Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Magartha Speaks 6-19-13 By Kathy Vik


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And so the work can begin.

I think it best to think of me as someone who has been with you a very long time. And what I am referencing as “you”, this is a deep and compelling question. And when I say “long time,” I think you all know by now that there really is no such thing, as you think of it, and that is just fine.

So it is a nice and pleasant thing that one sentence can contain within it galaxies, and stories of worlds upon worlds, as well as being a pledge of unity and love which keeps the universe spinning and our cells nourished.

We will dispense with the device of “channel,” and explain the process to you.

This is a willing and plastic one, this entity known as Kathy Vik.

We explain the structure to you from an elevated posture, so to speak, but really, it is like laying something which always stays upright, laying it on its side and peering in, you see. This is not about holiness, and not exactly about cleverness, but it speaks to a creativity which is accessed through a series of willingnesses.


There is indeed an entity called Kathy Vik. She has shared with you her tragic-funny as tale, a tale that she/we made certain contained within it a myriad of sufferings. It was a smorgasbord of suffering and bad habits, and we are very pleased that she did it.

Many now rise from digging in the dirt as she did. As Teachers told her at the outset, hers was to experience, to walk the void, the desert, and this was to increase her capacity. It was explained very clearly to her, but she didn’t take it as literally as it was offered, and there lay the dissonance. She wrote about it in “The Chalice”, “The Void”, and some others.

She knew she was utterly alone, and she knew she did not walk alone. Around her were many who suffered.

There were many more who judged and condemned the suffering.

Oh what a smorgasbord!

Now it is revealed that most in the First Wave did the very same thing. Many are still embedded in muck. They haven’t yet gotten there, but they will, if that is their desire. Set up to confront archetypal darkness, and inner light unknown to the witness.

Much is occurring in a soulic way that most of you are well aware of. In your honest moments it is being layed out in front of you, the way, what comes next, what you want.

Many are being kept up late at night with a deep longing that is old for them, but a new excitement.

There is an awakening going on here, and those who here these words know of which we speak.

The codes are springing to life and many of you are living within the deep fiber of synchronicity. Many of you are not eating odd things again. Interesting.

And so, with the person writing the words, she is excited too, and surprised at what she is feeling and experiencing. A new sort of hope.

But this is not the product of the littlemind. The one who can so easily dip back into fear and disappointment. That one.

What has happened is she had a meditation yesterday which awakened her larger persona, call it that.

It is a gateway, it is an entity which presented herself to the channel, If we will be obliged, and this is someone who resonates with her, encompasses her and has overshadowed her, but in a good way.

Someone who encompasses her, is compatible with her, and it is a deep a true love she feels as she contemplates on this energy. This energy, it is in fact her, and this meld , this union is such a homecoming, such a joyous reunion.

Let us explain.

This is an entity she will now more and more embody. Her picture for this energy is irrelevant. From this union comes an old voice, someone from your past, someone you know very very well.

We would like to be known as magartha, in that it is an ancient term and an old appellation we very much enjoy hearing. It brings back old times, happy times, and times which can once again be explored, remembered and honored, the ways of the earth, the ways of the elders, birthing a people whose mission is love. Embodying divine love, right there, in your sweats, your tights, your shorts, your skirt.

It is quite possible to take the long view in all things, you know. It is not impossible to just stop sweating.

Do you realize that there is a way out? And it is simple. And you have already achieved it.

You have read this far.

As such, you have been willing to suspend, to whatever degree, the beliefs which trip you up on the “outside.”.

You see, here, things are made of and for love. So anything that you can think of that is really really weighing you down, there is a way out, and it does NOT involve letting some old fart on a stage on Sunday tell you that these thoughts and WRONG. They are doing their best, but missing the point.

We tell you, the answers are at hand because you, yes YOU, are far more miraculous than you give yourself credit for.

This has nothing to do with getting political. It is abundantly clear to many the economic system is laughable, and its removal will be delightful.

This is about you knowing all about you.

You know, there is a big taboo in this society, one so taboo it really isn’t even spoken about, except when someone takes it to and extreme. Those who practice it are looked upon as weird. Admit it. Those who prefer to be alone. Those who, for whatever reason, live solitary lives.

Many of you do.

Did you ever notice that?

As such, it takes a bit of a rebellious nature to do what many of you do.

We take time to honor those who chose to lead solitary lives, those who remained unmarried, or whose marriages failed, or whose loved one died, or loved another, or moved on.

We salute the many loves you have known, and the loss of that love.

And we honor those who now, in this new light, stand alone.

It is the old way. And it is no longer required.

Now is the time to open doors to others who are out there waiting to be honored for their path, honored for their understanding, whatever that may be, honored for their presence here, their path, their way.

