Deeply Awake – How Do I Heal A Really Bad 3D Cold? 5-30-12 By Kathy Vik


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Ain’t that just a kick in the head?


Soon after my conversion, my lungs started to hurt. Like a sharp, deep physical pain, primarily under my clavicles. No shortness of breath, no cough, just pain.


The next day, my son came home with a major-rager of a cold. Wheexing, short of breath, feverish, the whole nine yards. He snuck into my room late into Sunday night and asked if he could snuggle… this is an 11 year old who does not enjoy physical contact.


Of course we snuggled. And laying there, I thought, OF COURSE I WON’T GET HIS COLD. I AM A MASTER OF LIGHT.


That, I’ll have you know, was a grave misinterpretation of the data.

Last night I felt like I’d been run over by a Mack truck. Through the night I was so uncomfortable, in so much pain and discomfort. The cold I got is a big one, a real juicy one.


And I can no longer take things like Benadryl, Nyquil, etc. They make my skin crawl and I feel awful.


Wouldn’t it be great if I could bundle up in my car and head to a love offering place where they can muscle test various herbs, where I can spend 5 minutes in a harmonizing color and sound booth, where I can get some gentle energetic work done?


Ahhhh… Those days are coming.


Anyhow, how did I get this cold?


I think it is a way in which I am making it easier for me to stop smoking. I love to smoke, and I felt it was in full alliance with all the changes, until my conversion. Now things are a bit different.


So anyone have ideas?


I have a double strength hot green tea here with a lemon wedge and some honey. Should I go get some whiskey? So herbs for tea? Some 420 sacrament? What do I do?


If you have ideas, I welcome them.


I guess I am a cautionary tale. I did have quite a laugh at my own expanded expense… Getting a cold is NOT a spiritual crisis, neither is it an indicator that I am unfit, or undeserving or bad or unenlightened.


It means I have a cold.



Have You Ever Tried Ear Candles?


May 30, 2012, 7:37 pm
Too funny, I came across your blog right after I returned from purchasing some ear candles because I have ascension stuffy-head and need a clearing. I got into them after I watched my girlfriend give her little girl a treatment, she had a terrible cold, feverish, raspy breathing, stuffed nose… It’s easy to do, she had her daughter lay on her side and burnt the candle in her ear (carefully of course), got a lot of gross nasty goop out of her ears… the candle pulls it right out. I saw the inbetween, when she’d had only one ear done and the difference between the left and right side of her face was amazing, the swelling, redness and watery eyes was absent on one side, lol. So, ear candles will pull out the infection from your head and if the flu is lodged in your chest and body I suggest hot spicy food, as hot as you can stand it… sweat out the illness, chicken soup with hot sauce works 🙂



I Find Consuming Ginger


May 30, 2012, 10:31 pm
Helps. Have it every day and haven’t gotten sick in over a year.
Good luck!
Fell better soon,
Sarah :0)





May 30, 2012, 11:59 pm
Any special kind of wax? And how is it retrieved? Saline flush or q-tips? I am interested in knowing more! Thanks for the tips.





May 31, 2012, 12:02 am
Can you tell me if you take ginger in pill/capsule form, of do you eat it raw? I love the way it tastes naturally, and try to cook with it, wouldn’t mind adopting the habit of sucking on some!!! But, if it’s pill/capsule, can you tell me how much is recommended?
i hear Turmeic is supposed to be really good for us. 500mg a day, someone said. But it’s Judy Satori who has a lot of great, odd health tips… totally committed to people being able to tolerate the energy advancements. She has free full moon transmissions from the ascendeds in light language. Ahhh. Maybe some of that won’t hurt, til I get paid & can afford some goodies.


