Hiding In Plain Sight: The Global Pedophile Ring Exposed – Colorful Planet

I was a psych nurse, specializing in the treatment of patients suffering from what we called “MPD,” “Multiple Personality Disorder,” but clinicians, for clarity, knew these initials stood for “ritualized satanic sexual abuse sequelae,” in these hospitals. 

In Denver, at one point there were two hospitals that specialized in this care only. It’s all they did. They were always full. 

These hospitals are gone now, but they were always full, and we were always getting new women needing to recover.

The perpetrators of practices so bizarre, so cruel and inhuman were well known Colorado judges, and others,  whose status was also understood by all… The perpetrators, the leaders and participants were the “untouchables” in Colorado. That’s what everyone called them, because that’s who these creeps are.

This is real. What they do to their victims is beyond anything you can imagine. I guarentee that. The abuse is so extreme, women are shattered for life, actively suicidal, and programmed to kill themselves if ever the abuse is exposed.

You can imagine the panic of the victim, finally arriving at a psych unit, where no one would think of harming her. I’ve seen it, that moment a newly admitted patient realized she had a little control. 

She said she didn’t want her blood pressure taken. I said OK, we’ll do it later, and it was uncanny…  Hey whole body relaxed, she smiled for the first time, and what passed between us, and behind her eyes, was so profound, I just stood there and took it in. I’d simply deferred a task, but I saw,  and felt such relief, and saw her whole body relax. 

It seemed like I was witnessing, the first time in her life someone said,  “OK,” when she had said, “no.”
Anyway, I have lots of stories, but the point is, I was a witness to this. I know what I’m talking about. This stuff is real.

The hardest thing, to this, when you begin to research or talk to others who haves first hand information, is to believe the stories, and even the photos. It’s a lot to take in. It’s great to keep that disbelief alive, because the acts are so dark and twisty, holding on to disbelief is like holding on to your very humanity.

I’m hoping more and more people will do serious personal research on this subject. That’s my hope. You get over the nausea, and then, once you know the information, you are responsible for the information. Act accordingly. Spread the word. See more clearly. It’s a blast.

By the way, anybody else noticing how much the lights have come up?



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