DEEPLY AWAKE By Kathy Vik “Tie Dyed Warrior” 6-23-15

A warrior has a shield, and a sword, and armor, it is true. A warrior understands that most of life is about walking around with a sword clanking on one’s thigh, working through and around the armor, and hooking the shield on one’s back, away from one’s heart. A happy warrior never has to wield the sword, never once, because they know the better way.

I have warrior in me, as do so many others. Maybe all of us are learning about our equipment, maybe that’s part of it all. But, I do know that there came a time when I shucked the armor and the shield, and I even laid down my sword. I put on my tie dye shirt, my skirt and sandals, and I decided I could do this bitch unarmed. I know I can call up bigger forces than a sword, if need be. But, so often there is no need. And, that’s the way this former warrior likes it.

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