Deeply Awake — Excerpt From “Know Thyself” 4-30-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake — Excerpt From “Know Thyself” 4-30-13 By Kathy Vik

“Because You Dared To Love…”

The last of the puzzle pieces fit into place, and my light up puzzle is pretty much done. Yes, there is always more, but it will not involve pain, suffering, strife. Challenge and breaking barriers take a little bit of nerve from time to time, yes, that’ll be fine, but it’ll be about seeing how far I can go now, how imaginative and inventive but authentic and real and down to earth I can get.

That’s what it is all about now. Walking this earth every day just as plain as mashed potatoes, a revolutionary, a master, a saint, sitting there contemplating what sounds good to eat, and how nice it would be to have a smoke. That’s me.

Nobody has to know now. The rest is mine. I shared the struggle because I had to check my reality out, I had to chronicle what I was afraid might just be my final descent into mental illness. But, most of all, I always knew what the mission was. Always. The Teachers had explained all about it. I had to stitch this love into the earth.

That’s something The Teachers told me. When love, like this, like the kind you hold for a child, a loved one, a teacher, a dog, when this sort of love is felt, but it is felt also inside yourself for yourself, and it’s appropriately and respectfully acknowledged and given gratitude, and thanksgiving, you actually are stitching this love right into the earth, right where it happened.

And forevermore, that love energy will be there, radiating, giving eternally.

It just is, and it’s because you dared to love.

The more of this we experience, the more you can have these experiences, the more love everyone can enjoy.

So, give it and speak it and show it and demonstrate it and find a way.

Love them any way.

Find a way to smile. Find a way to break the tension. Find the absurdity, something you can both agree is just ridiculous, about your current situation, something silly and, yes, maybe even poignant, maybe a lot poignant, but funny and an obviously shared reality. Comment on it. Laugh. Start talking.

And moment by moment, you stitch that love into the earth.

Do not be deceived that the only way to do this is with another. That is a lie, and one that will maybe even slow things down for a time. Conversations are a stitch. This love and this expansion that you read on the page, these are whole garments of love. And when you engage in reading this, we are, the two of us, giants in coats of many colors, stitched for our comfort and delight, we two dancing on the continents like they are lily pads, laughing and singing along, and finally knowing that it never has to be any other way.

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