I Buy It Raw And Cut A Few Thin Pieces


May 31, 2012, 1:36 am
of coarse after removing the tough out layer, then place it in a cup of hot tea, usually green tea. Or you can find ginger chews, which have chunks of ginger in it, my kids like it. I also make tea with turmeric. Oh, turmeric is great for inflammation. I avoid ibuprofen and other type pain inflammatory medications and eat or drink foods that support an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. It takes a while to get used to :0) Yet if your looking to get the concentrated stuff I guess capsules are fine, I’m not sure how much though, I don’t take supplements for ginger or turmeric. We all have our favorite ways of enjoying these things. I hope you find what resonates with you best. Yes these are interesting times. Our bodies are doing a number :0) Love and Light always makes everything better.
Hang in there Magartha.
Sarah :0)



In My Own Experince I Have

Orin Zolis

May 31, 2012, 2:41 am
In my own experince I have found that often myself and others get colds hen not speaking our truths as honestly and directly as we should allow ourselves to

Often I would cough when talking for the sake of talking or obligatorily entertaining another at the expense of my own free time, when I could just be silent and feel alot better about that… needless to say I dont speak at all anymore unless its of value



Hello!Big Hugs – Cold’s Suck


May 31, 2012, 10:36 am
Big hugs – cold’s suck butt!!

I always look into the metaphysical causes for illnesses etc; why has your body has presented you with a cold; what it is trying to tell you.

This book is great, they have a snippet of it on google for you to read and it happens to have the ‘c’ section shown!

Scroll down a little bit and ‘Common Cold’ begins at the bottom of that page and continues to the next page.
Colds also come when you need a good clear out and release, spiritually/mentally etc. Hence so much gunk pouring from every orifice of your body it sometimes seems!

I find the metaphysical reasons fascinating! Because they are always SO true for me at that time! Much more accurateand in depth in this book than Louise Hay’s ‘Heal you body’.
Even if you may not consciously be aware of what it is saying, subconsciously it is more than often occuring underneath, even if you cant consiously correlate to it at the time.

By listening to the message your body is trying to give you and changing you behaviour/thoughts, the condition can then start to ease as its purpose has been successful.
I did this just yesterday for a badly trapped painful nerve in my neck! Talked to the nerves and they told me so much about how my thoughts need to be altered for my optimum health – it was incredible! They were so happy and grateful i listened to them! The pain began it ease and tension uncease immediately!
Your entire body is consciousness. Every cell in every part of your body. Like a workforce working for you, there to give reports when things arent working so well in Mind, Body and Spirit.






May 31, 2012, 1:16 pm
“Anyhow, how did I get this cold?”

Those 3 emphasized words were what the Universe heard.

And BTW, sometimes a flu is an Ascension symptom, for when the lungs are adjusting to breathing Light.

So you are so true when you say: ” Getting a cold is NOT a spiritual crisis, neither is it an indicator that I am unfit, or undeserving or bad or unenlightened. “

Feel better!





May 31, 2012, 5:25 pm
I just realized something. The only reason you have a soar throat, is yes, ascension symptom like you had mentioned. I just blogged about it two days ago. Many are complaining of soar throat or flu symptoms . We are being overhauled. this not your normal recalibration or upgrade. Our frequencies are being changed to match that of the New Earth/World and also to prepare for the merge of the divine feminine and masculine. Lots of male energy, so our bodies are creating balance for preparation for the female energy too (think 66 chakras). Hang in there, almost over :0)
Light and Love,
Sarah :0)



For Prevention


May 31, 2012, 7:50 pm
I do use ginger too,just a few slices and then hot water on top of it and drink it the whole day long…as well as trying to get some sunlight onto my skin every day if its possible.This has helped me to not get a cold in a very long time.
i have read on the website of Dr.Mercola that if you have a cold,you put some H2O2 into your ears…2 or 3 drops would help the cold to move on quickly.
i dont know the necessary concentration though,check it on your skin first before you put it into your ear,it should explicitely be for the use on skin.
Try it at your own discretion, maybe it really does the trick your cold.
Apart from that just try to get some rest and lots of hot beverages…
Much love,i hope you feel better soon,





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