Deeply Awake – Shame With Sharing… Anybody Know What I Mean? 7-27-12 By Kathy Vik

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Don’t you think it’s kinda weird that as we grow in our enlightenment, everything becomes simpler, more elegant, and things seem to just make sense. Sure there are things that are very wrong going on, but when you’re taking in the purest light, the cabal and all the rest of that 4d clap-trap loses its charge.


But, when things start to make more sense, as kind people, we want to give our information to those who could decrease their suffering.


And those who suffer so rarely are open.


It saddens me.


And sometimes, without any ego need or ulterior motive, I just let loose and say it the way I see it.


And then I just get hit by such shame.


I really feel very little shame these days. The only thing that tugs at me is my horrible housecleaning skills, living in a cluttered environment. That’s it. A much different interior landscape than where I lived the first 50 years of my life.


But that shame comes back in spades when I “share too much.” I mean, to kind of shame that burns in your stomach, makes it feel like your guts are going to squeeze out of your pelvis, a deep, gripping self-almost-hate.



It passes, but never without a message. The last time this happened to me, I realized I overshare when I have been neglecting my writing. When I am writing enough, I feel no deep need to educate, elucidate.


The time before that, I realized that I was working out issues of delusion vs group-think, and the person I overshared with was also a lightworker and was totally cool with my processing.


She was helping me, and it helped, but it was accompanied by that diffuse, pressing feeling of having violated someone.


That’s what it feels like to me, to overshare.


And I think that maybe we starseeds have been hardwired to use great caution and care with this ancient information.


I am just really curious to find out if anyone else experiences back-lashes of intense inner discomfort after a moment of what we sense is oversharing.



Hi Magartha


July 27, 2012, 11:45 pm
I will share my feeling on this –

When we wish to share something profound that we have experienced that is so
WONDER-FULL and sometimes highly spiritual, after posting the article a feeling
of “OMG…..what if no one accepts my sharing or ridicules it or no one else
feels this way?”
We can overshare when we are lonely for spiritual company, or just need to
’empty out’ all of things going on inside of us….but, being a public forum
it can also leave us very exposed to abuse by many who are not having experiences
and would like to!! or some other reason…..

There is so much information that as old souls we do carry, but need to proceed
with caution in a very open place such as the internet. Other spiritual websites
I am on are quite receptive to what I thought that others may not understand,
and in sharing what I know to alert others to fraudsters ‘peddling their wares’
in the way of channelings, etc., they are never abusive but show respect when someone
shares from the heart and with concern for others.

That is my experience magartha, and your sharings have been straight from your heart,
don’t worry too much about over-sharing.
Love and Namaste, Tara.



July 28, 2012, 12:03 am
This was such a nice reply!
I am thinking, when I talk about oversharing, about being at work, primarily. It is true with my sister, my best friend, but at work, it is most acute. i am surrounded by the uninitiated, the stone-cold asleep, those who have warped their pain into physical deformity and malfunction.
It’s tough.
THANKS for your insight and your support! I appreciate it.

Hi Magartha


July 28, 2012, 12:30 am
Oh dear, that is different then!
What I do with people who aren’t spiritually awakened is to still
see them as spiritual, a spark of the divine, but I never start
talking about spiritual experiences just for the sake of sharing
them. It is something we have always done, it comes naturally to
keep one’s experiences to oneself unless in a forum like these
where some may understand.

Now I know why you feel mortified afterwards!
It’s just something that you have to control, yourself.
Best wishes, love Tara.

Interesting –


July 28, 2012, 2:25 am
Interesting this should come up, just yesterday it was in my thoughts – how very often,
when in a spiritual discussion, there have been things that seemed appropriate to speak about –
yet the divulgence of which was not permitted.

That feeling you speak of was the feeling saying “no, that is not allowed.”

On the seldom occasions when it seemed so absurd a limitation, and an attempt was made to
defy the caution given, it has proved impossible for me to speak. Literally my mouth would
be open, but no words would come out.

That’s telling you, isn’t it.

Similarly there are things that cannot be put into writing either.

But as regards shame, it doesn’t happen much to me. Remorse perhaps in baring one’s soul
a bit too much – but real shame no – not since waking after something that seemed a bit more
than a dream, in which great spiritual beings were met, at which time my shame was in being mortal.

Weird eh!

Blessings – O

Yeah It’s Funny How Things

Serpent Eye

July 28, 2012, 6:03 am
Yeah it’s funny how things can be so simple. Just accepting things the way they are and letting go completely of anything that needs to go.

Oh My!


July 28, 2012, 8:39 am
May I say “Oh My!”
I completely understand and have recently undergone several experiences like what you are describing you also have recently. I do not look for them they have come to me and now I can open my heart to them with less fear. Thnk “God” I can now. That gives me joy too! I share in the peace that I believe we both have found. Isn’t it wonderful! However that occational Self Effacement you have described that we experience afterwards is probably because there is still a part of us that has it’s foot stuck in the density and muck of the old, but oh how far we both have come on our journey.
It’s late here, almost 4:30 AM at this time so forgive me if I sounda bit silly ” My brain works overtime occationally now” but I’m reminded of the movie “Contact”,the part where Jodie Foster is trying to reassure her comrades in mission control that all is well and she repeatedly keeps trying to convince them by saying: “I’m good to go!”…. “I’m good to go!” Remember that? She was asking for release! She was ready to take the leap of faith required into an unknown even though she herself was not entirely sure what was ahead of her.
Then upon her return she had to try to convince all of them that her experience was genuine. The one that loved her most believed her. He saw the change.
It’s an intensely personal thing and hard to explain to others who haven’t been there yet.
It feels so good to hear another share something that you yourself have experienced. A validation.

Bless you!


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