Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Miracles Explained 6-26-13 By Kathy VIk

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Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Miracles Explained 6-26-13 By Kathy Vik

We wish to explain to you about what is actually happening when you experience a miracle. This is a fun and enjoyable topic, and one which is scientific, for those who like those sorts of tangents. Very scientific, actually. Can disappoint the magicians in the room, those who fancy themselves alchemists, when they first know of this. But then they settle down and things become easier.

Miracles are but manifestations of synchronicity which has bent or reshaped your space time through the benevolent act of love. That’s what a miracle is.

It is a projection of love within a matrix which might find such a projection completely out of context.

What is a miracle, we pray, than something you really did not expect, something which makes everything fit together well, where everyone wins, and you know yourself to be, while acknowledging the amazingness of it, that you are more than you imagined, that you are part of something bigger and more loving than you can conceive.

Yes, there are other definitions to this word, but we like this one.

A miracle is a physical hug from the larger part of yourself which you find cannot be ignored.

This is a funny part of things we wish to highlight.

Many think that they really do have everything coming from the outside, and the thing is, this is a highly ego-centric stance to take with one’s reality. Believing that you are actually making things happen in the physical, well, really, that is quite a stretch of the imagination, one that should be applauded for its cleverness and its usefulness for the task that was at hand.

We ask we pray that you start taking miracles just a little but lighter, let them come into your awareness more gently now, more like an old friend who is once again popping in to check up and see how you are and to give you a little lift of encouragement. See how we are operating now? See the organic nature, how the DNA can now speak through you rather than for you.

That sentence alone is worth some serious contemplation, we tell you this now.

In all great good humor, we tell you that miracles are afoot, because there is an energetic bleedthrough occurring that the elders in the room are going to be much pleased with.

We wish to explain further.

We pause to tell you that we have placed the channel in a gilded circle of elders, she is under a tree on her own planet, much like the Little Prince, and this is a fine arrangement. We see that her willingness to vacate in all love is upon her, and we wish for her to know that this meld will become more physical, and require less and less time under imaginary trees, but for the moment, this is the best way to get some of this information to more people than just her.

And now we proceed with our discussion of dimensions.

There has been a grand misinterpretation, which has more to do with brain function than how things actually work, but it is within this framework we find ourselves, and so we proceed.

You have all come to know that you have what is called a light body, and so it is. This body is not so much an overlay or an addition to or complement for your physical body, but is in fact the energetic soup from which your physical body emanates. Do you see this difference? It is a tiny one, one that many folks miss, simply because semantics do indeed alter reality, and many have simply been thinking in less comprehensive terms as we would prefer.

It is helpful, now, for you to consider that the biochemical overlay which is your body habitus is changing, becoming less dense, so to speak, and spending much more time frolicking, “away,” than you might imagine.

We speak now, or at least are intimating, of the phenomena of time compression, things going faster than ever before, old friends popping into your lives, things just working a bit more cohesively. We find it amusing when entities wish to deny these things are occurring. It is all in great good fun, though, so we proceed.

We ask you now to contemplate if recently you have been experiencing things disappearing. It might be your keys, your wallet, your phone, your remote. Something you use frequently, feel you need, feel things just do not go as smoothly if you do not have it handy.

Yes, you have? If so, what is happening is that these items are at times getting stuck interdimensionally. We explained some time ago how to retrieve these items, and will share this with you again, next, but we wish to discuss this as it has quite a lot to do with what you term “miracles.”

We are not asking any of you to drop or dampen your enthusiasm or your wonder, no, not at all. That is not the message here.

But we do ask you to consider miracles your friends, and these dimensional wrinkles, if we are to use such a term, as just manifestations of a changing energetic, vibrational, signature.

So we return to your missing articles. You might be in quite a pickle, a jam, without this item, and you need it. You might feel consternation, maybe even some victim stuff comes up, good! work with it, get that silliness out of your system, and then look up.

Find yourselves a bell or a chime or gong, and if none of that is handy, use something that produces a SOUND, like a pot, a pan, anything that has a tubular sound to it, you see, and yes, you may use your voice, but an object is better. There is a deep and quite scientific reason for this, but suffice it to say, go find a bell.

First, get still. You think on this object, and you acknowledge that it currently is not part of your physical reality. Feel the object and feel if you can sense if it is in the matrix of your physical reality. It will tell you if you listen.

And whether you can sense it is here or somewhere else, love it. Feel it, love it, appreciate it, feel gratitude for it, know it is a physical emanation from your energy, anchored to the physical with the orange light of your very being. It is yours. Where is it?

And then, make your sound. The channel, we use this word carefully, she uses a stick with bells stapled to it, a gift from a friend. And when she does the sound, the object will, if in the matrix, tell her where it is. It calls to her, and in this it stays “safe,” still attached to her energetically, and then she goes and claims the object.

