Deeply Awake – THE UNIFYING THOUGHT 9-11-12 By Kathy Vik


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Somehow, I walked this Earth without a vital piece of information which I finally received on Saturday. My spiritual journey has been much like a drive in the mountains: every time I think I have reached the pinnacle of beauty, I round a corner and am struck with even more beauty.


There is never an end to God.


On Saturday, I was urged to watch a video by Pane Andov which blew me apart.


There have been many times I have butted up against a truth, and knew instinctively that it was true for me, and that feeling I have when I am looking at the face of God, that feeling is my proof. It is what has navigated me through many journeys into and out of supreme weirdness.


Andov’s information has affected me. Activated me. Switched me on.


I think on the info, then I think of questions about the paradigm he presents, and then the answers come. Flooding through me, it is all there.


It is not a surprise to me that I received this on the 9-9.


I am convinced that Andov’s theory is correct. It ties many dissimilar quests and chunks of my life together. It explains the finality I feel toward each and every day I now have. It explains how the earth with split or change into a “New Earth”.


It explains the waves of enlightenment we are all buzzing about. It explains the importance of knowing your alien, and the instinctive sense of apprehension we may still harbor toward ET. It explains timing. It explains ascension. It ties in the Merkahbah. It explains how the Earth itself will be able to ascend. It explains it all.


But, the thing is, when I go down that road, an end date becomes not a theoretical but a deadline.


Am I really going to live my life any differently if I am convinced that 12-21-12 is when the Sun goes to Red Giant status? No. No, I am not. I am right with my God, right with my family, friends, colleagues and work. I have worked very hard to be in this place, where peace and contentment and love are places I inhabit. I am not going to do anything differently. Except maybe not worry quite so much.


How things will happen, one two three, these are things we do not know. There is so much that is hidden. But Andov’s information clarifies what is visible, and is so right on, I think, that it can be used to deduce many happenings.


So I have been playing with this a bit. How do I FEEL when I consider that there is a massive cloud of super-hot, highly magnetized cosmic rays barreling towards Earth, expected to make landfall in three months? Three months left as a 3D creature. Three months left of routine and chores and discoveries and birthdays and holidays. Three months left.


That is no time at all.


So, if I only have three months left, I am going to make them the best three months yet. I will do this by laughing at every opportunity. Showing mercy every moment I am in community with others. I will not speak of this truth I know. Those who must know (like me…) will know.


Those who do not need to know will not have access to the information, and it is not my role to disseminate the information. It will be enough for me to walk through this world the next three months and bless everything I see and am aware of. It is enough to love.


I have worked hospice for years. I believe, looking at this process in retrospect, that my ascension has been nothing but a slow-motion death. I think that is the ascension process. And as a hospice nurse, I know that the dying one does not need an anatomy and physiology lecture, does not need to be given doctorate level discussions on cellular dysfunction. The dying one needs love. The dying one needs to know that they are intact, and that they will remain intact through the monumental changes afoot. The dying one does not need to know the mechanics. They need a skilled and gentle host to hold a space and let them FEEL. Life review, reminiscence, saying good-bye, these are all things dying ones do. This is what I have been doing.


With the introduction of this information into my reality, I am now feeling more hope. I never got the urgency part of this movement. It seemed random, arbitrary, to me. 12-21-12. Yes, ancient calendars expire on or around this date, but so what, right? Prove it. WHY? Why 12-21-12. Well, what Andov says is, again, quite chilling. The super-charged cosmic rays coming to us will hit then. Duh.


Up until then, I just couldn’t get interested in thinking the sky was falling, just because of a calendar that stops. It was not enough to change my belief that I am going to be on this rock for a while, even though I would rather not.


I have to use caution when reading or taking in end-of-the-world information, because I am still tuned to a different frequency, let’s say, and although I enjoy earth life more now than ever before, all in all, I really do sort of hate it. Hat’s too strong of a word. I would rather be elsewhere. Now, I know this is not good for,m. But it is how I am built. And so, I must use caution, because Andov’s info is so right on, and infers that it’s all over at the end on December, that something brand new is going to occur.


I will not equivocate. Now that I know what I know, I can actually see stuff better. Everything just FITS. It explains the dreams I have had about the end. It’s as if a whole new sector of information can now flood in.


I like thinking that on 12-21-12 I will have enough of a push from the universe to ascend with the earth and with my fellow passengers. I do not know if we will pull it off. But I do know I have some, not a lot but some, time to practice spinning my Merkahbah and just finishing things up. I like the thought of spending the next three months conscious of the end, conscious of how so many people are still lost in conflict and strife and anger.


I don’t care about anyone’s “ascension status.” From here on out, I am looking at everyone I meet as someone who is going to be faced with a life-altering event. Some will be able to hang with the pure energy. Some will not. No one knows who will and who won’t… that’s between the individual and their maker. But I can love on everybody I meet, genuinely and tenderly, like a mother loving a son who does not even understand he is dying.


I am ready. I am beyond ready. I urge everyone to access Pane Andov’s website for more information.



We all know the end is near. Now find out what the end looks like.

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