Deeply Awake — And Maybe That’s Enough For Today 6-28-13 By Kathy Vik





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Deeply Awake — And Maybe That’s Enough For Today 6-28-13 By Kathy Vik

I tried to channel, and what came to me was very nice, but I found I just couldn’t do it today.

I do not fancy myself a full-on channel only. I like to think that what I am doing is becoming a full meld, as much as I can, and if channeling fits, so be it, if talking about 3d land fits, then I do that. I can’t box myself in, and consider all of what I write, when honest, and I don’t write when I feel the need to lie, is channeled, but some of it is so pure, so sweet, so clear… I really wanted it today, knew I could have it, so I settled down and tried, but it just was not to be…

Instead, the first thing that happened is I do this thing with my hands, I guess it is called a mudra, but when I do it, depending on where I place this configuration on my body, or on the gridlines, different feeling states and different energies are available.

So I did it over my belly, higher up than usual, and this is what I was given, what I saw:

A silver mist came up from my belly, and it seemed to be very benevolent. I asked it to speak, and it indicated it did not. I asked it to write through me, and it indicated that this was not its purpose. Then it seemed more like a person, but it really only ever was silver light, and it came from my belly, came from me, but I kept wanting to run the light, run it through my middle, or down and up, to complete the circuit, and it let me do all this, as it hung there, waiting.

Once I was done doing to it, it did to me. It let me know I should go with it down this way. I did. It was the boss, that much was clear. It knew stuff I did not. It had remained unchanged as I had tried to change it, improve it, personalize it.

And I found myself on a street. I felt really really good, and I could see, feel, all the set ups, all the meetings, all the potentials, coursing through that street, why I was on that street, what I was accomplishing, loving, thinking. I was happy, and I had a good thing going on, and I knew this was just a moment of time, a sliver, to let me see some other reality, one I wanted, one that was coming to me very shortly. It felt HERE already, while watching it. I liked it.

And this is what the silver mist explained:

Physical situations are energetic set ups. What you long for in your manifestations, all that is being longed for is the mental, emotional, spiritual state which would make such realities emerge.

Longing for an object, or holding onto any object in my mind is missing the point. To glorify an object, a career, an accomplishment, is to miss what it is which created the event. It is short hand, and it is acceptable, but it is a misinterpretation of the data.

What is desired, always, is not the physical reality, but the emotions behind the reality, as the emotional state is the clue to all the rest of it, the thought constructs, the quality of the belief structures, the soundness of the spiritual thinking.

So this is what I was told. To see situations as paintings, mood paintings, and to not get too hung up on the particulars.

The key to manifestation, so to speak, is knowing that the feeling state desired is to be felt as clearly and freely as possible in the here and now. To call over to me the things which I prefer, it is best, most efficacious, to continue to spend as much “time,” spend as much love thinking and inhabiting this parallel reality that is cooking up, feel the feelings, notice how people in your imagined world treat you…

Soak it all up and then project it.

Have lots of fun in uncomfortable situations, situations you do not prefer, right in the here and now, by conjuring up this preferred reality, its matrix, while in the middle of a current problem.

Call to this other reality, the preferred emotional state, you see, and integrate them, standing there, solving this current 3d problem, the one that is chapping your ass,.

Solve the problem with the other reality’s feeling state.

So that is what the silver mist told me.

The whole point to this was to ask them about my identity. I know I am a whale, I know that I run the lines with them, I know I am with them, and they are part of me. I know they are part of all of us, but I feel I know them. I can tell you things about them that would look like I was just pulling stuff out of the air, but I know that state. I am one of them.

So I wanted to know about that. I know they are Pleiadian, they are our oversoul, let’s just say I have odd thoughts about them I wanted confirmation for, because I feel like they are God incarnate, they are sainted and they are to be revered, and without them this whole thing could not go. I know all that, but I wanted confirmation, I wanted to know why this is so, and what it all means.

And instead, in meditation, once again, I am led to the Sequoia. I am railing, saying I want to know who I am, where I am from, just how old I am, what my role on this Earth is, all that stuff. And what I got next, in that frenzy of I WANT?

I saw one teeny frail white flower. Deep green background. One white bloom on a thin, tubular stalk, gently swaying. And then I knew. The flower was at the base of the Sequoia.

And so, as always, I became sap, liquid gold sun, alive and coursing through the portal that is this tree, and there I was, feeling like I was sipping tea with the Seven Sisters, so close to my top are they.

And then I was done.

So I do not know any more about my ultimate role and identity and purpose, not in any really obvious terms. I wanted to know about one thing, and I got another.

But this, of course, is the object lesson, this is the instruction set for the day, duh, I am being told, with not a whole lot of humor, I might add, sort of a sense of “Oh jeez, she is going slow at this today…”

So here it is:

I asked for my purpose, role, basically wanted to know the entire scope of my awesomeness, history, purpose. You know, the little things. And I got a flower. I got a tree. I didn’t even get to see a whale. I listened to the whale song I enjoy to play when I am writing, and I felt oddly connected to all of it, before snapping out of meditation.

It is as if on a certain level, it is all made out of the same stuff, so it begins to lose its focus, its sharpness or meaning, and it takes zooming in, somehow, focusing intentionally, to get some of the information available.

This whole thing is like looking at a huge gem for the answer, the meaning, and realizing that by looking at it whole, the answer is unavailable, and by looking at it up close, you can only take in one facet, one plane, at a time, but what is within one facet, one plane, speaks to, infers, contains, the essence of the whole, and each of the other planes to boot!

An amazing process.

So, I asked for all this stuff, and I got what was in the emotional soup for me to digest at this moment of my discovery path.

I am in love with this process, and I am in love with my Self, feeling peace, finally, with feeling peace, and allowing myself to imagine that what comes next is indeed just (!) a physical construct which is formed through and for and by the emotional and soulic desires I carry with me, here, in my imagination, in my heart, in my soul, in my eyes.

I can’t say in all honesty all the places I have been, the entities I am or have been or will be. I am responsible for this: I am here, in my sparkly shirt, smoking, and writing and wishing I did not have to go to work tonight. It is just another day, is it not?

But I go through each day now knowing that it is perfectly natural to know all I know, to want as much as I want of the good stuff, the esoterics, and to have my own little life finally make sense, because, honestly, that is really all I ever asked for.

That’s it.

For life to not hurt anymore.

And it really doesn’t.

And maybe that is enough for today.

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