Deeply Awake CHANNEL — The Suspension Of Disbelief 6-18-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake CHANNEL — The Suspension Of Disbelief 6-18-13 By Kathy Vik

We are gratified to once again be speaking to you, dear one, now, here, and we wish you to know that you are so loved. We are aware that these words have a hidden meaning for most, and it is true that the sensation , the inhabiting of the knowledge of love is as much a science as it is a goal or a seeming endpoint for seekers.

We wish for your friend to come to the fore and give love as only he can.

Prior to this we wish to explain this function.

The channel has struggled with this as much as the next person and so we explain.

Understand that once permission has been given, and by this we mean once willingness to see with eyes unfiltered with linear reality, this sets a stage upon which we may act.

Of course, the best way we have found is to explain that by your “setting intention,” we may make ourselves known.

Understand that this is a suspension of disbelief, what Aristotle, was referencing. One must be simply willing to imagine that theirs is not the only narrative running through their experience, and the act of suspending disbelief, and therefore suspending the inclination to determine whether something is “good” or “bad,” this is the state necessary for any communication.

We say this to you now, this is the stance to take with your brothers as well. This is the stance to take with sisters. Willingly suspending one’s own set of definitions. This is of vast importance. Not all human beings are capable of doing this without great ego dissonance. Know this and love this when you see it in your fellow travelers.

And with this, we are now of course willing to flood your heart, your fields, and your mind with your loving companion.

There was a lone tree on a plain. In the sunrise, it shone like onyx, and at night, it shone like copper.

This tree is one which is remembered, and was immortalized as the resting place of a dear friend, co-counsel, loved one, brother.

When the drama had run its course, and the chaos which had to ensue began, this tree stood out in our countenance as a meeting place, most holy, most severe, most singular in its reminders of our reason for our actions.

I reference the tree our friend Judas was said to have hung from, a sinner, they say, someone who killed love dead.

And I will tell you that this is a misunderstanding of the highest order, an act of polarity that will one day become one of contrition, of forgiveness, and of joy.

That events occur as a perceived series of events, this cannot be denied.

However, under, within, informing the moments preceding a physical event, there is great love, celebration and joy, when an energetic barrier is at once broken, all at once, and this sort of force does not happen without intention, and without others of like vibration, or willing to engage in the agreements afoot. It is a group event, a mass consciousness, finally manifested into physical events which are then open to interpretation.

Much can be explored with safety at this point, review of this story, of the passion play, but, more importantly, the work before and after.

It is true that the message crafted when the fish was young, this message is one which was delivered with intent and great precision. To assume there was one hair out of place, even with the interpretations made of those years in the desert, no, there is great honor in such interpretations.

There is no shame in attempting to understand a deep mystery. There is more shame in telling your fellow puzzler that they are doing their part of the puzzle in a way that displeases you.

Do you see?

The message was one of love, of self-acceptance, of watering the seeds of memory which are now flowering within the hearts of Earth’s Friends.

And now comes information far removed from the caves and soft times spent teaching and loving. Now comes the information, in part, which could not be spoken in such a restrictive time. Truly, many of the words were spoken, as you know, readers, but they were interpreted in the only way they could be at the time, but this was enough, it was enough, it was enough.

If it were well known that each of you are physically related to the other, and that the entangled state you truly travel in can neither be denied nor altered, would you begin to understand that unconditional love is not, in fact, a lofty but unattainable goal, but an obvious truth?

Dear friends, once it is clearly and forever proven to the linear mind that each of you are the ancestors of the others, and no one can therefore be truly seen as less than anyone else, when all see the other as a mother sees a dear son, a dear daughter, then, you see, peace on earth is not a goal, a dream, something to hope for, it becomes instead a biological imperative.

What will move you to give your remaining cash to someone begging for money? When you see that he is a dear brother, not the embodiment of you, but a true representative of your family, how will you be able to turn away?

This is the truth of it, and it is a simple truth, and an unbelievable one, but a comforting one, do you not find?

This missive ends with this question: You have all had the experience of loving someone, perhaps a family member, someone of your own blood, who will have little to do with you, or who holds contempt for you.

This is as it should be, simply because this is how things are yet, for you, and this is instructive. It is purposeful.

The response had been to hate that which one feels hate from. Hate, fear or attack that which is perceived as hostile.

And not agreeing, not liking, not seeing worth in all, yes, this is a hostile act, a hostile act toward self. as well as toward other.

The reaction, the choice, the decision to love, to forgive, to hold harmless that which presents as harmful, this is the mark upon each of you, and each is indeed of capable of such great love, but not all humanity, not all at once.

There are many now who will be interested in knowing that they are the Grandmothers and the Grandfathers of all the people they interact with.

There are energetic facts which cannot be ignored, which call out to be seen, understood and communicated.

