Astrology for the Soul, November 29, 2017

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As a human being,

I have access to the Truth,

And wanting, seeking, walking and talking it,

Is the ultimate proof.

And that’s not always the easiest thing for Gemini/Sag even without a Neptune square! From exaggerations, to 1/2 truths, little white lies, omissions, beating around the bush, denial, sales, promises, dreams, projections, and wannabes, you never know what they’re going to come up and out with next. So watch out this weekend or you may be coming home with a new car when you were just trying to sell your old one! Of course, the upside is that we just couldn’t do without the curiosity, inventiveness, connection, and laughs that also come from the “Thought Axis” signs/planets.

This will also be a lively and wild weekend and a great time for entertaining people, places, and stories. If it wasn’t for the Mercury/Saturn conjunction we all might just take a magic carpet ride together! I hope this week serves to provide you with the energy to bring down the highest energy available and channel it into some great creative projects with some great creative people while maybe “wrapping it up” with some others. We all know those mutable signs like to keep things moving along! Injoy! More astrology with Kaypacha:







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