Deeply Awake: IS THIS THING ON?!?! 6-23-12 By Kathy Vik

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Now it’s ON!

This will be my FIFTH attempt to post a blog. 2 yesterday, 2 today. All different. All JEWELS. Progressively more clean, compact, clear. Really quite beautiful, to watch the progression.

But every time I try to post, my screen goes wacky, and I am not allowed to post. On tumblr. On Facebook. Here.


So here it is, short and sweet: I am feeling sort of bad because the earth didn’t shake for me on the solstice. No downloads. No heavenly visitations. Sort of a bummer.

I feel very good about the future, though I continue to have periods of this weird amnesic sort of depression. It sucks. I hate it.

Anyone else want to weigh in? If I missed a big energy jolt, I really want to know about it. I feel clear most of the time, but fogged up from time to time, twice in about a week and a half.

Anybody else?

The heat, for me, feels more like a presence now, as weird as that sounds. I really feel a presence when the heat comes now. Always upon waking.


Lots of hunger and lots of anorexia. I eat fruit and grains, that’s it. And peanut butter. Tons of fruit.

Please pray this goes thru. I am a little lonely.



What You Are Going Through


June 23, 2012, 3:58 am
What you are going through sounds pretty normal to me. Maybe by your computer acting funny, Spirit is trying to give you a clue. Maybe they are trying to ‘stop’ you from saying nothing happened when in fact something did happen?

Just a thought. But I always get clues like that. Just today my phone started playing music at random times and I knew it was a clue for me to figure something out! So look carefully and ask questions. The universe will find a way to communicate with you!

🙂 Heather



June 23, 2012, 4:41 pm
I have felt nothing, either, but I’m on standby – my intuition, and words from my HS, points to something big in the next few days, maybe the 24th. So I think it just hasn’t happened yet.


I Appreciate It…


June 23, 2012, 11:23 pm
I thank you. It’s funny, I woke up today and just feel different. I feel more solid. I feel more whole, and I feel somehow much older. Like all the attributes of an old sage have come and settled on me. Who knows for how long. But it’s nice. Bless you!


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