Deeply Awake – Do You Feel This New Vibe? IS THIS FROM THE LION’S GATE?!?!? 8-11-12 By Kathy Vik

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Anybody else feeling HUGE waves of RELIEF?


I have been loved on so much by the All lately… I feel SO IN TUNE!


Those bad weird waves of ickiness are long past. Many understandings that are actually elegant in their simplicity have been revealed to me, and this experience, the last few days, has been akin to being handed a dictionary, and suddenly understanding the meaning behind the words I have used my entire lifetime.


I am eager to find out if anyone else has had a similar clarity settle within them. I hope so.

Focus On The Love Within

Gate Lion

August 12, 2012, 2:33 am
We have finally reached the tipping point – two days ago, now we just need to rock it on over.
Toss the TV sets, radios and such out the window for a while.
buckle up your seat belts and focus on the love within, and hold on tight to it.
No fear!
– Gate Lion



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