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I have had an unusual month. Those who follow my blog know of a portion of the weirdness afoot in my reality. I have been given the freaking ropes course, and I was really just hanging on by my fingernails until the equinox.


I am certain I am not the only one who noticed how absolutely PURE the energy has been since the equinox. Pure and sweet. Loving and fierce. Astoundingly strong.


And then, yesterday, a miracle happened. To be more accurate, I co-created a miracle yesterday. A miracle of such astounding mercy, such overwhelming unconditional love. I will not go into details. People who read my work will know this is uncharacteristic. But I honor this individual too much to intimate anything but his well hidden divinity.


I proved to myself and my support that I am now no longer a novitiate, but a Master.


And these last two days, rather independent of this personal drama, I am having intense physical symptoms which I can only describe as pre-ascension prep.


Please read my entry about A Special Graduation, May 25, 2012. Whether what I experienced that day was an NDE due to a crappy ticker or conscious co-creation of my evolving soul’s plan for ascension I will leave to your discernment. But the same sensations are bearing down on me with increasing urgency, increasing vigor.


I feel a power/heat surge. I starts with weird flutteries in my abdomen, almost-but-not-quite nausea. Then the power moves into my chest, and I begin to feel tremendous heat. Sweat lodge heat. I feel as if I am vibrating at such a fast rate that my chest is humming, om-ing.


Then my sensorium begins to blur just-that-much. I begin to feel a congestion of being, a feeling to being impelled outward, through, into. I feel movement. I being to feel a bit of a spin.


I have not meditated for two days, because I know it is going to take very very little to pop me out and over and away. I know this at a deeply instinctive level.


And this morning, I am having the crazy thought of, why not?


Maybe now is the time.


Maybe it’s not about 12-12, Nibiru, any of the bells and whistles, and maybe this is MY divine timing.


What happens to my son, my family and my friends, my patients and co-workers if I opt out? Am I opting out if I go before others?


I am putting a call out to others. I do know that some have been working for as long as I on ascension. I do know others have just begun learning. But I know above all else that we are here, in community, because we are hardwired to so this in our lifetime.


Please help me by telling me your stories and your impressions, and maybe even your anxieties. Thank you.




September 27, 2012, 2:55 pm
Hi Magartha,

my guides told me that something will happen with me in december,
but i will have to get ready and prepared from October on,
means that i have to follow the path that i know is right for me.

das k.

I Agree With You


September 27, 2012, 2:59 pm
Just like I feel we choose our time to depart this earth, I feel we choose our divine time to ascend.
What ever that might mean to each of us individually.
For none of us will experience this timeline exactly the same, as I like to say why duplicate?
I too have the same feeling as you,feeling as if my time to shift is drawing near…your choice is yours alone, and when you do indeed choose to move forward it will be the perfect time for you.
Your path is your path, follow your heart and all will be just fine.
It has been such a joy to read you thoughts and feelings all these months, thank you for sharing your beautiful light.
In light and love
: )

Deeply Gratifying


September 27, 2012, 3:32 pm
I feel such deep gratitude for your words of gentle surrender. I re-read my May 25 post, and I know that I am nearly there. It is a beautiful thing to be driving my car, or watching a commercial, or listening to my son, and just be hit with such a giddy love for God. I feel God’s love for me, and I feel my love of God, and I am immediately so blissed out. This has been happening frequently the last few days.
Reading your words, i was aware that these concerns of mine for the physcical realm, they are ok to have, and understandable, but that when I do make the leap, I am leaping into Source, and i will be in deep communion with beings like you, unfettered and unencumbered.
I know we have an earth mission. I feel I am so close.
i have no fear. how could I?
I have no grief. There is only love.
I feel no resistance. I am that I am that I am.
Thank you for telling me that you have been enjoying my writing.
It;s my first love. It fills me with rapture to know you have been reading and enjoying my words.

Well Something Is Happening


September 27, 2012, 3:42 pm
I occasionally get lunch from Taco Bell (7 layer baritto)or Toxic Hell as I call it.
They have a contest to guess a quote of the day… from movies etc.
I now have a small stack of free coupons from correctly guessing the answer. I say guessing because I do not go to these movies. Have not seen most of them. I believe I am getting the answers from the teller directly from reading her. YIKES!
I am also gleaning “stuff” from people in stores etc. Facts that I can see right out of their heads.
Crazy info that I do not want!!!!
This has been increasing all month long.



September 27, 2012, 4:11 pm
You have soome very playful companions! Awesome!!!!!!!
just read manuscript of Survival 201. Holy shit. Holy shit indeed.
it brings to mind an entry i posted months ago, in which I explored the 3 wave concept. My Teachers instructed me many years ago that civilizations such as ours ascend in three waves. The first wave goes first, returns and instructs and assists the majority who didn’t split, and then the civilization ascends in two more waves. Hmmmm.
i wonder…….
I love your guides’ sense of humor! They’re feeding you taco bell and fun!

