Deeply Awake — I Am Ready 4-26-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake — I Am Ready 4-26-13 By Kathy Vik

I am writing this to you as a sort of introduction, I guess, because my posts now will still be under the Deeply Awake umbrella, but I am going to write an Everybody’s Ascension Tool Kit. Very practical and very simple, but very powerful things that have been lab tested. Smiley face.

But I think that before this starts, this random, freestyle Deeply Awake needs to be given one more lap around the track.

I think I have a couple of thoughts that are sturdy and pretty and brief enough to share with you, and then I am gone for today. I will keep in mind, from now on, that everyone is pretty busy these days, and shorter blogs are nicer to read.

This blog, Deeply Awake, this has been a year’s writing which has actually has more purposes than is immediately apparent, but one of the reasons I did it was to explain to myself, in no uncertain terms, listing and enumerating within my day to day reality, the many many ways that, yes, I am ready; yes, I was hardwired for this; yes, it is all real; and, yes, I will ascend this lifetime.

My training was never theoretical. It was for my now. Yes, the shift is indeed happening now.

That’s all this has been.

I am able to happily state that I am a brand new kind of normal, and there is not one thing that could keep me from what comes next.

This journal has been one of proving to a scared little girl that she is, in fact, a woman. It has been a time of recounting every miracle and putting it in its place.

I know what comes next, and what is stretching out in front of me is the only logical conclusion to a very odd life, a holy life, a sainted and disturbing and disturbed and forever, now, peaceful life.

What I have found I will never again forget, and I will happily and forever explain lovingly, patiently and clearly. The information deserves nothing less.

I can tell you what DNA activation feels like, because I have been living, consciously, with light transmutations since 1992. I can tell you what it is like to have electrified, all lit up chats with your higher self, because I have had them. I can tell you that we are all, in reality, made simply and only of consciousness and we glow and we are here because we love each other so much, I can tell you all of that only because I have lived it and I know it to be true.

There is nothing wrong with making every and any attempt at talking with your DNA and beginning the ascension or activation or transmutation process. The Earth and stars are conspiring to make it real for you.

What I was doing voluntarily back in the 90’s is what each and every person you meet today is going through now, but most do not know just what the heck is going on. That is why people are going off the rails. It is a difficult energy and a difficult change to cope with!

The other thing I must say, is there are a lot of people out there, anymore, who have some DNA info, and they are going around, maybe even willy-nilly, teaching this stuff.

Now, that is good and right, and we are unable to harm ourselves when we go forward with this stuff, there is no way we can harm ourselves with this knowledge, but some of it is just too advanced for the begninner. It isn’t fair to hit someone with how we were seeded 100,000 by Pleadians, if they have no willingness to consider that reincarnation is a possibility.

So, there are folks out there very willing to “activate your DNA” for a very sweet price. Maybe they’ll have machines and maybe they won’t but the marketplace already has a few of these folks hanging out.

So I just want to say to you, your DNA knows when it is being spoken to. It is in charge, nothing else. So, ask your practitioner if they believe they have activated THEIR DNA. All of it.

Ask them some questions before you give them permission to go mucking about in your holy of holies. All I’m saying, is, ask them if they have attained ascension status. Tell them, verbally or with your eyes, that there is only one naughty thing anymore, and it’s lying about this in order to fleece someone out of their money.

Then let them, or don’t let them. But if their answer to your upfront honest question does not square with you, don’t do it. Not out of fear. Out of respect. But know, if their intent is pure, even if they are not ascended, they cannot hurt you, cannot derange that which is un-derangeable. You are safe, and once your helpers know you have an interest, WATCH OUT! You will get what you want.

Just don’t make the mistake of assuming the person who handed you a key is the key master. That would not be wise. You are surrounded by helpers who want you to realize your own power. Is it fun for you hanging out with “healers” who think they know more about your body than you? Ha! You are both in the matrix.

Your DNA is the way out.

I want to mention two more points and then I am gone. They are about the reality chair, and about weed.

The reality chair is a thing that David Wilcock talks about. It carries the handle “Lookingglass,” I think. It’s in his youtube video on 2012. Anyway, he talks about how “the government” was able to, in essence, create an external Merkahbah.

