Deeply Awake — Earth’s History And Our Ascension 10-27-12 By Kathy Vik

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Do you remember the first time you heard the idea that the opposite of love is not fear, not hate, but indifference?

Quite a liberating thought. The opposite of love. Isn’t it something else, an indifference, that the heavy-lidded shaman knows, who dances and prays and intuits for the tribe, supported by mystery? That there can be no other response to all extremity within mankind except for a nod, a slow grin, a quiet heart, wise ones, old ones, seem to know. But is their stillness indifference, or unspeakably profound love?

Unless you are in the presence of it, it is hard to know which you are seeing demonstrated. Indifference and acceptance, they both may appear as inertia, as unmatched strength, as deep humility or unending devotion.

The way the room lights up when you are in the presence of it, that’s the only way to know. Actions, and words, can be deceiving.

There have been a number of interesting happenings in my life the last two days, and each of them, when examined, led to significant changes. I feel I am living within the akashic records’ library now, and each spine I touch, like each event I am experiencing in the body, are yielding massive chunks of data, intense downloads, benevolent understandings.

Within this weave, there are new threads, and ones older than time. The weave is intentionally frayed here and there, and when I tug at one sturdy gossamer thread, all other fibers are moved, their combined vibration overwhelming to these sensitive fingertips.

I thought I would jot down just a few experiences, and then I would be able to see, by following the words and the motion they inevitably produce, what or where the origin of this particular set of circumstances are trying to teach me.

It seems to come back, again and again, to the traveler lifetime I recently experienced in regression hypnotherapy. No wonder the story brings about the disabling of my vehicle, and, then, to Sam. Always to Sam today.

And then, blasting through my soul, over and through all these realizations, are The Teachers, my counselors in the early ’90s. Their Earth Cosmology thrums in me. It beats against my heart. It thrills me.

And so, although I note here in bold that I have a story to tell you involving a Traveler, a Camel and a Mazda, I have been given the invitation from The Teachers to tell you their version of what the hell is going on here.

This is a story of ascension. It is my story. I have come to know that this is my version of how and why and when in relation to my place on earth,.

I have carried this story intact, whole, my deepest treasure, for twenty years. I shared edited versions twice. Each time I was met with profound otherness. That’s the only word. I was giving them the key to my soul, by telling them these understandings, and they were appreciative, but the meaning was lost on them.

It’s one of the few things in my life that has not diminished in potency or relevancy. In fact, as the days and weeks, years and decades progressed, these revelations only increased in potency, relevancy and worth.

Needless to say, it is not lightly that I offer you this information. It has been cloaked from the listener for these twenty years, and I was more than happy to keep it unspoken all my days, but I believe I have been told to proceed. I won’t know until I have reread it whole whether it is ok to disseminate. But my wish now is to people’s way, assist their awakening, offer alternatives.

This story struck chords in me and I know it is more an old friend visiting me, reminiscing, those many many hours with the Teachers. Just two old souls sharing a quiet September afternoon in a little room, in comfortable chairs, filling that room, that house, that city, with an indelible and unconditional love. Deep recognition and utter acceptance.

I realized when I sat with them once that this was the only time in my life I felt unconditional love. It was so heady and earthy and not-of-this -earth. Such recognition, acceptance, indulgence, guidance. Souls who have known unconditional love, there is nothing, very few things, which surpass it.

But they keep nudging me, wanting me to commit to electronic pen and paper their story of how Earth got so sick, and how Earth is getting well. It might fit for you. As the Teachers always said, take what you need, leave the rest.

A long time ago, Earth had upon it a civilization at peace with their planet and with each other. They were receptive and sensitive, in tune with the all, and with each other. They said that in physical terms, this lead to imbalance, because their receptivity was so high, they became unbalanced.

In those days, there were great wars on Mars. The inhabitants finally extinguished their planet, and, having soiled their only nest, they constructed a merkahbah and flew to Earth.

The people of Earth, let’s call them Lemurians although they are much older, older than the Mu, their name unspoken here, these Lemurians allowed the Martians to inhabit their world. They set up a cooperative agreement field, and the Martians kept their warring nature in check, with occasional resolved conflicts. A peace was struck on Earth.

Then there came toward earth a large celestial body, the Teachers referring to it as a meteor. The Lemurians knew about it long in advance, as in tune with the all as they were. As it approached, it became clear that this was a coming right to Lemuria, and the Lemurians understood that this was in divine order, that it was ordained, so of course it would be allowed to proceed.

