Deeply Awake – Something Big Is In The Chute, I Think. 8-4-12 By Kathy Vik

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I feel no foreboding, mainly just a nice sense of relief. I feel right now like I have been feeling more and more often lately: that I am completely content, and I am content with my being content.


Everything is OK, I know this, and too, I know that, impossibly, everything is in such crazy blessed order that I am going to look back on it and just marvel, speechless, at the complexity and beauty of it all.


I think things are good.


Yes, there are still things in my “life” that need tweaking and attention. Definitely. But the down deep part of me, well, she’s never been better. She knows that everything is as it should be, blessed and sanctified and expansive and free.


We are creatively co-creating this grand ascension, each and every person who writes on or reads these posts, everyone who, stretched to their utmost, puts up a prayer for help after decades of estrangement, or in the extremity you might find yourself in, just now.


Everyone is finding themselves at the deep end of the pool, fully clothed.


I can’t wait until things start getting weirder.


Those lulls and then those weird icky moments, gone for now. Those were some weird anomalies… I would get a deep ache in my lower back (not something I suffer from), and then this intense sense of near-panic, over nothing, absolutely nothing. It would build, crescendo, and then immediately die down.


I felt like I was being f*cked with, so I told “them” they did not have permission to be back there, and to leave me alone if any entity’s intent is not in alignment with the highest love light and sound (but I did an affirmation, not one with a negative in it, for the purists in the readership).


These episodes had nothing to do with my conscious will. They have passed. I felt like I was being used, that my frequency was being tinkered with, that I was being used, or trying to be used, as a hijacked beacon. But these thoughts are coming fast and loose, I am not sure that is something I want to divulge, although it is the truth.


OK, that’s all for today. Before this post, I just lost a magnificent offering, but I’m too tired to replicate it… If this post goes into the ethers too, I am going to have to beg someone for a new laptop.


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