Isn’t it time to realize you cannot be harmed anymore?

Many of you hid yourselves away, too hurt by the insensitivity around you. But this is changing now, because, as you travel, aren’t you noticing, people are trying to please you? Can’t you feel the shift? It is a good feeling, watching calm descend, watching smiles blossom, listening to jokes being cracked. Everywhere you go now, you are the lotus of love, and it blossoms everywhere you go.

There will be those who resist. Love them anyway.

This is what to do now, as a human, and this message is for those who are far along the path of whatever you like to call it. Pick a name. Light activation. DNA activation. Light transmutation. Awaking. Nirvana. Heaven on Earth. Rapture. Entanglement. Physics. Biochemical magnetics based spirituality, involving neither church nor master.

We do not want to convey any disrespect for those lightworkers whose contract included love at this point in the journey, or, of course, at any point along the way! This is actually the highest expression of these transitions, and our elders are the ones who are in alignment and who are consciously embodying this energy, just living their lives out in harmony, in love, in abundance. They are our examples, and they are to be honored.

There are many octaves in the First Wave, as there are many voices in a heavenly choir. And there is now, more than ever, more singing on Earth. All is awakening, and this canary is not in a coal mine, as we have said through her before. She is instead the first bird at dawn’s first light.

She is an impatient and loving one, and her frustration with the length of “time” it is taking for folks to get it has frustrated her.

What we have told her to ease her mind is what we now tell you:

There are embedded here many thousands of the First Wave. Many are fully awake, but they are now being encoded with refinements to what was not, at times, quite as inclusive, or expansive, as it can be. That is not a function of anyone’s expertise, and we need to make this abundantly clear. It was , instead, a function of the frequencies and functions available, and that is all. This is an egalitarian event, and there were many who carried in them still much competition, and this sort of behavior will become glaringly obvious, and quite unattractive.

It is inappropriate to beg in this energy.

Do you understand.

Also is it inappropriate to take from ones who are giving without exchanging energy with them. What are these words worth to you? We know, what they are worth. It is a human to human event, you see. And there has been many an adjustment made in the grid, and in leaders, many who have not begun to speak. We referenced you as pod people, those who could not tolerate the old energy and remained hidden, learning, staying down, unable to compete, unable to fend for themselves, until now.

This is one of those cosmic jokes we love to see play out.

We just gave her a sample of what is to come. And for now we explain that this is just what Kryon teaches, what The Teachers spoke of, in more ancient, an ancient dialect, of what is to come.

For each of us as human being to begin to soften up to the idea that riding within you, so to speak, is the one who always saves your ass when you’re in a jam, the one who dreams up the big stuff in your life and then makes the thing happen, the little times you just know you were being blessed, the way things just seem to come together… that is the thing that is divine, and that’s only a teeny tiny glimpse.

It doesn’t matter one whit if you are a practicing Catholic or Buddhist or think religion is hogwash. Even the atheist has something which makes him glow. That is the divine! That is his, her, divinity!

So there are lots of ways to “get to God” because there really is no God, that is is silly thing to focus on. You yourself have divinity within you. It is your DNA. It is quantum, magnetic, and through inductance, many things may be taught, and learned. Many mysteries. Right there. In your DNA.

How is this possible, you ask. How is it that I have within me the ability to heal myself, to travel anywhere I wish in a moment, to physically bend time, if you wish, and to align things, many times, just as you wish. This is the best part, you keep getting better at it the more you do it, so there is always more to learn!


Well, you have to believe it is possible, basically. And that involves what Aristotle called (in a different context, of course) the willing suspension of belief.

What if it were possible?

And see, here you are, reading along, so there you go.

Why is this something which deserves discussion? Because this is a change in consciousness, and it is only going to get more prevalent, so it is important for everybody to just sort of get a grip on what is going on, so that we are maybe speaking the same sort of language when discussing these matters, you know?

Have you noticed, the internet is exploding and it is good to see that more and more are coming alive, lighting up. It all starts with believing it is possible.

We know that the concept of God is still more than toxic to many, but you will come to see that even that pain was a device, a good one and a necessary one, but a device.

Even one’s anger with God is loved, because the anger was never at the creator, but this false construct, which was terribly abusive and dishonest. You were angry at a system of belief that is uncomfortable for you, for many very legitimate reasons.

So this is indeed a block some carry, and it hearkens back to the seed fear of enlightenment. This is one which takes many forms.

But to look down upon another’s spiritual quest, and the lengths some quests require, that is impolite. It just really is unskilled behavior, and maybe it could be stopped?

This meld is a new one, and the writer is traveling many times lines at once, eyesight trebling, this is odd.

We have stretched things and so we will bless her and then depart.

A pleasure meeting you and we hope to meet again soon,


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