This infuriated the Martians. How could an entire race simply lay down when a solution, action, could prevent their demise? How could they idly allow this destruction to occur.

The Martians had had it with all this divine order crap. This is a problem. It requires solution, and then it demands the solution be put into action.

The Lemurians would not have it. The Lemurians understood this was the Universes way of resetting an imbalance.

The Martians set about constructing an external Merkahbah, a physical ship. They had forgotten how to work with their light bodies, had turned away from their own divinity, in their own way, long ago. So they attempted to construct an external one. The technology available was crude, in their terms.

Their haste was great, because they feared death. And they had forgotten the ancient ways, building only with their hands, not with their hearts, which, of course, would create a dangerously wobbly merkahbah.

It was constructed in time to witness the comet in the sky, there was no time to waste, and so the Merkahbah was activated.

The things was ill-constructed, and it broke apart on exit. When it did so, it ripped a tear in the space-time continuum, in the whole fabric of reality. Beings from the 2nd flooded into Mother Earth, and attached themselves to each and every inhabitant. Great was the suffering and horrible the terror in those days.

A council was called, and the architects devised a plan to right this experience, create harmony , and do some cool stuff.

A call went out, far and wide, throughout the galaxy. An unanticipated event had occurred, and all lightworkers were asked to volunteer for this project. Souls of the highest love, light and sound, as well as aspirants and initiates and the retired, they all responded to the call. Such an outpouring of love.

A decision was made to have the Earth inhabited by light beings who would be able to transmute the suffering, and create a balance. The Teachers said that this planet alone has experienced the depths of low 3d, high 2d. They explained that dimensions come in pairs, or octaves.

There is the 1st, which they said no one wants to go, and then the 2nd, which is dense and primal and extremely volatile in its own way. Then you move to 3rd and 4th, mirrors of each other, extensions of each other. Each dimension has octaves within it, so you can be just a breath from high 3d or low 4d.

So the call went out, and the call was met by many volunteers. Many of these volunteers had done ascension before, understood the mechanics, and all of them understood the meticulous care with which one must construct their merkahbah.

We came in to assist in raising the vibration of this planet, and to assist those who are to this day being fed off of by this dense energy, which has since morphed from a primal 2d to a weird and scary 3d energy. I have encountered it before, and I don’t wish it on anyone. It is not a pleasant experience.

It is a form of terror that actually has a smell, and it tilts reality, skewers it weirdly, and can linger for weeks. If you encounter such a beast, you must run light in and through yourself, and then you blast that creature with as pure a white light as you can muster. You bless that thing, and you do not under any circumstances allow it to attach to you.

Let it be proclaimed that this is an energy that will not find a house in you, you will not entertain or indulge it. You will instead bless it, and trust that it is healed by this contact. I have proof of this. I will someday tell you about Village Inn and Michael.

Wow, that came through loud and clear, didn’t it? Wow, such urgency, such force I just felt. They want the instructions out there. It is time.

I think this is a true story, because you can follow the macro to the micro, the old to the modern day. 5D/low 4d bodies descend into the lowest 3d lifeforms ever to have existed, primal energy sucking off of divine energy. Then think reptilians. Then think the Illuminati/dark cabal, then think. Do you see the pattern? Have I been able to convey what I see?

Let me tell you that The Teachers referred to this rip, this tragedy, this great tragedy, as the fall. The descent. And they explained that due to the gravity of the contamination, and the very real threat it posed to other realities, this experiment had to go into quarantine.

The Earth was sealed shut into vast light, and has not been allowed to be part of its family for a long time. Estranged through no fault of her own, she has had a long, slow, solitary existence. It has widened and deepened and sanctified her. She is sainted. But we have been in quarantine for so very very long, when seeing it through linear eyes.

The Teachers talked about how this is being carried out in the here and now, but there is more ancient knowledge which must be understood to see things in proper perspective. They did not tell me specifics in time. That makes sense. And I think they never fully answered when and exactly how I heard this call. But I was one of many who answered the call.

I do not know in what capacity I have answered the call, but I have been given inklings. I do not know if I have been on the wheel since that ancient civilization fell, or if I just showed up. I have been in this soup since the trouble began, and I am given memories of my various roles as these sainted days go on.

They explained that ascension is how all life evolved. It is just a matter of gaining enough light to activate higher and higher realms of experience. It is like shedding skin, and it is something we have come to do now.

