Deeply Awake – Why So Unconvinced? 6-25-12 By Kathy Vik

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I’ve read a lot today about how the cabal has surrendered and we can be looking for mass arrests any hour.


Why doesn’t this have me running into traffic, weeping in joy and an upbeat I-told-you-so-see-I’m-not-the-crazy-one-here sort of jubilation?


Why do I have this persistent feeling that we are witnessing a group of people being very effectively tricked?


I’m all for a Deus Ex Machina thing, don’t get me wrong, I think we need all the help we can get.


But is this really how it goes down?


I have often wondered, in the last few months, what WILL it TAKE to shake people up enough for them to start taking this stuff seriously? To wake them up from their pernicious slumber, the one from which they bludgeon and throw wild haymakers at whomever disturbs them.


What would grab them by the lapels and shake them up just enough for them to never be willing to see their lives the same? Would it have to be an assassination? A political act so heinous, so vile that the whole world would revolt? What?


And who better to spread love and abundance and prosperity, to end the long reign of anxiety and worry and groveling that we are all part of, than by inspiring humans within a corrupted system to right the ship, to mutiny.


I don’t know. the jury is still out. Maybe this is the roller coaster part my end-of-the-world dream was referring to. As I recall, that was a central theme.


Aaah, adventures in reality.




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