Deeply Awake – Resolution 9-1-12 By Kathy Vik


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For those stalwart souls who have been observing my learning the last few days, I have a gift.


This morning I woke up feeling very fuzzy and very clear. I was awakening with great chunks of information being downloaded… maybe my download was not complete before I woke up? I don’t know. Then the heat came, as it always does upon awakening. Tremendous, baking heat.


And then I was able to tolerate reading some channeled messages. What spoke to me was a message through John Smallman from Sananda. I felt like they were talking directly to me! In a nutshell, what was explained was the way OUT of the drama I had been living.


They explained that judgment is fear’s offspring, and fear’s parents are our seeming spiritual isolation and our inability to remember our identities. We get overwhelmed with the physical experience, and voila, judgment.


And their advice was as salient as it always has been: acknowledge the feeling, the judgment, but then let it go. Allow it to move on. Do not attach to it.


I do that with lots of things these days. I can add judgment to this list. Being in judgment of others SUCKS.


After this, I felt a deep resolution regarding the very significant relationship I have which is just all messed up right now. I saw things more clearly.


I have relief, recalibration and resolution.


Judgment, fear, anger, indignation, all of it, can and must be LOVED into alignment. See it for what it is. See it as OPTIONAL. And when it sneaks under the radar, or barrels right through my front door, I will now know how to handle it.


I think that this swirling storm of dissonance that I experienced was just another upgrade, another re-tooling. Its pain is the pain of awakening. I am more connected to my spirit than my mind, my ego, and for this I am grateful.


There really is so little to be upset about. Really.


Now, if I can just remember that on the first day instead of the third, so much the better!


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