I always assumed, when talking with them, that ascension involves transfiguration. That there are definitive moments that moved you to different definitions, different constructs, and these octaves, 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 5th and 6th, on and on, moving from one set to the next is accompanied with a change in form and capabilities. Ever after, one can travel to whatever level has been mastered, but mastery is attained through devotion and attention, and it is the highest standard.

So they talked about our internal merkahbah, how we are changing from 2stand DNA beings to 12 strand DNA beings. We are moving at this time toward activating our light bodies so that we can attain consciousness within the body and within the 5th at the same time.

What an amazing feat, and what cheeky little devils we are to think we can carry this off. How subversive, moving these dense, infected, forlorn physical bodies into the grandeur of the mirror of unconditional love. The 6th is unconditional love, that is the essence of the vibration. The 5th is an expression of this. And we are wanting to move this 3d carnal body up and through. Interesting.

So, that is our mission. To assist those who still live under the influence of these clinging, terrified, terrific energies, and to literally transmute, guide, love this deep and un-understandable energy into the light.

How can you hate anybody, knowing now that they are functioning under influences they do not remember how to ward off? No one understands the command of this primal presence until they are in its midst. Spend any amount of time there, and you will understand the legitimacy of satanic cults, the deeply seductive pull of seemingly evil acts.

You see, this energy feeds off of emotion. The energy we are here to bless and release thrives on any deeply felt emotion, but, no surprise, fear, is their favorite. Get it in its purest form, and it is orgasmic. Think 9/11, ritualistic sexual abuse, the crusades. You get my point. Any time the air is thick with terror, they are feeding, glorying in the simple fact that we let another charge of morphia into their air supply.

But any strong emotion will do. Any strong “negative” emotions. These are the lords of chaos. I am sure you work with one of their relatives. The guy who just cannot stop stirring the pot in the office, the one who endlessly lies and rumor mongers. These lords of chaos, these imps, they are just vibrating with the inserts, the ones who need chaos to survive. That’s why you must love your neighbor.

The lords of chaos cannot abide in a house of love. It is the only antidote, it is the only way to heal them.

They always find the light, they always make the only option, in the end. Some are more stubborn than others. There are not that many of them left, but they have many many distant cousins. There are some big kahunas on earth, and you would be surprised who some of them are, but this is all evolving very quickly, and those who before were doing everything they could to create pain and weirdness in others lives, to feed off their misery, they are beginning to change. They are less drawn to the BS behavior. They struggle.

Many are now in quarantine, the bubble having finally been loosened around the earth, and instead visited upon those whose vibrations continue to oscillate slowly. I was shown pictures of this in meditation yesterday. They explained that this is why there are some people who I just don’t hear from much anymore, and why there are certain shows, websites, activities, books, which I cannot seem to access now.

It’s because the negativity, the darkness is being encased in an inner-reflective mirrored egg, and the negativity is now bouncing right back to the projector, they are experiencing their own pain instantly, rather than being given further opportunity to inflict it on others. That is because many of us are shining brightly enough that the containers are formed simply by our presence, the fact of our light.

The light within these containers is very pure, and what I was told is that karma itself is being discharged through this containment process. Now, a person needs to just become consciously aware of the pain, the wrong, the suffering that they have or were thinking they should incur, and BAM, they feel it. And then it is released.

The need to feel it, the need to cause it, the need to perpetuate it. So have much compassion toward those you cannot seem to reach. Know that just by holding yourself in your love, and, if you wish, in the love you feel for something bigger than yourself, you are contributing to a massive healing that is millions of years in the making.

The last thing I want to say today is what the Teachers told me about the mechanics of ascension on a planetary or group scale.

Ascension always occurs in three waves.

The first wave of ascension involves the Mavericks, the ones who are easily bored, who have seen it all before, and who are thrill seekers. They love the spin, that hit of recognition and those aha moments. It’s their fondest drug, though many of them also favor alcohol and weed and hallucinogens.

Alcohol because it induces the sensation of the spin of our ancient merkahbahs, weed because it just leaves the door propped to the 4th, and hallucinogens, the battering ram of reality.

The first wavers are rebels and outlaws and misfits. They never fit in, and frequently are thought of poorly by their fellow man. They are misunderstood and they are homesick, every last one of them, many desperately so. This desperation leads them to the aha moments, which leads to being in the first wave when the time comes. Ha! Such symmetry!

The first wave ascends in a group. They gain instruction and knowledge and deeply needed camaraderie. They are reminded of the plan, and given assistance in planning its further implementation.

