Deeply Awake Poetry — Had I Not 11-5-12 By Kathy Vik


Image result for playground swing gif


Had I not been over there,
I would now not be here and
Had that occurred here, I would
not have known myself over there.

And so it goes,
around and around they
never told me it
would be like
Around I go and
nearly flung off a
time or two around
again and
here we go come
to a stop


Overlooking this green park,
spent, arms dangling from the
metal rods of the whirly gig

Letting the sweat drip down, darkening the blue stripes in my sweater,
My feet are hot, my side itches, I wish I had sunglasses, I am thirsty.

Listening to the birds hollering at each other,

Watching the swarm of ants near my foot as they do their gatherer dance

clouds tamping down our native excitement,

sun comes out again, heating it all up, cooking us one and all in the

curious light of mid-afternoon.

Had I been late for that appointment,
Had I taken the time to listen to messages this morning,
Had I not made that second bathroom stop before the news came on the radio,
had he not asked for a date and had
she not said yes and had
I not been willing and had
all my friends not shown up and had
these jeans been in the dirty clothes and had
you not been at home that day,

Would I be here
right now
twirling on an old set of retired park equipment in
this park on
this day at
this hour

Leaning back,
looking at those clouds, right there, no, right over there, see?
And be thinking of you,
deep in the eye of this now storm
quietly and
tenderly thinking

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