Deeply Awake — Does Anyone Have Weird Premonitions Around 5-25-12??? – 5-22-12 By Kathy Vik


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Deeply Awake — Does Anyone Have Weird Premonitions Around 5-25-12???


I am writing to request ANY feedback you have about the following.


I have always been plugged into something I did not understand fully, something I have longed and yearned and ached for.


When working with the group The Teachers in the early ’90’s, I finally gained clarity, and came to appreciate that this while life is all about ascension for me. There is no higher purpose or calling, really. It’s the end-point, the jumping-off place.


Then I fell fast asleep, and walked the land of the dead for 19 years. I had adventures, but they all were based on separation… one by one my attachments have all been released…


In January… 1-25-12… I had a conscious awakening, and nothing has been the same since.


I quit my lucrative job and went on an inner pilgrimage. I am now in a much different place.




Since my conscious awakening, I have seen a wall of light on 5-25-12… I know it is an auspicious day for me. And I DON’T KNOW WHY.


Now it’s 3 days away, and I feel the fear of someone who has just climbed a cliff and has her toes curled around a rock, arms extended, teetering, expectant, waiting for the proper moment.


Is there ANYONE else out there feeling this?!?!?!?!?!?


I feel like since April I have been saying goodbye in slow motion.


I am a Hospice RN. I know all about the soup people find themselves bathed in, breathing and wearing and swimming in, as they are being released consciously from their cares and worries and illusions, as they transition.


I have never feared death. Ever. Why fear the Next Big Adventure. It has always felt to me that death is nothing more than an engraved invitation to go home, and I have never wanted anything more than to go home, even as a little girl. I don’t know where home is. I don’t know to where, or to whom, I belong.


I need help.


I just messaged the channeler of The Teachers, and am confident she will not be assisting me. Once we assisted The Teachers in ascending on 12-12-94, she stopped channeling. The Teachers went away. Gone.


She let me know she consciously integrated them. She owes me NOTHING, and I am pretty sure that’s what I will get from that quarter.


I will go meditate and ride this energy, but I need HUMANS in PHYSICAL FORM TALKING TO ME to help me not feel like I am completely going around the bend.


Is there anyone out there who has this shadow on them? It’s not a shadow in a bad sense, just feels like my number’s up and I don’t know what it means. On the 25th, will I wind up having a nice date with someone new? Will my Dad give me some money? What will happen?




So, if there is anyone who has an irrational, unconfirmed and persistent SENSE that something big is happening on or around the 25th of May, would you please take a moment out and assist me?


I will be in your debt. Please help.


And know, I feel no fear. I don’t feel much joy at present, just because the unknown is harder to anticipate with open arms than a known.

Thanks, everyone, for whatever mercy you show me.


Yours in Light and Love,





Dearest Kathy


May 22, 2012, 6:18 pm
I do not have a 25th feeling but I also feel something big coming our way. I do believe that is exactly what we are supposed to be assimilating at this time. Since the Annular Solar Eclipse on the 20th until June 4th, the Lunar Eclipse I feel that we are going to be on a roller coaster ride of feelings.
I hope that is what you are feeling.
But you must feel JOY! That is the whole point here, I think. So realize your JOY Kathy.
Please touch back on the 25th or 26th and let us know what you experienced. 🙂

Have a wonderfully JOYFUL day!




May 22, 2012, 7:29 pm
I just sat down and channeled, and although I have no pure concrete stuff, I came to realize and release that my biggest concern is for my 11 year old. Isn’t it something… I never wanted a kid, and yet this child has saved me in every way one person can save another. He helped me change my perspective and I worry over his well-being and his happiness. God, this is tough. I know I wouldn’t be here without his presence, but his well-being is so important to me.
I know his path and mine are entwined, but to have the responsibility for his safety and his comfort… yikes.
So I do feel better, and have an appt with my earth angel psychic, for this afternoon, but the channeling helped SO MUCH.



I Have A Date


May 22, 2012, 8:27 pm
I had a powerful dream in which deceased father told me on the phone that “It’s {the date}.” Then I wake up with my heart pounding. I’ve spent the following months looking for outside affirmation, possible events. I’ve only had one hit from a Cliff High interview. Other than that, I’ve just sat on it. I have chosen not to publish the date. I have shared it with a few close friends and my sister.

WELL, I can understand how you feel. Especially as “your date” is nigh.

