Death of the Firstborn Egyptians

When I was a girl, I was overtaken by a vision, much like I have now, but this was the first, and it was physical, a complete experience, which I lived out quietly, not understanding any of it. 

I chose, as the years passed, to never discuss this one.  It was just far too holy, to dense and real, immediate and ponderous. 

It is a mystery unlike any I’ve known. To this day, it fills me with awe and unspeakable reverence and terror,  and I’ve not revisited for that reason, too. 

To this day, I remain reverently curious. I know that what I witnessed in that vision was what would later be called Passover.

I think many of us walk with such mysteries within. Curious things which move us, but if we were pushed to explain, we’d probably not speak a word. 

Maybe for you it was a UFO visitation or abduction, a ghost you saw for real, a dream you can’t shake, and don’t understand. 

You’ve got one or two don’t you? And if they’re  not personalized, still, I’m sure many have interests in things that don’t logically belong in a person’s life…  A passion for the Civil War, an ease with a foreign language, a love of curry in a Midwesterner, a secret wish to see Big Foot. 

Each of us could be called “weird,” I think, as our hair is gently pulled to things we may not give voice to, but which are personal quests. I say all of it in an attempt to normalize the highly unusual, and for me, sacred, inner events which have indeed shaped my trajectory, and made my daily walk a happy, deep and curiously guided life. 

In mny video entitled “It Passed Over,” a very odd thing happened. It was late, I was tired, but I’d done phenomenal work, and that video pushed me hard. It’s beautiful, and then something I could not expect happened. 

In the last 10 minutes, I spontaneously revisit that night, the event I witnessed do long ago. What is captured is so raw, so real, so potent, upon review I’m floored. There I am, the only time I’ve given myself permission to go back there, and I’m recording it. 

It’s a jarring thing to witness, and was a big thing to experience again. I find the video is now another clue in my quest to understand what I witnessed, as a girl, when something came upon me, and showed me something I’m still trying to understand. 

Maybe sharing my backstory and my search, my journey, will help you on yours. Maybe not. But, since you’re along for the ride, I thought I’d sweeten your viewing pleasure by knowing I’m seeing this as a glittering, perfectly timed, precisely placed trigger, a big “hell yes!” to myself, a way to access and understand this vision of mine. 

Blessings be. 

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