Deeply Awake — Election Day 11-7-12 By Kathy Vik

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Today is the day. This is it.

By tonight, God willing, we will know what to expect, from which bag of tricks our political future will try to be pulled from.

What if the frightened haters of this nation elect Romney?

I believe that, due to all the hateful speech and behavior, that Obama is going to win, and that Romney will only be elected if there are voting irregularities. Last night I saw news indicating we need international voting officials to officiate.

We have lost our way, and voters are stuck in long, long lines. Democratically held precincts, mind you. Such dirty tricks!And let’s not forget that 18 of our 50 states have abandoned exit polling. Eighteen states up for grabs.

I had promised myself that if Romney gets in, we are moving to Europe. His America is not my America, and I will bow out.

Now, I am not so sure.

What if Americans feel the need for four years of deep constriction, in-your-face disrespect, big, big government, telling you when and where to protest (that is already in place, actually)… Romney will just turn the heat up on all the craziness, all the contrasts and duality. It’ll be bad, it’ll be chaos, it’ll be another slow, sad march to war, on anything that doesn’t behave, anything that doesn’t increase the bottom line.

That’s what I think.

And I want to say something about Obama’s lightworker status. Romney’s lightworker status, for that matter.

As I have said previously, I think these men are nothing but symbols, giant projection screens, and the real story resides in the volunteers, the die-hards, the casual on-lookers, the voters.

What are WE going to decide? What does your neighbor think about legalizing weed? What does your boss say to four years of Romney? Where does your mom stand, your neighbors?

These guys are doing us a favor, playing it loose and large. They are good projection screens, faithfully saying outrageous, untruthful and uplifting things, pointing out problems, suggesting something like solutions.

Obama as lightworker. This is a tricky one.

Of course he is, of course. So is Romney, hard as that is to swallow. They have both offered up themselves for our benefit, for our emotional benefit. And as such, they deserve credit.

I know that the whole Jesus/Judas/Pontius story may not even be true, but it is a story which resonates, regardless of its historic authenticity. Judas, when he exited the stage, exited as one of Jesus’ closest allies. Judas brought the dark, the contrast, brought just how bad it could get.

He was playing a role, did so obediently, and did a swell job. I think the same is true for Hitler. These great villains, they are villains only in our minds. And although I think Romney lacks the sparkle and sheer hatred of these other villains, he is, in my mind, a bringer of the dark, not the light.

Whether Obama is just part of this dark/light narrative, a prop in a bigger story, or whether he really is someone who will burst from the old agreement field and hold aloft a new way, well, that remains to be seen.

I feel betrayed by Obama in a lot of ways, but really, in my most honest moments, I know that I put a lot on his skinny shoulders, and he became, for me, the savior from a blighted, ugly, scared and small country, someone who could help us not feel so hopeless, so cynical, so jaded and sad.

And he laid down with the worst of them, and he made deals and he approved drone attacks, and the militarization of our country continues. So much of what I see happening culturally is sad, ugly, constrictive, mean. This happened under Obama.

But just how much blame do I choose to lay at his feet? Or at Romney’s? Romney’s America is one of angry white people, upset about a piece of their pie being snatched by a brown person, a black person, The Other. Poor things. Poor, poor things.

I am not convinced that this circus is anything any of us need to subject ourselves to ever again. An excessive, orgasmic, irresponsible purchasing of our airwaves, nearly one billion dollars spent to pump the electorate full of fear, or anger, or pride, or hope. A billion dollars.

Which one of us approved that expenditure? I want names! Email addresses! What the eff? I didn’t tell anyone I wanted my airwaves polluted. I never said I wanted two choices which refuse to tell the truth and refuse to discuss the things that matter to so so many of us.

I didn’t approve this. Did you?

Whether Obama or Romney gets in, I think it’s about time for lightworkers to start engaging this system of props and projection screens. Speaking truth, just speaking truth.

It is a message whose time has not yet come.

Will Obama get us there? Do we really have to do the ropes course, four, or, God forbid, eight years of Republican nonsense? Really? Four, eight years of social conservatism, theocracy, big business, and big, big purulent lies.

What’s it going to be?

Let’s let this be the very last time in America that we feel this kind of impotence on election day. Let this be the last time that you feel nothing but duty and dread when shuffling into your voting booth.

Let’s have 2016, regardless of which poison we decide to spike our kool-aid with tonight, be the year in which we are excited about politics, the year when the yardstick for participation is poverty, pauperdom, middle-class-ness. Let’s crash the stage and tell these bozo’s that this system is insanity, and doesn’t even begin to represent Americans.

It is a screwed up system because we let it get screwed up. We let the moneyed take over, and we believed them when they told us their plan was the best one. We believed what we were told, we didn’t keep alert when we were being tricked and terrorized and fooled. And now, this is what we have. A broken, corrupt system which props up two people who we cannot believe, cannot trust, cannot follow.

Whose job is it to clean this mess up?

It is ours.

I know a lot of lightworkers are proud that they have unplugged from the mainstream media, and they are not involved in those machinations over there, amidst the unenlightened, with the sleepers.

May I remind you that it may be the unconscious officer who decides to cuff you while you hold a sign in a group of friends out protesting this or that.

The corrupted system tells you when to pay taxes, how much work is required to meet all the obligations it says you have, the system tells you which laws apply now, as opposed to yesterday. The system will allow GMOs to anonymously flood our markets, on and on it goes.

To think that you are not responsible for this mess is wishful thinking.

I am as responsible as you are, and the one who is plugged in only to Fox, who believes everything those jokers say, well, they’re responsible too.

I hope that we, as a people, agree to go through this energy surge and these big earth and self changes with someone a little more aligned to unity thinking, so I hope that my neighbors give Obama another four years.

He has had an impossible time, and is so very well hated that much he wanted to do, he could not. Yes, he’s made bad decisions, but he was always a moderate, a conservative Democrat. He never said he was Leary’s distant cousin, and he never made most of the promises I am mad at him for breaking.

I hope we do the next four years gently.

If my neighbors decide to do it hard, I will go along, deciding as I go whether it might be time to exercise my interest in being an ex-pat. I’ll wait and watch. I’m sure Iceland could use an interesting traveler.

Tonight, my son and I have planned to have the TV on, the returns coming in, and we will laugh and maybe thrill and hopefully we won’t cry, but I sure do love days like this. You can feel the choppiness, the anticipation in the air. It’s a big day in America today, election day.

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