I decided to sit in faith. To observe. I have wondered if this message is personal, for me. I have chosen to look forward to it, with anticipation. BUT now is now, then is then. There is no place for fear in any of my nows anymore.

I’d say it’s a lesson. Sit in grace, in faith, UNknowing. Still. I plan to have my gas tank full on that day…LOL.

Anyway, even if it’s just me, you’re not alone. Debt forgiven.

Shine Bright.





May 22, 2012, 8:51 pm
I appreciate your input. I think that even with all the wonderful communicating we can now do about these things (in contrast to the 90’s!), there are many mysteries afoot, things we are either not told, or told to be quiet about. i have told no one about this until today. I just got hit with a wave of anxiety and felt like I was going to fly out of my own skin.
Haven;t done many chores today, as I had expected to, but when the family comes home, they can rest assured I did WORK today!
THANK you for reaching out.
Good luck on your special day.
On 5-26, I will give a shout out one way or the other.




I Don’t Have A Specific Date


May 23, 2012, 3:55 am
I don’t have a specific date in mind but sometimes the energy is so intense that I feel like I will die from it. Lately, I have been sitting in the sun for up to 10 min (when it’s sunny out) and I feel renewed by this. I don’t know what it is, but going on instinct here. Listen to your own instincts. You probably know better than us what is going on with you.

Hi M,


May 23, 2012, 4:44 am
Like Zen, the only thing coming up for me is maybe to check out some of Clif High’s webbot info, and of course…..discern, Love, Karen

As We Ascend…..


May 23, 2012, 10:06 am
As we keep ascending further into 5D, we will be living more in the Now.
I have been living in the Now for many years, and this can also involve
going into different timelines.
Anyway, as for the end of this year, NO, I don’t have any feelings
toward it at all, and do not forget that many who have only experienced
spirituality and Ascension via the internet and what others think and publish,
will have quite a lot of info. “impressed” onto them…….and the mind has a
habit of being a sponge, soaking up anything and everything!!!!

So, this is about personal journey, personal inquiry, going deeper and deeper
into One’s own spirituality……your dimensions lie within You!
and also, all of the knowledge you need for your individual path on Earth.

The more you access the internet for your information, the more junk you bring
into your consciousness. Forget about what this one or that one said, or even
looking for confirmation on anything that is given to you from guides or Higher-Self.
Live your own life and experience every moment for yourself, in each moment as it
unfolds…….for YOU !

Love and Light Blessings,

Something Big Is About To Happen Gregg Braden


May 23, 2012, 12:10 pm

That’s Right…


May 23, 2012, 2:18 pm
This is a double edged sword, this freeway of light we avail ourselves to.
I remember very well, before finding the Teachers and getting my training, and after they departed, that the only way to “do” spirituality was to DO it… meet people, have “coincidences” in meeting folks, etc.
Being in such density through the 2000’s, and being so lost, it is such an incredible wonderous gift to know that I am a click away from a whole lot of other people who speak my language… this is something entirely new for me, and a blessing which has allowed me to accept that what has always made me so different is indeed a school of thought!
However, having just passed out of that eddy of weirdness, I understand now that the next step is to LIVE THIS.
First it was just an innate knowing.
Then it was a group secret.
Then it was a faceless crowd all murmuring the same ideas.
Now it is fearlessly and as a brand new entity going out and living my life as a spiritual being. It is hard to convery the levels, but there is a difference within me today.
Maybe it’s not just my kid graduating on May 25.
I think this was a red herring of sorts, and I am glad for it. It helped me so much. And now I can lay it down.
Thanks for your assistance. It was great.

Here Is What I Can Recommend


May 23, 2012, 3:26 pm
spend some time disconnecting from any input anyone has to say. Obviously you are open to intuitive impressions and the more you get input from others the more it will cause you to think it through rather than to know it.

spend time quietly and connect to the energy of that day, the energy you are receiving, then do a body check to see how you feel.

If you are getting a fearful response then ask what can I do? No intuitive impression comes without some kind of guidance but we must ask.

Send energy to the date but follow any feelings you may have about it. It may be personal or universal message but what you feel is right for you is always personal.

do this then share it with others so that your feelings are not hampered at all by opinions.

Thinking Of You


May 25, 2012, 9:17 pm

Tomorrow will be a good nap day for you I bet.

Shine Bright.



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