Deeply Awake – AMAZING FACEBOOK STATUS UPDATE 9-27-12 By Kathy Vik


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I want to let my Facebook Family know that I graduated into Spiritual Adulthood yesterday.

I was confronted once again with someone who should only show me love who did his very best to shame, subjugate and minimize me.

What did I do? How did I respond? Uncharacteristically. I smiled. I breathed deeply. I loved. I finally rejected as false the supposition that I am small, powerless and worthy of humiliation.

Further, I loved that man right back into a place of union, fellowship, acceptance and wholeness. His need to keep me small is from his unhappy distortions, not because I am indeed small. I loved him. We parted as friends.

I am free. I know who and what I am. I am love. Because that is my nature, and my true identity, I can now give out freely to all that which is my divine birthright. I am unable to accept distorted definitions of myself as accurate. I see these distortions now as reflections of the other’s pain, fear, sadness. They are not me.

And I now can reflect love back to the ones who cannot see clearly. I love all.

But I will no longer accept shit sandwiches and call them yummy. I can identify a shit sandwich when I see one. I thank the chef. I appreciate the gesture. I take the chef into his kitchen, and together we make a nice salad. I do not shame the chef.

After all, he had the good grace too offer me sustenance. I am careful to appreciate the effort. Together we enjoy our meal, and we part company nourished. I think this is what the next little bit is going to be about. Transmuting shit sandwiches into salads.

In Jesus’ day, it was water into wine. I fail to see the difference.

Love to my virtual community, strength to we Earth-bound angels, joy to the world.

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