Deeply Awake: Can I Tell You About This Really Weird Dream I Had? 6-23-12 By Kathy Vik

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Who really knows why I think this is appropriate to write about, but if they let me, that would be nice, because feedback from this site helps me feel very nice and sane.


OK, I had a dream about 6 weeks ago that the Statue of Liberty was wrecked, and underwater or something, and the Eiffel Tower was also wrecked, and there was much rejoicing because both were huge radio or some sort of transistors or radio devices that had people controlled, I guess.


Anyway, the big one……


This was maybe a month ago.


It was a desolate place, flat and concrete as far as the eye could see. And I was in this flowy robe, and I went to get my son, and he was reluctant, but I said no, no it’s about to happen and we need to be on a bench. And we found a bench, and I made him sit there, and kept telling him, nope, it’s just about to happen…


and just then a thing about the size of a football field or two, that looked like a vent, came out of the clouds, and it emitted this deep blast, and then flames shot out of it.


It was like a big ventilation shaft that flames and sound shot out of.


And then next thing, the sky, was a pearly white, really overcast, really white, and there were ufo’s littering the sky. They were thick, nearly touching each other. And the dream was in 3d, I could see the depths that the ships were coming from. And the sky was this silver grey.


Then I remember there were a lot of thrills and chills.


It was like a roller coaster ride, but I was afraid, so afraid that all was lost, everything was bleak and ruined, and then everything somehow miraculously worked out!


And I knew then that the outcome had always been assured, and I knew that a part of me had always known that and that is why I went along with it, that and I am a thrill seeker and this is one hell of a ride.


So that was my dream.




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