Stephen Porges: The Polyvagal Theory & The Vagal Nerve

I’m really enjoying researching the Vagal Nerve. It’s another quest of mine. I have discussed and written about my frequent experiences with Vagal Nerve stimulation. Huge activations were delivered with such stimulation, and I’m humbled and excited to learn that this particular quest is key to understanding of my real-time biological and spiritual  process.

Along the way, I realized I’ve stumbled onto this motherlode of research from scientists, explaining what’s been happening to me and my friends  spiritually.

I’m convinced the Vagal Nerve is the biological expression of the chakra system, the neural network for our kundalini, once it awakens, and then take its rightful place.

The more I research, the more tickled I am, because all signs point to this esoteric explanation being something the physical sciences may be able to embrace,  the “missing link” between quantum science and human biology.

This researcher is so articulate and studied, I wanted to pass along his work.

And a shout goes out to those delving into this subject. It’s a fun one if you enjoy blending science and soul.

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