They then go back from where they came. They assist, and they teach, and they blend in but stick out, and everybody knows they are in the midst of an ascended one. Miracles begin to occur. The ascended one becomes more confident, and bigger miracles occur.

There is a critical mass that is hit, and enough 2nd wavers put down their stubborn belief that God is dead and they themselves are unholy, and the 2nd wave ascends. After their time of rest and recovery, they return. And then, together, the first and the second wave work on the ones who have remained dense. They minister. They instruct. They love and guide and trick and recover and save and play with those who cannot shake their now integrated lower energy.

And then many of the third wave become just that. They also convert, so to speak, and become, in many instances, elders, due to the length of their stay in the desert.

There are a few who choose to stay with what has become familiar, and these tired ones are then given the release they so desire. When the time comes, that definitive moment of transfiguration, they too will find a home in the All. Their fate is not ours to contemplate. They are loved and they are protected, and their walk, though painful and slow, is also a sainted one.

I used to wonder what it is I learned with The Teachers. I would slip into long periods of estrangement with the knowledge. It was a jumble of information, and I see now that they were implanting within me a courage I needed to be reminded of, to just stay with these impossible questions, ponder the unknowable, think on things that will make you pariah among the company of men. Do this in remembrance of me.

So here I am, an hour away from going to work with the clinically insane. Sitting in my recliner, smoking, hungry, unwilling to eat, feeling food or drink would be too much of a shock to this system. I can’t think about feeding this hunger anymore, because my hunger is for something I cannot consume. It, instead, is consuming me.

I’ll make a cheese sandwich, and I will walk through my night remembering that everyone is suffering, and all I really want to do is lighten a little of it. Suffering carries with it a need, and I come back, again and again, as I worry on this fabric and tug on its strings, that the need is love, recognition, and a message to anyone who is listening that these are merely activities, the things that go wrong in your life, that disappoint, that anger and confound.

They are activities and nothing more. They are no indicator of worth. They are no symbol of lack in perpetuity. They are simple acts of kindness, these days of delay and disappointment and coming up short. Doing things not in your best interest, saying things that you’d wished you hadn’t said, avoiding the obvious and forsaking the needy. They are all beyond forgivable, they are simply activities to remind you of home, of the point, of the need that drives each of us, to be still and listen.

We, each of us, are bodhisattvas. Some come into the knowledge before others. Do you see now why this knowledge must not be hostaged? It must not be ransomed, and it will not be, as long as I have access to the internet. I will continue to write these, and I will compile them in a book, because I want to be able to have these instructions and these adventures at hand, and to remind myself while I wait in the dentist’s office to get my tooth fixed, or when I can;t seem to settle down enough get to sleep.

I understand that now is the time of gifts. It is time to allow all the seeming miracles which are so tangible within the unified field. In this field, which is all pervasive but palpable only if you pay attention, in this field, everything loves and moves with and complements everything else, and there is no want, and there is no need, and there is no time.

We are brothers and sisters, misfit monks and drunks and poets and mechanics and stoners and dreamers.

The Teachers taught us that there had to be at least 144,000 souls able to ascend on the date of their ascension to start the first wave. They ascended on the 12-12 of 1993 or 1994, I have forgotten. We were crestfallen when we learned that critical mass had not been met. It was disappointing. But we, each of us, vowed to keep going.

And we did. So have you. If you hadn’t been, you would not be encountering these words. These words will not attract some.

I leave you with this. Last night was my first shift in nearly two weeks. I was right there in it, with a very chaotic and disturbed milieu, some extremely regressed, and some wholly abstracted, patients. I thought, while there, that there are many who will consider my words self-indulgent, fantasy, unnecessary. They are the ones who believe their littlemind is the one who is in control, calling the shots.

They do not understand how holy they are, and on such a pure mission of love. They have forgotten their place within the family.

And as events keep occurring in my life, even when I feel so dense I can hardly move among the suffering, I will somehow remember that our way now has never been clearer. Our path never so uncluttered.

We are moving mountains now. We are changing the very fabric of space and time with our actions. We are creating a shift, a spin, a cascade of memory and mercy and benevolence within every heart.

And we are but in stains on the grand essay of this unfoldment. Our actions, our activities, if they bring pleasure and joy and understanding, then they are right on time, regardless of their appearance. Maybe it’s a dead car battery, maybe it’s poverty, maybe it’s a bad break up/ These are activities being acted out by giants in biochemical bodies, held together by the thought of an inspiration, beating our blood, and knowing its timeless place in the annals of earth’s history.


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