Deeply Awake — Quiet As The Sun 5-9-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake — Quiet As The Sun 5-9-13 By Kathy Vik

Never have I written anything like what was produced yesterday (“Forever Friends Because Of Our DNA”.)

It is a crowning achievement, a synthesis, I think, of what I am currently aware of. It is a sliver, but the whole is contained in every paragraph of that massive tome.

I woke up today with a stillness within me that I have been unable to shake.

An awareness, an awakeness, not an edge, really, but definitely something new.

My first thoughts, they are always so clear, so obvious, so freaking obvious, that I never write them down. Why write down that which is encoded into my very body, is probably how the thinking goes, as I am once again getting expelled, spat up onto my bed, between my linens, thick with the musky smell of rest.

Today the thoughts were crystalline. Pure. And really, really solid. Super obvious.

I don’t remember any of them.

Something about how this is life now, something like, ok, now go. Do it. It’s easy.

But I do remember, before that first cigarette, before I got up to make coffee, I hung out and just hung with this new grid, this new awakeness, and I remember shrugging, and saying, “Well, ok then.”

It was very, very obvious from that sparkly vantage point that I need to call a few things in. That some of the reason my life is not chugging along is that the pieces now required are not yet embedded within the 3d reality. So call it over, call it over.

It had to do with a man. Seems this is what is next. Someone who is going to allow more doors to be opened, someone who will surprise me with how big I am invited to be, and never, in this relationship, is there the unspoken, “Um, hey, there, yeah, right there, um, can’t go any further. If you go further, it’s over…” That has been the story of my love life, and it was a very nice device, but now it is not necessary.

So I think a lot of that first thinking spell was just getting my head on straight.

I don’t even really remember what I called in.

Is that irresponsible? Nope, I don’t think so. What better place to order my physical reality from, but the place that is not quite real, and not quite home. I think it is a deliciously pregnant place to play.

So, I have had a very delicious day so far. Beautiful, loving phone conversations with my sister and with my friend, lots of essay review and Kryon reading and pausing.

I have been pausing a lot, all morning. Not to hear something or see something just there at the corner of my awareness, nope, and not with the intention of actually hearing anything.

And that’s where I end it today.

When Kryon’s message about how all of this works, and why things are the way they are, and what our task is, well, the chatter stopped.

But this morning, it is reverentially quiet. Yes, the radio is on. But the squawking and mewling and whining and crying and complaining and arguing and all that stuff that used to be the soundtrack in my head, it is gone.

It is quiet.

Yes the radio is on, but I just don’t sense a lot of other stimulation.

I don’t think I am in a bubble or unnaturally disconnected or anything like that.

Being used to chatter, it is clear that this is a different area of my mansion, a quieter place in my house.

I am at peace, and I guess I am writing this, even though I didn’t want to, even though this morning it came to me whole and happy that I never have to write again, now, that what I was meant to write all my life I wrote and posted yesterday, even so, here I am.

It’s to tell you of a very interesting phenomenon I have noticed, it is about this noise we all know, never mention, and have trouble hearing over.

I think a lot of ascension is just figuring out what is yours and what is every one else’s.

Is this anger mine? Is it yours? Is it justified? Is it not? Should I change my way of living, now that this thing has come to pass and my life is screwed up, or do I keep going? Oh what do I do?

See, I think that I am not unique, and that if I had this fog, this haze of confusion, strangling every good intention and happy thought I had, well, maybe others have it too.

And now that the noise is off, I can see the value of a life lived not worrying.

To not worry means to not get hooked by the barbs every anxious thought has sticking out from its hard, shiny shell. If you know that a thought is silly, can it bother you?

If I know that I, me, my awareness, who I am, is not subject to death, how afraid can I be? If I know that my conflicts come to me in order to help me figure things out, in order to feel real deeply, sometimes, but always to discover mercy and gratitude, how anxious can I be about the appointments I have scratched into my day planner?

Do you see?

If I do decide it would be fun to hold all sorts of fear around something, let’s say I want to get all worked up about my housekeeping, or severe lack of it, then it is a guaranteed trip into the many, well known, well loved rooms of chaos I lived in most of my life.

I could do that.

I really could. It would be easier than having a dream, looking at my pile of laundry and deciding to launch into a blistering diatribe about all sorts of things, my parenting, my bad budgeting, I could, I used to, every day, month upon month, stretching over these last few years.


And now, all I see is clutter that will take some time and care to unclutter, but, really, what else is there to do?

See the difference?

And maybe that is why I write this. To keep it real, to keep stitching this stuff right into my clothes, the ones I love and wear every day. Just keep stitching, keep making it real, keep hailing it and welcoming it and finding places for it. At least that’s what I think.

So, now, here is the end, the last farewell to my friend, for another day, or maybe just a couple hours, or maybe the words won’t get written for a week. Doesn’t matter. They are always on time, and you, my reader, are, as always, the diamond in this pretty ring I have on my finger. You make something very beautiful more brilliant, more special, more entrancing.

I read through the posts of a group of awesome people who have adopted me.

One of them write a post this morning that she just heard that we have had 33 solar flares these last three days.

Walk with me.

Here in the stillness the cosmos seems to have cooked up for our enjoyment, let’s just take a moment and think this through.

33 – That’s the Christ number, the master teacher number. It is a very very holy one, the number that symbolizes all we strive for as human angels here on earth.

I had a dream about a year, year and a half ago, it was vivid, really real, felt like my breath had been knocked out of me in the dream, and upon awakening… I’d won the lottery. All of it was mine, and it was 33 million. And it was so real, this thing. I can remember being just so overjoyed, and I felt such immense relief and love, such love. And I was all excited, because now I could help everyone be happier in their daily lives.


Thirty three solar flares.

I don’t have any sort of cellular confirmation, but I have a few hunches about the sun. I think our sun is like a hologram for The Great Central Sun, which, of course, is us, it’s God, it’s The All. And suns are there to feed creations with holy light, which is what the creations are actually made of.

And the sun we have, it is some sort of recording thing, some sort of plasmic being who is in cahoots with the whales, I think, and it’s all magnetic and vibrational and tons of fun, but the sun responds to our soulic changes, not the other way around.

See, I think the sun is a big recorder, and maybe not an initiator at all. I think there are other things spurring on the energy, but I always see the sun as a mirror, really, not passive, no, but its role, I don’t think is to change anything. It’s to support and to love. Maybe Gaia and the Sun are paternal twins, I don;t know.

But thirty three solar flares.

And in three days.

Now, I don’t know about you, but ever since, I think it was the 27th of April, my skull has pretty much been blown off. I am not who I was on tax day.

Kryon says three is the number of the catalyst. Three symbolizes that which is not altered, but which alters all it encounters.


Thirty three solar flares in three days.

I think it is wonderful fun that we are not subtle anymore.

It’s great fun to see it happen, and not need subtitles.

And still, there are those in struggle and in strife and in pain and fear this day, and I know that is no fun. None at all.

I just have to say, I think that having one more big soul on the planet now who really cannot get behind this fear thing at all, just is unplugged and unaffected, that is how I feel, and I will bet you are feeling it too. Isn’t it awesome, not fearing? It’s really fun.

But it takes practice.

What do you do with the vacuum created from the absence of anxiety, or fear, or the nagging things your brain has gotten used to having poke at it?

What do you do?

Just stand back and watch.

I can’t quite remember what it was, but it’s gonna be great!

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