Deeply Awake – Do You Feel A Lull, And Some Waves Of Ickiness From Time To Time???? 8-4-12 By Kathy Vik

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I really feel like I am in some lull zone.


I have had the experience maybe 6 times in the last two weeks where I have, very unexpectedly, been hit with some real toxic feelings, just out of the blue. Unpleasant and really intense from time to time, these waves of crap are new to me.


I worry sometimes that I have fallen back asleep. Do you? The blush is off the I-think-I’m-waking-up-for-good rose now, and although it still smells sweet and I appreciate its beauty and fragrance daily, the rushing around, the eye-popping newness of it all has lulled into a deep roar of mystery.


So, I am headed off to work tonight, uncertain as to what I will be asked to do, but knowing that morning will come regardless of what I have to face while at work.


We are going to Chaco Canyon on Monday for 3 days… My son contends he will be bored stiff, but I think the archaeologist in him will shine through.


OK, here I go. I am interested in anyone’s comments about this lull stuff.


Also, anyone care to comment on their willingness and ability to read channeled info? I am having trouble getting through any of it anymore, and it used to me the ONE THING that kept me sane and happy.


Weird, huh?


But anymore, I start to read and then start thinking, “Well, crap, you know as much as I do about this. And you are billing yourself as an expert, but all I see is a shill.” I still read Aisha North, but that’s it. I feel preached to and screeched at when I read channeled stuff.


I think it just means that I consider myself my own best authority, but I am curious to find out if anyone else has witnessed this change in their habits.


OK, well, I am off. Blessings abound. I hope you have a night of gentleness and deep knowing of how much you are loved by All That Is.

You Poor Old Thing!!


August 4, 2012, 8:00 am
Hi Magartha..
Sorry you are having luls! I think I am in one the past couple of days! Got a little food addiction going on!
Dont worry about falling back to sleep; I am afraid you can never do that! The ascension can be hard as we are always kind of waiting for something big to happen rather than realising we are in the middle of it and so much has changed in us.
There was a blog on here the other day about someone being sick of the endless channeling mill but it got censored!! It has all been said before; you have heard it all before and as your consciousness becomes wider and more connected to the collective you reconnect to every thought and idea there ever was…. so of course you are struggling with the same old news!! I know I am.
All we can do is observe observe observe and not get caught up in the bullshit.
You are becoming a God again so things are going to be a little mundane here and there as you reach omnipresence!
Well done to you.
My love to you


What A Lovely Note!


August 4, 2012, 3:03 pm
You know, you are absolutely right. The most fun I have is when I just take the observer stance, not to shield myself but because I feel no deep investment to outcome, and feel absolutely no responsibility for other people’s feelings or experiences anymore. I know I am ultra-kind, so I don’t sweat it when people act suspicious or angry or whatever else they feel.
I have started to have a few moments of exaltation today… at work tonight I was able to do a revision of a project I am working on, and am so heartened by the progress!
So, yes, all is well, all is in divine order and in divine timing we are all getting there.

Thanks for your kindness.

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