner. I don’t think I could find a better bunch to walk the rest of my days beside. Those who know that God is real, to them, and God is good, and that ipso facto, they themselves, and all those around them, are also real and good.

We are an amazing bunch, we of the first wave. The only separation here is that of inclination, proclivity, natural bent. I love those who come to know that they are intact and whole and so far from harm that harm itself is just a lark of a notion, something to titter about.

Fear, a thing of the past, the desire to lie or cheat or hide or hurt, just not in the toolbox. I, you, we, are using different tools now.

And I love you for it. I love myself for it.

I celebrate our willingness to do what we hoped we could, an amazing feat we accomplished by shedding tears for the world at large, laughing belly laughs the Buddha himself inspires, we are universal and connected and never alone again.

I sing your song today, I love you, and I really hope you know that inside yourself, as I have come to know and rejoice in, that everything is just so good, everything is gonna be just fine, and all is well, all is well, all is well.

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