Deeply Awake – What A Difference A Day Makes 5-24-12 By Kathy Vik

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Deeply Awake – What A Difference A Day Makes 5-24-12


Just following up on the weirdness.


I reached out to my Earth Angel psychic and she gave me a really good perspective on these changes. She is not consciously aware of the ascension process, but the message was clear.


And the message was: start living.


Start enacting these changes in your physical life. Walk unafraid and willing now. Order your life… order it up like you are at a restaurant. The Universe will give you whatever you wish….. get CLEAR on what you wish to experience.


Act without fear.


Release the past (I thought I had… but this is core stuff!!!)


I think the 25th was some sort of internal mechanism that my Higher Self employed, and have had two folks tell me that in fact it could have been an internal mechanism, some sort of inner deadline.


All I know is I feel I have come through an Ego Death.


The Ego is a slippery little sh**. It mimics reality, but inserts a lie just big enough to lead one off the path. And a simple tweaking of thought is enough to create enough of a disturbance in the field to loosen the Ego’s grip on one’s path.


I find it deliciously difficult to language what I have been discovering the last week.


Blessings to all who helped, either energetically or in writing.


These are weird and wonderful times.


A friend of mine told me that it’s best to just get used to flying blind, and trusting that Life Itself will put me where I need to be with whom I need to be when it needs to be.


So be it.



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