If all wished to avail themselves to such information, channeled information, and great feats of creativity, would be readily available to all, in your media, in your workplace, in your home. And this is indeed possible, to have each and every moment seen and known as a divine manifestation of divine love, but not all are willing to think this way.

We remind you of the tree, black at dusk, alight in the dawn. A symbol of a great truth quickly and happily turned from, assigned an alternate meaning, and it must be said that this is neither wrong nor bad, neither immature or stupid. It was the only appropriate understanding available to a wounded and healing psyche. It was as far as humanity could go.

Judas, Jesus. Can you think of another pair, there in the world events, can you see these themes played out: betrayed and betrayer, loving and hating people struggling for dominance, for a sustained voice.

We say that all vibration is collective, and within this, individual. Each is responsible for their own meanings, their own interpretations, their own stories. Understand that each individual on this planet has a story, an explanation. Each one. Everyone has a way to make sense of their reality.

And how one finds peace within their construct is for no one else to judge.

Remember, though, family all, that you as the gentle people who cannot override another’s will, each of you whose lives are testaments to your unwillingness to alter another’s course by force, you who know now that you have come for a purpose which you have always known and always loved, you have come to see your family, your family, your family.

What a homecoming each day can be for you now!

How can you turn away in insecurity, in rejection, in fear, from your children? Can you see the need in their eyes, to know that they indeed have family as close as their very skin, drying their wet eyes, listening in bliss to their latest dreams and hopes.

Can you not see the beauty within this plan?

We are family here, and there are always those within a family who are at variance, energetically, with the main, and this is a dissonance that is simply an energetic fact. And in these days of flux, and change, and repositioning, do not fear. Do not fear. Your family, your parents, dear ones, they are as close as your skin.

Can you see within the plan how much love there is?

There are no punishers. There are no hierarchies. There are certainly no patriarchal societies. No. There is family. There are those who have the function of maturing one, of parent of maturing one, and the parents of the parents, and so forth.

There is only love, because there is only family. There is only intimacy. There is only, all around you, the physical evidence screaming at you, “You are one.”

And so, it must be said, finally and with great joy, your physical reaction to considering the Jesus story, and the other religious stories centering on one person’s awakening and resultant activities, is one of pulling away.

As part of the splitting off process, it was agreed that your clearest brothers and sisters were to be seen as holy, and the wish to attain oneness with them, not with their holiness, but them as people, there is a physical, dare we say magnetic, repulsion from, a revulsion for this thinking.

Please may we encourage you to drop this. It is an overlay you agreed to, to see other humans as holy, untouchable, and you yourselves have made it so, that to go close, in a familiar way, toward the Christ, toward any of the many manifestations of the Logos, of the Christed energy, is “sinful,” is “wrong,” is “perverse.” The myth of desecration and creaturehood as anything but an exalted state, requirng a consciousness to lead.

What is perverse about wanting to spend the rest of your days walking with your favorite grandfather, your favorite sister, as you walk your path? Where is the crime, it is asked, in wanting your family by your side as you encounter that which you have chosen to create?

The brave ones, the elders, you, have a comfort even within breaking this taboo. Many of you feel your heart lighten the very most when in our company, and we tell you this is a wonderful and beautiful thing.

As this occurs and your rules are broken, as you walk with me, holding my hand, or as you hold Shiva’s blue hand, or Mohammed’s soft, gentle hand, we ask you to shed any remaining shame you may feel about feeling so close to the Logos.

Remember, that which you can access, whether it can be languaged or not, is as legitimate as any physical thing you can touch. We assert, and feel the wave of relief as we say: only this love, only the love coming from your heart, from the heart of God, is real. Holding the hand of who you call saint, dear one, loved ones all, please understand the truth of this great dance is: as we hold your hand, we call you “saint.”

To close, it is stated that this love you will now feel flooding your fields, your love for those who are now and have been and will be in your awareness, you may very easily fall in love with everyone you encounter.

Understand this heartbreaking, celebratory and vibrant love was long ago sexualized, and it is this that has caused difficulty for many of you elders.

Hence many of your solitary walks. Many have chosen not to sexualize their love for humanity, and you are blessed for the purity of your work.

Oh, monks! To feel your groins burn, as well as your heart, for your beloved, have you known this fire yet? You will, you will, and it may overwhelm you at first.

Understand the great love you feel for humanity is being PERSONALIZED now, and this is indeed how your work is changing. Light worker, energy runner, healer, get personal. Feel it all. And, pray you, allow your love to gain footing, allow it its humble and sincere expression, and we tell you, let the outcome be one of love.

Love begets love.

Trust yourselves to know more love than you ever have, and to express it in ways you have not encountered as a human. Ever. Ever. Ever.

Hold in your minds good judgment. But remember, your path is a lighted one, and your greatest impulses may indeed be counter-intuitive to you. Allow yourselves to be channels of love, and allow yourselves the mature wielding of this tremendous energy.

We are broaching the next subjects, the next phase, but we wanted to give you a hint of what is to come.

And so it is.

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