Deeply Awake – What Comes Next On The Ascension Game Plan?!?!? 8-2-12 By Kathy Vik

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Maybe I am having the “it’s-almost-Autumn” doldrums. I get this way in August, and I get a sweater-clad version of this in February… I think of August and February as corridors which, once traversed, will drop me off in a much better place.


In September the air is crisp, there is brand new possibility in the air, the whole world feels like it is turning in slow motion, while wearing its most stunning flame red cocktail dress.


In March she is an innocent, ready to jump into her first tights and eyelet-laced Easter dress.


So now we are in the in-between time. Sick of the heat, ready for fall, for school and routine and normalcy.


But this year is different.


This is our last year.


This is our last August.


I DO NOT believe the world will be destroyed, or will meet with calamity. I just know that WE are not going to be the same after this year.


I think it is just precious how a big portion of us have climbed onto the bandwagon lurching toward the fabled date of August 4. What the hell? Who decided that it was OK for some unknown random people to hijack a perfectly good awakening?


August 4, the day the aliens land.




It is well within the realm of possibility, I suppose. But have you heard the screeching these people are doing, like giving commandments from on high, talking about plans and punishments and other heavy handed stuff. It’s ridiculous.


Dolores Cannon wrote about a man she regressed who, it turns out, is an Ancient One, a Destroyer. He very wearily but passionately explained that They will, if necessary, do what they have had to do before (several times) in order to keep everyone safe.


See, the way I see it, UFO’s, aliens, are TIME TRAVELERS. and what is the prime directive of both aliens and time travelers? The law of NON INTERFERENCE.


See, I don’t think the good guys CAN intervene. I think that only the less evolved ones, who either disregard free will or want to flout it, they are ones who are going to land, if anyone is.


Think about it.



I Think That Crap


August 2, 2012, 7:14 pm
I think that crap ‘disclosure’ stuff is, as you said, a hijacking ……. an attempt by the dark to distract people from what is really happening this week – the first dimensional shift.
You see how clever it is? Their targets are not the sleeping masses, who don’t even believe in ‘aliens’ anyway, and who’d just laugh at it. Their target is the ‘nearly awake’, the dangerous lightworkers who might use this week’s energy surge to ascend.
Get them all watching the skies, and instead of tuning into their Higher Self, they’ll miss the energy-wave, because they were focusing on the *outer*, watching for material spaceships to land.
Brilliant, eh? :o/


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