But sometimes, the object is not in the physical anymore.

This is where we are headed, with our talk of miracles.

Sometimes, because of the plasticity of the realities now present, things which you are attached to do travel to non physical areas, and stay there. Sometime it is us, just wanting to get your attention, sometimes it is you being forgetful, sometimes it is just the way of it. Sometimes you open up a portal, so to speak, without even knowing it, and things just get sucked “up” easier. This is best to close, as there is just so much energy anyone needs to handle at any given “time.”  There are enough miracles for all.

Sounding a bell or a chime, and then stating your intention, that it really is not ok with you to have your stuff disappear, that this physical reality is important and must run as smoothly as you wish, and therefore, no more dimensional holes, no more sucking up stuff that is needed for a happy or easy life.

Then, you put down your bell, your chime, your gong. You stay with the sound and with the experience, and if the object does not tell you where it is in your reality, you understand you have just spoken powerful words about how you want this, your physical reality, to run, regarding this object.

And you consider it done. It will now return. It will show up “out of the blue,” it will be where you looked fourteen times, and you can consider it a miracle, if you wish, or another day in paradise, if you wish.

You see?

Sometimes with all the travel you are, many of you, are doing consciously, it can get a little confusing to the physical brain.

Any trouble with dizziness? Headaches?

May we suggest for the time being that much water be used. We encourage daily baths, daily showers, and much internal water. Food which has synthesized and loved the sun and turned its water into fruit, yes, this is a good food. Much water is very helpful. Flavor it if you wish, you cannot harm yourselves, you must know that by now…

And so our attention now rests within the land of miracles, our way cleared after this discussion of how to be a little less linear with missing stuff, a little, perhaps, more hopeful and empowered. We hope this is the case with you this day.

Miracles, they are your bed, your clothing, your food and your relationships. You must come to see it all as the manifestation of light, brought into a steady and perceptible form, for the purpose of expressing and coming to know unconditional, divine love, within a matrix which may push against this love in surprising and unusual ways.

This is simple, is it not, and as such, how can you truly look upon that which you do to keep occupied and not see the miracles there, just right there, littering your path with synchronicity and great good humor.

We started by telling you that this overlay of man doing to others and to the outside, this is a fundamental misinterpretation of the data, and one which has led to great suffering of mind and heart.

You are walking in the time of miracles, and you always have.

But how is this time different, you may ask, and we will tell you now, that by asking the question, you understand that everything is, now, different.

There is a plasticity, a pliability, of dimensions.

We end on this note.

The thought of hierarchies, dimensions, this sort of thinking is placing many at a grave disadvantage, one which is flipped on its head with a change in perspective. And so we share it with you prior to our departing, once again to remove our countenance and remain at bay, in the land where miracles are thought up.

Dimensions are metaphors for levels of permission that an entity grants itself to know more of its meaning and purpose.

It is ingrained within each entity to know themselves, but many become highly interested in the physical experience, which is an intense and sort of hypnotic one.

There is an element of hypnotism, or willingness, of amnesia, and none of it has one thing to do with a person’s morality, their worth or their goodness.

Some opt for this experience, to understand they are more than their skin, and that what is actually propagating the experience at hand is a spiritual source, one which is only hinted at in the physical, as you wish.

When the illusion of disunity is burned off, then what used to be true is no longer true, and an energetic milestone is achieved. Is this person, who opts for a different explanation of their very own reality, is this person to be revered? Followed? Worshiped? Ignored? Kicked? Disenfranchised?

This is the question that is buzzing around, and one you all know the answer to.

What if what shines from your eyes is seen today and it actively changes another?

Do not expect to have power over another, but expect that they will see something in you that neither of you expected.

Expect that the stardust all of you rub from your eyes in the morning time of your daily lives is indeed what is making your way smooth. You are living the dreams you are conceiving, and this is how we end.

Prior to channeling, the writer had a nice experience that we wish to discuss, and it is this. She had her hands to her face sitting on her chair, everything set so, just as she likes it, and the rituals were given to her and performed as requested. She sat there in the chapel of her mind, and knew that where she was, what she was doing, and who she had become were all very very good, and this is exactly the experience she knew was perfect for her at that moment.

It is nice when things line up like that and the entity is aware of the beauty of their creation.

This is a miracle, is it not?

We know what you are each capable of, and we anticipate a time when this level of discourse is more readily available to all of you. In the meantime, we leave you in utter peace, total harmony, a blessed union which none of you need question ever again, and we know you may, and we love you for this.

We look forward to the time when miracles are seen for what they are: Love incarnate, fun, explanations which encapsulate entire volumes, whole encyclopedias of wisdom, sometimes.

Look for them, these miracles.

They are in the fabric, in the weave, always have been, but you are beginning now to perceive that this is no ordinary garment you have on.

So be it.

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