Deeply Awake: “How I Think Ascension Will Play Out” 5-6-12 By Kathy Vik

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Recently I have been hit with such pure, unadulterated light, and the information, and the certainty with which I feel this information is right and true, this has been the expansive quest I have been on since January 25 of this year.


Of course, now I can look back and see that my life was literally riddled with bleed-throughs, messages and guidance, although, at the time, all I felt was lost and alone and stuck.


No more.


So this is what I think.


Ascension is an old, an ancient, mechanism for expansion to higher realms of consciousness. It is the tried and true method of evolving toward Oneness with Creator, the ultimate goal, and the only true soul task we have. It is an internal readying process, which in the end relies on celestial “triggers.”


With proper and thorough attunement of consciousness, usually ignored or unattended celestial triggers become the source for catapulting0 into ever expanding worlds of love, light and sound.


In worlds where civilizations ascend (rather than this odd scenario of Gaia as well as her occupants ascending en masse) it is routinely done in three waves.


What has been left out of the channeled info we all read as our Daily Bread about disclosure, alien technology, etc., these are DEVICES to get us familiar with the concept of a Deus Ex Machina, and to some degree it has been hijacked!


Do you really think that in the 5th and beyond, or in the portal between 3rd and 5th, it will be acceptable or harmonious for a different race or our future selves or any of that to swoop down onto the White House lawn, sign treaties and distribute cash?




Isn’t that just another insertion of the age-old lie that we cannot do for ourselves?!


Even if there ARE future selves hungrily waiting to hand us free energy technology and suitcases of gold coins, what the f*** would the point of that be?


To prove once again to the innermost part of our beings that we truly are, when all is said and done, HELPLESS, AT THE MERCY OF OTHERS, DEPENDENT.


It’s BS. It’s a mass hallucination. It is incongruent. It will not be going down like that!


Imagine what would happen on the world if a few hundred regular, struggling, ordinary folk who’ve just happened onto the ascension path “ahead of schedule” actually use a celestial mechanism to ascend this spring. I personally believe that the eclipse is that celestial event for some of us.


Imagine what would happen to the planet if in grids all over the earth, ascended masters who lovingly took on spiritual amnesia ascended, spent some time in the higher realms, got used to working their light bodies, got trained in how to perform “miracles” and how to deal with humans’ response to such feats, AND THEN WE RETURNED TO OUR PREVIOUSLY SCHEDULED LIVES!


Imagine being a fully realized Master of the Highest Love, Light and Sound, driving to work the next morning. Imagine presenting yourself to your job, your family, your lover, as a fully conscious Being of Light.


Now imagine that the training you had immediately upon ascending was so vast, that no longer would there be the bittersweet difficulties inherent in straddling the 3rd and the 5th while fully physical. We will have resources and information not seen on this planet in millenia.


Imagine if those around you now, who slumber or who have woken into the pain of realizing they have been slumbering, what if each one of them could have access to a flesh and blood, fully functional, fully present ascended master. The suffering would slowly recede.


During our training perhaps we learn how to manifest zero point energy machines, and we decide we want to distribute this technology to our neighbors. Imagine no longer having the unnatural encumbrance of needing to generate cash while in the 3rd. Bank accounts topped off, all wishes fulfilled.


You see, I do not subscribe to the belief that I need to be rescued.


I resent the implication that I am so insignificant and unoriginal that I can’t get myself out of the spot I am in.


I revel in our divisions, because it points out that the difference between love and fear, between light and darkness, is accentuating. Just like shadows lengthening on the playground, the air around you turning orange-pink and shimmery, and the sun setting, as we assume more light within us, our shadows become absorbed, and the magical musical note that is sunset turns into the thousand suns of mercy within, ignited so long ago, stoked continually by Creator, and lovingly brought to full realization here, right here, where we grow as we are planted.


It IS all about to happen, but not the way some are 100% invested in.


They are wrong, and that’s OK.


On this playground, while the sun is setting and the air is aglow in Divine Presence, everything is in order.

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