Deeply Awake: Claiming A New Mandala As Mine By Kathy Vik 12-23-17

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An in-depth look at the impossible: slowly taking on one natal chart and allowing the natal chart influences from birth to fade.

The visuals included on my website will, I think, help viewers understand and conceptualize what it is I am attempting to communicate, that of freedom THROUGH the stars.

Strap in, this video is technical but accessible, easy going and relieved, and I am so happy that the peace I am feeling is visible in my dimples, my demeanor and my decisions about my soul’s expression(s).


These screen shots show first a simplified BIRTH natal chart from February 23, 1961 at 5:43 pm in Minneapolis, MN:


Now with all aspects “lit up”




And now, my ANTARES natal chart, first simplified, then with all aspects, from April 26, 2012 at 3:45am in Wheat Ridge, CO:



*I’m dyslexic, so reporting on this without notes leads to “mistakes.” In this recording, the first thing I did was to introduce my yod wrong. It’s too important to get wrong…

In my 12th House is Uranus Retrograde at 23 degrees Leo

In the “Boomerang” in this is Black Moon Lilith in the 11th House at 25 degrees Cancer

In my 10th House is the Moon at 23 degrees Gemini (Conjunct Mars in 10th House at 1 degree Cancer)

In my 5th House is Saturn at 25 degrees and Jupiter 26 degrees Capricorn


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