Deeply Awake — Delight And Sunlight 4-27-13 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake — Delight And Sunlight 4-27-13 By Kathy Vik

As things change for you, your gut will probably have a lot to say about it.

I will tell you what happened to me, knowing full well that I am just one example, and your road will be different.

It know it seems odd, but I found out later that my digestive problems began on the night one of the Mayan calendars expired, in October of 2011. Anyway, I didn’t know anything about the Mayans that night. All I knew is that, strangely, my poop had turned into very smelly, insistent and ugly pee.

For nine months I couldn’t eat or drink anything without a very ugly, smelly, embarrassing explosion.

I was told, while entangled, that “they” knew that I was in a pickle, and they helped out.

Less than 9 months from the start of those troubles, I weigh more than 100# less than I did that fateful night in October.

I asked my son, one day when it was all still new, this skinniness, if he could tell me if I was acting differently since Christmas.

He thought about it, cocked his head, and said, “Well, yeah, Mom. You pooped out all of your anger.”

Along with this I had some cardiac things happen, but during it all I got off all my meds (I loved pills and used to rattle when I walked!).

But it all started with pooping out my anger.

I have had less dramatic light transmutations, less dramatic.

I tell you what happened to me because I think it is important for you to know that when your body finally decides to take off and renegotiate your contract, you may feel a very deep message that medicine men are not necessary, and I am not dispensing medical advice, I’m just saying what I have always, always, always known: the body is built to live, to survive, and to be safe. You are safe. If your body has taken over, it is not the enemy, it is your long lost friend, and it would like to have a chat.

Anyway, light mutations don’t usually create such a big disturbance in the field, but they do disturb your daily life.

Many lightworkers are fat, and there are many reasons for this. Fat people are unprotected hated folk, and it is culturally acceptable to think on them as lazy, ugly, undisciplined and immature. So if you have donned a fat suit, know that you are doing a number of very helpful things for your fellow man.

Not only, as a fat person, are you removed from the collective insanity which passes for “love” between two people these days, but in any group you will probably be seen as ineffective, not a leader. Your body will naturally invalidate what you are.

It is an interesting conundrum.

But there is other stuff going on, too.

Fat cells carry more light. You need fat to carry it easily, because it holds a charge, so to speak. So, fat people are also some of the more advanced in the group. The shamans. But not able to claim their power. Interesting.

So, if your body is currently fat, consider that maybe you are holding a whole lot of light.

How do you lose weight, now that you are aware of what your body is doing for you?

First, do not judge your current diet. If you are now living off of Diet Pepsi and Dove Chocolates, it is cool. You do not have to change. You are doing it for a reason. The reason will be removed, and then the food will not be interesting to eat. Easy.

So, don’t do anything crazy. Just add a little bit of sunlight.

We eat for the sunlight. Did you know that? And you have to eat a lot of Dove Chocolates to get sunlight. A lot.

So, just add an orange. Or a salad. Something that has a lot of light within it. See? Easy.

At this point, I eat when I want to, and sometimes I am a real piggy, but I will tell you, I go days without eating. At least I did. I have been yelled at lately that things have once again changed and I am to eat and drink more for a time. So I obey. But really, there were weeks when I ate twice a week. I would drink smoothies sometimes, and I drank water and coffee, but food, I just don’t see it as mandatory.

I have heard that we are to get to the place where it will be normal to not eat or drink, unless we feel like it. Yep.

So, start with not hating your condition.

Here’s the thing.

It didn’t really come to me whole until I had pain, searing, stop-the-world stomach pain, when I drank water or ate anything.

When it first started, I decided that this was an opportunity. I would use this as a time to completely disconnect from the way I had been eating, and what I had been drinking. I stopped eating Dove Chocolates. I stopped drinking Diet Pepsi. And I only did it because, when I ingested them, I hurt so bad I thought I would die.

OK, so everything hurts to eat. I can’t drink without problems. What do I do?

I started to eat and drink only that which was so pleasurable that it was worth any inconvenience. I only ate that which I loved.

And guess what?

I am now a Delight-arian. I eat only that which delights me, and I stop taking it in when it stops being delightful for me as a person.

Ta da.

So sometimes I eat steak and sometimes I do, indeed, eat me my Dove Chocolates, but it’s all about delight, anymore.

Start with something that delights you. Something that has some sunshine in it.

I will talk more about the body, a lot more, because it is important that we come to some peace with these amazing vehicles which have done little but hobble us so far. We just don’t know how amazing they are quite yet.

So, delight. Sunlight. Drink a smoothie if eating solids just feels gross or overwhelming. Have some fun with it and mix it up. Your body is just waiting for you to love on it a little bit, love it and delight it and celebrate inside of it.

I am going to work, and I’ll be eating just a little bit of sun, not lots, but I will do my job so very happy that I told you about this.


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