Deeply Awake – Clean Up Time 8-1-12 By Kathy Vik

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So, my housekeeper is over, and the thing I have been putting off is now going to occur: I am going to clean.


I hate to clean. It makes me upset, angry, bitchy, unpleasant. I am allowed to come face to face with my doubt, my fears, my littleness and my victimhood state when I clean.


I hate to clean.


And I am going to clean.


I have a friend to help, and we are going to get through this.


I keep thinking that there are some things in this life I simply do not want to participate in. Torture, banking, manipulation, cleaning.


Ick. they are all bad.


So, I will check in tonight after we have put a dent in the detritus of 9 months of not cleaning. That’ll be a big carrot, as will my promise to myself to go up to Central City and do a little gambling after today’s work.


Anybody else hate cleaning the way I do? Anybody healed their aversion to cleaning and want to help me out?!




Ok….Sister ~
I Am Pretty


August 1, 2012, 6:22 pm
ok….Sister ~
I am pretty good with “guidelines” ~ (giggling) here are couple …ok, more than a couple … less than a dozen!! ;oD

IN JOY ~ ~ ~ ~ ENJOY!

I am SO GRATEFUL that I am able to relieve myself of all this matter that no longer serves my sacred space!! ;o)
There is someone that is in need of something I no longer need and am grateful I can donate these items! ;o)
A garage sale could bring in some extra $$ to enable you to use for something special for this “cleaning” or … how about calling it a “CLEANSING” … far more is being released than just the dust bunnies!! ;oD
In this space that I clear ~ I will fill with LIGHT! ;o)
I am going to put on some upbeat … FUN … MUSIC and DANCE THE DIRT AWAY!! ;o)
check in later and let us know … how Clean everything is …and HOW GREAT YOU FEEL from Singing and Dancing the “dirt” away!! ;oD
Happy’Clean’HeartHugs Magartha!

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