Deeply Awake – Our Leaders October 21, 2012 By Kathy Vik

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I spoke with my dad this morning about this presidential race. He is 75, highly astute politically, and has an uncanny ability to call out falsehood and affectation.


He said that Romney reminds him of when Hitler was voted into office by Germany. There was desperation and retribution in the air, which Hitler seized upon. He’d promised prosperity. Some of the Germans knew prosperity, and they became part of the war machine.


He said if Romney does get in, we will have a certain kind of prosperity, because we will have perpetual and amplified war. He said our leaders are puppets, and each bring their own kind of trouble.


It takes consummate liars to trick a population. Imagine, however the insanity and the cruelty inherent in requiring your victims voted on this treatment, just to keep it tidy and legal. But, I think that it’s easy to do if you are filled with venom for your fellow man, thinking of them as inferior or separate. Then it is easy to justify inhuman behavior, saying it’s “for their own good” making you doubly dangerous.


I think we have a choice between willful incarceration, or the slow, shambling walk of a crippled and terminal empire, so filled with disgust for the governed, that nothing short of ignoring it all will make it better.


I will not opt out of voting, “send a message”. The days of silence as strength are long passed.


When Reagan came in, I was so depressed. I saw the country’s heart turn cold and small, and all around me were people who felt permission, finally, to feel disdain for the ones in this world who struggle and, upon struggling mightily, fail miserably.


That was the beginning of trickle down.


It was the beginning of people believing the lie that more is better, scarcity is bearing down on our very survival, and competition is the antidote for it all.


And then came Reagan’s soulic successor, W., so bought and sold was he in the web of deception. When he stole the first election, we stood by, with placards, lining the avenue in a profound day of shame, his first inauguration.


But the re-election? Probably stolen, but look at how many of your neighbors had by then gotten on the fear, war, hate, prejudice, degradation bandwagon.


We all saw the polarization deepen. Mention of it, in those days, branded you a traitor, unAmerican, a troublemaker, crazy.


And now see the trebling of this awful power, the candidate who will tell anyone anything to curry or bestow favor. An obvious paper tiger, and yet, in its midst we tremble.


I do not know if Obama is an old soul, working in the light. I do not know what silences him, why he at times speaks in falsehoods, and and I don’t accept that he must bed the rapists of his people to gain meaningful power in this country.


All I know is that they are both playing out a drama fit for the big screen, one of lies and betrayals, secrets and hidden agendas.


I believe that humanity is struggling to heal from a now fulminant infection of thought and heart. Trained and obedient, now, to only listen, never to feel, the lies are digested whole. Their purulence has released, over time, the cancer throttling a once gentle and kind people. No one alive on this planet is unaffected by this horror.


The thing is, Romney is a device, as is Obama. We are creating them as they are creating themselves. They are symbols of the cancer we have allowed to grow for thirty years.


Nothing short of us waking up en masse will change this system. My choice lies only with whether I want to stick around if the unconscious allow in office someone who is not worthy to teach them a Sunday school lesson he’ll no doubt phone in.



This year, mine is a pitiful ballot.


And yet, this time, I will vote. It is a system in which I find myself entwined. I will not split the vote this year. I will vote for a party which, at least in their propaganda, say it wants to help poor people rather than punish them, and which affords less of a probability of enshrining to “the highest court in the land” more advocates for the killers, rapists and thieves among us, governing us, suppressing us, and daily, now, encouraging us to wake the f**k up.


I have no illusions. Monsanto and Goldman Sachs, the Rothschild’s and other parties as yet unnamed run this show now, because we let them. We believed their lies hook, line and sinker, tried on their lifestyle and adopted it as our own. Willingly, it seems, we let their values become our own, in the bizarre mass hallucination we have been working on.


And when the curtain is finally drawn back, and we see who/what these folks have been getting their marching orders from, when we see how metastatic this infection is, we might want to give up the ghost. There will be shocks and thrills and spills.


There will be upheaval, disruption, loss and renewal.


But it will be voluntary. As voluntary as if you dash into the street to scoop up a tyke who has wandered into traffic, or decide to run into a burning house to rescue your cat. It will have to be done.


This great farce is available for your consideration, your consumption, at any moment. Filled with half-truths and illusion, hinting at reality, encouraging you to stay asleep, keep dreaming, and don’t even consider misbehaving.


I have a hard time believing that the problem is with these two men up for high political office. The problem lies in every person’s heart who does not have compassion for the immigrant, student, widow, worker, mother, father, son, daughter, the prosperous and the lame and the blatantly self-destructive among us.


Until we understand in full that we are, have been, and will be these people, that we are responsible to address their suffering as it is were our own, we will remain lost. We will be living in untruth. We will, in essence, be functioning from the false assumption that what happens to one does not effect all.


It is silly to think we have functioned like that for so long, because it feels so good to stop.


Hitler was a man from another era, but he illustrated great truths, fierce and indelible lessons in intolerance, hatred, greed, self-loathing, self-destruction, hubris, sadism, masochism, indifference, and industry in which the ends are held higher than the means.


This mechanistic way of life is finished, at least for me. I will dip into that corrosive lake when necessary, and I will remain untouched, but left with a sadness. Left shaking my head and wondering how it got this bad. How did it get so crazy?


In the early 1990’s I was told that some planet, I think it was Jupiter, had come into a position which will make lying impossible. The planet’s effect would escalate, as would the contrast between light and dark.


I was told I had not seen anything yet. I was told to get used to the lies you do not want revealed having a high probability of being exposed. I was told that it behooves everyone to act as if the walls of their house are glass and not lead. I was told good information for the years to come, these years, these days, now.


Further, I was told this is the consummate trickster energy, prone to big showy flourishes of “A-ha! I told you so! Voila!”


So let the games begin. I am detached. I want it said that I do not see Reagan, W., Romney or Obama as evil or bad or needing punishment or incarceration. Their behavior has always been right on time.


Their behavior allows us to reflect upon how little respect and love we have decided we are all worth.


This election is shabby and ugly and embarrassing. Very engaging and scary, full of surprises and false hope. Such is the way now. We are playing out a wonderful drama.


I hope I can tolerate all this wonderfulness.




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