Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Application Of The Science Of Harmonics 6-12-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake CHANNEL — Application Of The Science Of Harmonics 6-12-13 By Kathy Vik

We wish to speak to you about the issue of identity as it relates to living within a world of varying levels of awareness.

It is plain now to many of you that there is a change afoot that everyone, absolutely everyone, can feel.

We ask you to think on this. The harmonics have changed, if we can be allowed to work with and perhaps redefine this term for you. This, in fact, is the best place to start.

We wish to explain what harmonics is, as we see it.

Harmonics is a science which explores the waves in a swimming pool. Can we put It more simply than that? The channel saw this two days ago, her son, of course the one to keep her mindful and had her look back, then lost interest, as she had gotten the point at that time.

You see, an action sets up a ripple effect. We can use the word energy for the matrix in which you are currently operating. Try to tease from it the heaviness from this word. It was used deliberately for the First Wave, and it is indeed the First Wave who mainlines this film.

Harmonics is the study of what that one action, that might seem like a whim if not mindful, this one action then goes out into the soup, the matrix, your reality.

In a swimming pool, in an empty swimming pool, this wave travels until it meets something it cannot travel through. “Part” of it, of course, does. But in this dimension, there is blockade, a barrier, and then the wave doubles back onto itself. This continues until the empty swim pool is then a moving mass of geometrics. Have you noticed that? It is possible to see the yantra in water. It is possible to see many things in moving water.

And this is, of course, because it too is “alive,” and conscious, as only water can be.

And when this double backing occurs, when the wave that was an intent, and before that, a thought, or an impulse or urge, and before that, a potential, hits an immovable barricade, harmonics occurs.

It is easy enough to do in a bath tub or a pool, in stillness and contemplation.

Imagine, now, dozens, hundred, thousands, millions, billions of individuals, all sending out waves, and encountering semi-solid matter which creates a resistance, and a disturbance of sorts occurs, all the intents, all the actions, and all the actions revisited on the original senders.

Look at the bath tub, look at the empty swimming pool. It is a physical inevitability that the wave, sent out, multiplied in complexity and beauty, returns to the sender.

The sender may be halfway home, and unaware of any of the reverberations felt.

The sender in sleeping, and still, what had been sent out earlier continues to be felt.

Let us be clearer now, as we are moving from a pristine, empty, and now still swim pool, bath tub or sink, and we move now to interactions between human beings.

First, we all must remember now, each human being is divine, it is impossible and a trick of logic to think that some people have “less’ divinity in them than others. Can you imagine such a thing? Gods sitting around, chatting about a missing God, gone to pee or have a smoke, the remaining gods discussing the absent one? Do they remark on the absent god? And if so, what is discussed? Surely, if discussed , the absent god is spoken of highly and reverently, right?

If this were the case, would those be waves that the other gods would be grateful or unhappy with re-receiving?

You see now that this is indeed a science, as these waves have consciousness, and have an effect on all they intermingle with.

It is a great cooperative effort, a dance of sublime love and deep reverence, profound stillness, ecstatic movement and sound, as it is perceived.

This is indeed something that is part of a new consciousness, and as it applies to you it is such: your stamp, your energetic signature, your Adam Kadmon radiates from you and interacts with all it co-mingles with. Your spread at this point is quite large, and gaining strength, clarity, wisdom and courage.

Courage, we say, is a found trait, one that is embedded within the trine of pride of self, pursuit of self and knowledge of self. Courage is a natural outgrowth, an outcropping, so to speak, from which one can speak one’s truth as an interested but objective observer.

This is an odd place to be, when most are hollering in the muck.

Do you recall what we said at the outset.

Consider this.

A great mud puddle, so deep that it is almost, but not just quite, consuming. And it is teeming with people. They are cooperatively struggling in this mud, and they are actually quite unaware of it, on a conscious level, and, of course, that is the problem, so to speak. The point is this: These people struggling so hard, every action so slow and cumbersome, each wave made one that is dull and dark, these people are also gods.

Imagine it! Imagine a collective, perhaps a work group, all in the same agreement filed, this is when to come to work, this is how to act, this is what to say to the ones who are not of us, you see, they are in an agreement field. And it may be quite muddy.

You see where we are headed with this.

Agreement fields are much like swimming pools, bath tubs, sinks, mud holes.

Agreement fields are what drive harmonics, or allows a beautiful, lyrical, poignant and pure species of growth, in how energies co-mingles, slowed down, slowed down, so far sometimes, they appear to have the stickiness and the clarity of mud.

A human being has the capacity to understand this and ever so much more, in blocks, all at once, received while, say, sitting under a tree, watching a bird. A human being can do this, but the human being is not in a vacuum, no matter how much of a hermit our healer or lightworker may be, oh just as secluded and boarded up as some of the richer folk, and many of the deeply frightened on this planet.

Each shut away, each quaking in fear, of the other, of the self, of God and of displeasure, anger, hate. Some are inculcated in and then spew it out. Gods, every single last one of them. If they beat their wives after a night of drinking, they are still divine.

