DEEPLY AWAKE 2 – The Group Via Kathy Vik (6-12-13)

A channeled message that helped me understand some things, and made me feel even better, this cold, sunny morning, so this is my Christmas gift to you.

Thank you, dear reader, dear viewer, for coming along on this journey of mine. I want you to know what I know: we’re in a good place.

I pray that you are able to trust that all is well, and that you are of good cheer. We all have our moments, so I hope you have a cheerleader or two.

I pray to remember all thru 2018, in trying circumstances, with difficult people, with my own shifting expectations, that what I was told in Christmas Eve of 2012 is true, truer than any man-made problem, that the only law in effect is that of benevolence. From here on out, I’ll take it as written, so to speak.

Merry Christmas, my friends.

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