Blessings Magartha ~


September 27, 2012, 4:22 pm
Blessings Magartha ~

just being cognizant that you have shifted would be a great indicator that you are striving to be in Present Moment ~ and when we are in that or this space ~ that is the MOST Empowered … quickly realizing if we are “back there” or “over there” or even “up there” … we are not in our most empowered state.
when we reach a state of KNOWingness * which is ultimately our Wisdom Within … we SEE differently … not a “better than” or “knowing more” … it is SEEing what is around you … from a LIGHT space or Soulspace!
I read your FB Status post ~ and your “reaction” or lack thereof, is indicating that you have shifted to a space of SoulSeeing! (I call it SEEing with our SOUL) ;o)
We have gone through MANY shifts this summer … and now into the Autumn … we, our Souls KNOW, we are on the backstretch of imminence … there are HUGE Astrological happenings ahead that will definitely affect many within this process!
Most importantly … is our state of COMPASSION * GRATITUDE and SERVICE … that is the way of Creativity … or experiencing ourselves as CO-Creators!!
Thank You for sharing … and IN JOY … ENJOY your LIGHT! It BEAMS BRIGHT!
LOVE Blessings!

Hold On


September 27, 2012, 4:49 pm
i can feel it coming and it is going to be sooooooo good. For me since the end of May things have
ratcheted up in intensity. Massive heat attacks, wierd headaches, panic and anxiety, fleeting pain
in uncharacteristic places, bouts of anger and crying jags, extreme biological purgings and detoxifications, shaking, mental lapses and brain fog, extreme tiredness, restless feelings and not being able to sleep and then sleeping alot. I have felt i would die a thousand times.

Today i feel hope that something positive is to come from all of this very soon. I think we are getting there finally after many years of clearing and working towards becoming like our divine blueprint.

Much Love to you from the front line,


Chances Are You Have Decided


September 27, 2012, 7:00 pm
Chances are you have decided to stay; thats what i sense for you anyway.
You will feel as though you are your higher self in your human body.
You will feel the same, but very different, very new.
To others you will still appear the same, but you will feel infinitely different inside.

I ascended last week. It was the most incredible experience of my existence 🙂
I was told that over the next 10 weeks many more shall begin to ascend.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to pm me 🙂

In Love and Christ Light,
Azæla xoxoxo

This Has Some Good Insights


September 27, 2012, 8:43 pm
This has some good insights … astrologically ~ Magartha ~

~ enjoy ~

Yow, Magartha, I Was Sitting


September 27, 2012, 9:31 pm
Yow, Magartha, I was sitting here wondering exactly the same thing, so my eyes widened when I saw your post!
Apologies that this is a bit short – am typin’ it on a phone. 🙂
I have had many ascension ‘test runs’, notably on 11:11 and then around May 24th (which interestingly is exactly 7 months from December 24th 2012). Sometimes they were so powerful that I really though, ‘This is it.’
All my dreams, visions and words, though, keep on clearly telling me that, for me anyhow, this December is D-Day. (Or rather, ‘A-Day’ :o)).
Georgi Stankov, though, on ‘Breaking Astral News’, has been saying that the first (pre-Dec.) wave of ascension will occur on Sept. 27th. I dismissed this, due to my inner info. Today though, I do feel VERY odd. Not here, detached from this reality (a bit like that weird detachment you feel just before fainting or losing consciousness, if you’ve ever experienced that?), and quite prepared to leave. I feel totally disconnected. I can hear beautiful music in my head. Like you, I feel as if I could just exit through that veil!
I went to look at the blog of Eileen (it’s called “Sacred spiral of light”, my phone won’t let me give the link!) just now, and she too commented on the ‘disconnection’, and says that she heard the words, ‘You are leaving this reality.’
Hm. Something is definitely happening, but whether or not it’s ‘just another step up in frequency on the journey’ or what, I don’t know. If this mini-shift is just September, then I really don’t know how we’re supposed to still function in October, say. I must already seem to most 3D folks to be barely there! 🙂


Hugs To You
Just Trust That


September 28, 2012, 12:47 am
hugs to you

Just trust that you are always safe, and always supported.
Call your team of angels and guides and meditate and hang out together,
feel their love. Call your star family to come work on you, bring you calm as you sleep.

I don’t know what is happening, when it will happen, or anything.

I know we are shifting and it is all good and I love you all.

Sending frequencies of JOY, LOVE, TRUTH, TRUST, and FAITH.

You are deeply loved, everyone, and you are also making a huge difference here.
In any moment you have the inner guidance to know what to do.
You cannot get it wrong.

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