Imagine this.

Just have fun with it.

Can you see a big guy, with a grocery gut, in a stained wife-beater, drunk once again.

A creator god.

The Pentecostal minister. The . The white supremacist. The guru. The reverend. The doctor. The hygienist. The garbage man. The felon. The ex-con. The postal worker, even the ones who have gone postal.

Each and every one of them, gods.

How is this possible?

How is it possible that Hitler and Judas and Bundy had the same amount of God in them as Gandhi and the Kennedys and King, Jesus and Yogananda and Isaiah, all of them, the same amount of God.

How is this?

How is it hat the dirty dealing and terribly dark stuff that is happening in the imaginations of many, with much evidence hidden, and this sort of fear grows like a bacteria, a dark loving bacteria,

How is it that a sexual predator has divinity, as does the innocent, the sweet innocent, forever altered from another’s inability to control appetite, how is it that they can be equally divine?

This is a planet of free will, of choice. Some choose to turn, and embrace a way that is in fact, now, growing ever more ephemeral and, dare we venture to say this, to those who have waited so long, but it is true, it is extinct. What you see now is balancing of an ancient equation, this old see saw, this walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

You, our beloveds, our timeless brothers and sisters, you fear no evil.

Do you understand how much power was hinted at, sitting there for you all this time. Ready to be read by keener minds, in cleaner energy, in brand new, clear and sparkling water.

Let the reverberations which emanated from you be of the highest love light and sound. Let your very presence be for the highest good of all involved, and in gentleness to all parts of all selves.

This, dear ones, is a prayer worth thinking on.

Many are now walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

Do you remember, those of you who started walking this path early, as hardwired as each of you were to one day be here, reading this, fully aware that you are a master, just now having the afterbirth washed clean from you?

We leave you, dear loved ones, family all, we leave you by telling you that this is the time to be at peace that what you are now moved to say and do is from and for a higher purpose. If you alarm others, and you are doing this in all honesty, grace and love, then so be it. Hold opinions that are not the norm. This is your way. It is your right. And we are aware that this group needs no reminders of the third. For those who do not know if they are a part of this project (but if you are reading, you have lent your energy and love to a dear one) the third is your responsibility.

And knowing such, knowing it in a way, now, that you may have not fully appreciated before, now we tell you that this is a mantle of authority. It is granted purely out of respect, and you will soon see that words said, which may surprise you at the time, are being said not for your benefit, but another’s.

We want to tell you something about this valley we have alluded to twice. Remember, this is a valley of THE SHADOW OF death.

It does not say, this is the valley of dismemberment, disfigurement and humiliation.

No, it is a valley of shadows.

Act accordingly. Just because something goes “bump” in the night, does not mean anything more than something just went “bump.” Sit back and watch what is assigned to the bumps which must, of course, come.

Interesting to watch the reactions, to catch the assignations of others. It will tell you all you need to know about a person’s progress. What do they assign to neutral events?

Blame, anger, hatred, jealousy, resentment, hostility, aggression, futility, passivity, these are low level vibrations, sluggish agreement fields. Where there is no acknowledgment of the self as (at least) a participant in one’s life events.

Watch for this. As the valley is traversed, as the clouds clear and light descends, events may start being assigned more neutral meanings, but this is just a progression. A valid and beautiful one. But there is more.

Imagine when you understand, loved ones, our brothers and sisters, let us remind you that this world is here for you. This earth is here for you. You are participating in a labor of divine love, and you have forgotten this, you have just forgotten, and that is all.

We tell a short parable to close.

We remind you of training wheels. Training wheels are a metaphor for mental habits, the wonderful experience created by finding balance within a groove, a body memory, a groove that many get set with the help of training wheels.

When thoughts are repeatedly thought with enough emotion, especially the sort of deep soul emotion many of you are feeling with these remaining engrams of personality, to borrow an expression, with permission of sorts, these belief structures, these repetitious explanations which are sometimes deeply flawed, just glaringly so, these become personality traits, for lack of a better word.

Although it would, for some, require mass UFO landings, or televised takeover messages, or being visited by a burning bush or an angel with beautiful, white feathered wings, what is true is that there is an awakening occurring which makes hiding the divinity within oneself more and more impossible.

Some fight it, in weird ways, seemingly disruptive ways, but this is as it should be.

All is in divine order here, and the only law in town is that of benevolence.

The aliens, if you like, or the ancients, as we prefer, are here, they have awakened, and they are enjoying activating. This is a process some have been in since before birth, ready in headlong ways to be here, right here, right now, awake and aware that everything is different.

We salute our friends, those who awakened to the truth of it early. Each of you have no fear, because you understand now that the valley is that of shadow, and that the shadow was cast down upon you by your own willing love, your own divine love, your knowledge of worlds upon worlds, and joy upon joy, being one, finally and forever, with the One from whom you came. So close, your very cells sing its praises.

We are welcoming more into the fold every day, and the energy is such that many are now coming to, so to speak, and need assistance.