There is a movie, by the way, that shows you what an external merkahbah looks like and behaves, and that movie is “Contact.”

Anyway, these government types all took a ride in the chair, and one by one they report that as they reached 2012, “the time lines merged.”

What Wilcock deduced, quite understandably, was that all our CURRENT potentials merge, and we then live just one probability.

He didn’t take it far enough, wasn’t outrageous enough.

The whole point to this merge is that past, present and future merge. They become one. What are you if you are not temporally based? What are you if time does not apply to you? If both time and space have become irrelevant to you? You’re multidimensional.

So, there’s that.

And then, a thought on what I saw today on youtube from Bashar. He was asked about medical marijuana, and his response was packed. Two minutes of amazing truth.

He said that this plant was indeed a gift, and when ingested, it is meant to assist you to reach just below the template level of reality. This explains why some of my shocking experiences have been when already high. It’s just easier to pop up, even higher, when you are already high enough to become aware of your planning.

This makes a lot of sense.

It explains all those stupid conversations you had in high school and college, thinking about how money is really just green paper, on and on and on, all those conversations, all those aha moments. Yep. Template reality.

Bashar goes on to say that the idea behind the plant is to assist you in reaching that vibrational signature, and once familiar with it, then it is possible to pop there at will, without the plant.

He advised getting entangled, getting in that space that the plant has given you, through imagination or meditation, just reach back and feel it, imagine it, and then talk to the plant. It will speak to you and help you to learn many things.

So I think that is a very nice confirmation, a nice explanation of the mechanics, and I appreciate that.

Someone Dolores Cannon hypnotized, when they were high enough to contact their higher self or “SC” as Dolores calls it, and the SC said that marijuana was a gift from the galactics, and it is here to assist in all aspects of human endeavor.

It is a living friend, and it is proof that we have been assisted every step of the way. Then the SC, with the human in trance, drew a little picture of it, just so there would be no confusion. It’s maryjane, sitting there, drawn by someone’s SC. Dope. Flower. Our friend, it turns out.

No wonder we first-wavers like it so much. And thank God for our younger brothers and sisters, our second wavers, the twenty and thirty year olds who came in not quite as convinced as we were that these rules we function under are mandatory.

Thank God for our young ones.

So, this is how it will be playing. I realized, sitting on my bed having one of the monologues that settle and quiet me, that I am indeed ready to be what many will have to say is a conscious channel. OK, you can call me that. But I have done this ascension thing, and I know my way around a psyche, and I only want to help.

I can do readings with Tarot, but I will always let people just ask questions, the once with relevance and poignancy and trouble. And together I just bet we’ll be able to sort it out.

And then I take a look up again, and realize just what it is that I am saying.

I am saying that I am confident that if you come to me with a problem, together the two of us can come up with an exalted answer that will help everything just glide into place better.

Yep, I can do that.

And so I will, and I am ready. It’s all laid out now, in front of me, lit up and clear.

I will start just where I am and know that this is the point of power. In my present. It really is right now. That’s the only place where I can truly and easily touch the divine. Right here, right now, painted nails tapping quietly across a laptop keypad. This now. Right here.

So I am ready for the next step.

Then I got up from my bed, made some coffee, and waited for my son and ex-husband to come to the house and gather things for his weekend away from me.

While waiting, my ex-husband and co-parent very quietly and lovingly announces that he has gotten engaged (YAY!) is expecting to relocate to the East Coast, way out to a dinky little place by the sea, come the fall. Wow!

And then, after learning that, I opened my front door and found a letter reminding me that very soon my lease is up and I really should start thinking about what comes next.

Yeah. Just like that.

Wake up realizing that the next step is indeed RIGHT HERE, and then BAM, “Guess what, I am engaged and relocating,” (to which I danced a jig of happiness!) and “Ooh, we checked our records, and you might want to think about this whole moving thing.”

I close with the thing my teachers used to tell me, with a wink and a nod. They said it often, and it stuck.

Yesterday, they called it “coincidence.”
Today, they call it “synchronicity.”
Tomorrow it will be known as “skill. “

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