Remember what it was like. Remember the terrible pain, and being convinced you were being extinguished, the pain has been great for many of you. And you bore it, as you knew you could.

The valley traversed need never be revisited, except when greeting those who are expelling themselves from its shadows.

There is no lesser man. There is no lesser woman. All are holy and all are to be revered as such.

Those who are deep in their not remembering may be in awe of you, and they may, of course, not take to you, but we assure you that it is safe to come out now. And you know this is true, loved ones, Chrsited ones, the First Wave of a planet of Christed ones, helping others, as they turn from they valley.

Your fearlessness shows the way. This may lead to a bit of rebellion and we wish to ask for restraint.

We wish to leave you on a harmonious note, reminding you again about our first love, harmonics.

Harmonics is a study, and a field the writer has long been associated. Esoteric, requiring much data assimilation. We are proud of her. Harmonics is the study of the effect of energy, to be brief.

What is important about the study is the core of its truth. As interconnected pulses of light, all is in harmony, and all, truly, is in divine order, a system so benevolent, so supremely beautiful that, of course, words pale.

So, this is the truth of harmonics. And so it can even be seen as a silly and pretentious science. It really can, and we laugh at the pomposity of it all sometimes.

All is benevolent, all is love. You are all made of love, and what you perceive is part of a system that loves you, reveres you, wants you to feel complete and whole and happy. Blissful. Satisfied. Excited. Passionate. Gratified.

These are the experiences we wish for you, and sending this energy, this knowledge, that these states are valid and real, as real and true as any state at all, this is harmonics at its finest, sent out from a heart of love and gratitude, stillness and warmth, to a receptive and loving environment which serves and bows and loves the giver of the signals.

It does not feel good, does it, to be insulted, put down, defamed? Betrayed? Not fun. But, is it possible that these are available only in an agreement field which accepts them as meaningful?

If such behavior is seen as insignificant, as perhaps unskilled and even bothersome, but in a pest-pesky way, not in the way many still know, even the writer, even this very day, yes, this sense that all is lost, that all is somehow lost, and even though it is seen as an illusion, at the time, it is just as real as any other agreement field.

This wobbliness, and the resultant erratic behavior, or unpredictable string of synchronicities which inhabit each of your days, this is to be expected, cherished, loved, greeted and laughed with. Joke with your mood swings. They will simmer down. Welcome anxiety as a friend, and if you wish, personify it. Make friends with these feelings.

Can you see now that feelings, emotional reactions, these are the by-products, so to speak, of a particular agreement field. Do you think you will be satisfied if you watch a horror show expecting to learn about penguins in Antarctica?

Harmonics is the study of how one’s own energy effects the perceived exterior. What we leave you with is the thought that it is quite a fascinating thing to watch, study, understand, how that which is perceived as exterior effects the self, the personality self, the emotional self.

Yes, you are all running very pure light, but, dear ones, the agreement fields alter the intensity and the magnitude of the light.

The agreement field which contains the emotional by-products, if you will, of honor and respect and trust and love, this is a field which does not react to fear.

This is your yardstick.

Find the other fearless ones. You are out there. You stick out like sore thumbs. Find each other. It will help immensely.

There isn’t an active ego in the group, so it will be a quick cohesion, one which will ever expand and cooperate and barter and share, no leaders, no government, just the fearless ones.

The amount of fear one holds toward one’s self and the other, this is how far they are along in the way, the path, ascension, if you wish to call it that, although we lean toward the term mastery. Understanding this is a mastery which emanates from the core. And it is fearless.

See the fear and love it into wholeness. This is how the others find their way out of the shadows, the fear of death tantamount to all.

Show how fearless you are, and this is a fearlessness, we just repeat for the fun of it, that comes come having embraced your fear, and loved it into your whole. You see it is a tool, an effective one, one you will always have here, but one that you are now in partnership with, another in a long line of problems solved.

We are glad to have this opportunity to language things which, if left too long in stasis, create a chafing, which requires action, movement, action to right. We are on a teeter totter, volleying back and forth energetic balls of light, streaking through the sky of the internet, and into some minds, we are gratified to see, and so we close.

A long and a perhaps overdue message, in that this is a good and fine state for the channel to reside. She went a little too long this time without nourishment. See to it, we pray, that you feed yourselves, with yourselves, every day.

Start and end your day in high praise, in exaltation for All That Is, and your beautiful role in it. Love yourselves, give to yourselves all that you love, desire, and do not skimp. It is no longer time to do this. You know this.

We leave you in love and remind you that all is well, you are deeply loved, and you are valued for all that you are, all that goes unseen, misunderstood or barely tolerated. No need to chafe.

No need to groan. The worst is over.

See the reactions, watch the choices, and know, know that fear, this darkness which used to strangle every living things, it is loosening, and a kind word, a humorous quip, a story you never knew you remembered, this will ease the way.

Speak when urged.

Hug when allowed.

Smile often.

Love Any Way.

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